Celebrating 100 Episodes: Our Biggest Takeaways & Lessons For Pursuing BIG Goals


Celebrating 100 Episodes: Our Biggest Takeaways & Lessons For Pursuing BIG Goals

We are at episode 100! That is all thanks to YOU! Wooohooo!! That is over 2 years of recording content, polishing it so you can enjoy it, publishing it every week at least once a week, listening to your feedback, improving and tweaking our message so that it’s helpful for you, failing, growing, learning, and getting better with every post.

On this 100th episode, I want to change things up and do this a little differently! Instead of sharing our wins, losses, and everything in between I want to take you on a journey to show you why this show exists, what we’re truly all about here, and inspire you to never give up on your dreams because consistency will get you to your promise land.

So I’m going to share snippets from some of your favorite episodes, and how do I know these are your favorite, well, they are the most downloaded! So they’ve been shared time and time again, you may have listened to it more than once, these have become staples around here. So hit play to dive in, I promise this blog makes more sense and is more enjoyable when you listen to everything in context. Here’s the first one!

Create Success From The Inside Out

Winston Churchill said, “it’s not enough to live. We should be determined to live for something.” When I think about that something that I’m living for and something that helps people to really stay focused when crushing their goals the only thing that comes to mind is purpose. The reason for pursuing your goals has to be bigger than surface level, superficial things like material gain or getting a status upgrade.

Whew! I listen to that and I’m like “Okay, Tee! You better preach!” Because at the heart of it here’s what I’m saying. Having goals is about knowing exactly what God created you to do and doing everything in your power to partner with Him to get it done. That’s it! So when we set goals for any other reason we are limiting ourselves to just become a duplicate of what we see other people do instead of staying in alignment with who we are, paving our own path in the world, and blazing a trail to our unique and specific destiny. Alright here’s another one!

Take Responsibility For The Results In Your Life & Business

“How many excuses have you already made about why you can’t achieve your goal? I can even say for myself if I’m being honest, from the beginning of the year until now, 3 weeks in I have started making excuses, but here’s the difference between those who fail and those who succeed with goal-setting because we all experience the same challenges and temptations. The difference is in how we respond to them. So when I start telling myself I’m good and I don’t need to go any further and I try to justify it with excuses I remind myself that I am committed to living my purpose and I won’t settle for what’s comfortable.”

Wooou! I’m just going to say that again. I won’t settle for what’s comfortable because here’s the thing. We all face pressure in life that can knock us down, lead us to feel hopeless, get us in a funk, and ultimately influence us to give up on our dreams, but the truth is our decisions determine our outcome in life. So the only way to get to your next level is by choosing to go there. The results in your life are a direct result of who you are. Not your good intentions, who you aspire to be, or what you want your life to look like, but actually who you are right now today. So if you want anything to change, grow, or improve then it’s your responsibility to change, grow, and improve.

How I Took My Business From $0-4k In 14 Days

“For me to go from 0-4k in less than 14 days it took me 2 full years of struggling, like struggling! Zero sales. Zero momentum, well it felt like zero momentum and I felt like “what is going on?” Does anyone else feel like that? You spend day after day, week after week, month after month working on a goal that feels impossible to achieve because no matter what you do you don’t see an end in sight! There is no finish line and there is barely any traction happening.

This was me for the first 2 years of my business and in part, it was because I wasn’t taking full responsibility for the lack of results. There was always something or someone to blame for my lack of progress. I didn’t have money for ads, I didn’t have anyone to teach me what to do, I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I wanted to know it all before I really kicked it up a notch and took things seriously.

I had inner critics, fears, and thoughts that did a great of helping me to stay hidden so that people could like the person I was pretending to be instead of living the life of the true trailblazer that I knew I was. I was absolutely afraid of rejection, success, and all the things that come with being seen as someone who is successful. But over the 2 year period, I started to dig in and really do the work of discovering and freeing myself from the things that were holding me back.

Now, we’ve been able to help over 400 people better understand their purpose, use their time wisely, and achieve goals that once felt as impossible as this (achieving my own goal of helping so many people)! My biggest shift happened in business when I started thinking about my community, which is you guys, as people instead of numbers. Listen to this (hit play to hear more about this)!

“The second thing I really had to understand was that my clients are real people! Sometimes in business, we can get lost thinking about our ideal client avatar and all these things that allow you to forget you’re talking to a real human on the other end of all of your emails and social media posts. They have thoughts, feelings, goals, dreams, and desires and for some reason, they aren’t experiencing some of those things. That’s where your business comes in. To help to get them from where they are to where they want to be in as little steps as possible!”

What Do I Mean When I Say Black Lives Matter?

“This year instead of having a different guest on the show every week I actually wanted to take time to reminisce on some of the living legends and the ones who are no longer with us. People like Martin Luther King Jr, Tyler Perry, Chadwick Boseman, and so on who have been an example of excellence that exceeds anything we’ve seen before and have helped to break the stereotypes about who black people are, what we do, and what we’re like.

Let’s talk about Oprah for a second. She was a woman who grew up in extreme poverty, had a baby at 14, was raised by different people, experienced rejection, abandonment, and many other trials that typically can knock a lot of people off their feet, but she didn’t allow any of them to define, stop, make or break her because she was determined to become who she was meant to be in the world and she knew that her reason for being here was more important than the challenges she faced.

What’s the lesson here? Beautiful things can happen in our lives when we choose not to be a victim of our circumstances, habits, environment, beliefs, and everything else. Black Lives Matter is about more than just ending systematic oppression, speaking out against injustice, and using a black lives matter hashtag on Instagram.

This is about being the change you desire to see in the world. Being the voice of truth that you wish would have spoken up years ago when humans were enslaving other humans putting them to forced labor that not even the animals would do. When I say black lives matter it’s about shining a light on dark areas of our society that still needs healing. It’s about having a conversation that allows for us to understand each other and grow together.

The DNA of People Who Master Life

“In our culture, we see success as getting a lot of money, having a high-paying job, or being in a position where people look up to you. Being able to do and say whatever you want, being exempt from consequences, having influence, gaining more and more followers, and so on. But is that actually success?

How do you define it? Is success based on how many things you can accumulate or on how much you can grow your character? Are you thinking about how you are adding value to others or about how many people are serving you and helping you to achieve your vision?

People who master life are those who are motivated by their internal convictions. They have a strong sense of self-respect, have a big vision for what’s possible in the world and they knew that they could be the change they wanted to see.

This is why it’s so important that we as individuals know what our values are, have clear standards and convictions, and truly live according to those guiding principles because this is the stuff trailblazers are made out of. They dream about what they want, map out a plan that aligns with the vision, and stop at nothing until they get there because they’re driven by their convictions.

90 Day Goals: What They Are, Where To Start, & How To Create One

“91% of people fail to achieve their goals within the first 30 days…the reason why is because they procrastinate and they give themself too much time to work on their goals…I’ve been in this boat so there is no heat and no judgment…the way to overcome is by using quarterly goals because they give you quick wins in a short amount of time”

People often ask me “what’s the best way to achieve my goals?” and I always say the same thing. It’s to be intentional about how you structure them and instead of giving yourself 12 months to work on 5 different areas of your life, try giving yourself 90-days to commit to one thing, get results, and then move on to the next.

We often think of goal-achievement as this thing that is so out of reach and hard to attain, but in reality it’s all about following principles, staying in integrity with what we say we’re going to do, and finishing what we start.

3 Goal-Setting Myths of 2019 That Kept You Stuck

“God is not intimidated by your goals. So what if every dream in your heart was put there by God and he wants to work with you to turn them into reality?

After hearing that my only question for you is do you have faith plus works or do you only have one and not the other? Because contrary to popular belief positive thinking, praying for 24 hours a day, and waiting for God to do your work will not produce the success you’re hoping for. That requires diligence on your part.

And on the other side, working all day, grinding all night, and trying to get ahead without paying attention to how God wants to lead, teach, and groom you won’t work either. It takes both faith plus works. Trust plus obedience. Detachment from the goal and a strong work ethic.

Ask Tee Anything: How to Start This Decade Strong

“Every goal you set this year should be based on your 5-10 year life or business goal. Have one clear vision for where you want to be in the next 5-10 years. Without this clear long-term outcome, your short-term goals will be useless because it’s not connected to your purpose or long-term dream. When you start creating goals out of nowhere it will get you nowhere.”

Vision is the one thing that will take you from where you are today to where you dream about being tomorrow. It’s one of the top commonalities all trailblazers have that helps them to create something out of nothing and it’s what will get you out of fear and into alignment with where God wants to take you!

I hope that you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed creating it! If no one has told you this week you are loved, special, and made to do extraordinary things. So go out and be great! Until next week Monday let’s stay connected on the gram! Xo!



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