Juggling Responsibilities While Starting A Business

December 18, 2017

The struggle is REAL!

Yes! This is my first official blog post. Welcome, and thank you for being here. I suspect that like me, you have an entrepreneurial mindset and your on the hunt for your next opportunity. I feel you! Trust me, you're in the right place! I'm continually challenged by my circle, particularly my husband to find or create streams of income. This is all good and dandy, nonetheless, I don't know about you, but sometimes I get distracted by some of my daily major responsibilities (especially being a mom). So in this blog I will share some principles I use to stay focused while maintaining my responsibilities. Let's go!

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens another friend"
- Proverb 27:17

Needless to say, this is exceptionally challenging. The discipline required to avoid feeling overwhelmed will whip you into shape and make you a well-rounded more effective and pleasant person.

After the birth of my first daughter in 2015 I was sold on two ideas. 1. I would not return to my previous place of employment for various reasons (mission accomplished) and 2. I won't waste my life trading time for money building someone else's dream (we can talk about this in another blog). Fast forward to two years later, after having my second daughter I was run down by the reality of trying to bring this into fruition.

During the first few months of being home with two babies I was tired beyond anything I could imagine. With little to no sleep I had to care for my girls, run an organized house, manage personal projects, and study to prepare for future endeavors. Not to mention, have dinner ready before my husband got home, and try to keep the house as clean as a play yard! Lol it was the ultimate test. Of course most of the pressure was internal and I didn't have to work that hard, but I wanted to. I enjoyed the challenge of moving beyond my perceived breaking point.

After months of walking around like a zombie I was able to recoup enough mental energy and physical strength to focus on building my business plan and starting the ground work. Here are a few things I did to juggle my responsibilites with the unbalanced work hours of an entrepreneur.

1. Rest

As simple as this sounds I didn't want to do it and I learned the hard way. Running on "E" will only get you to a limited destination. Be wiser than I was and sleep, eat well, and ask for help managing your responsibilities when you need it.

2. Inspiration & Preparation

I mentally prepared for every task before taking my first physical step. What does this mean? I researched the necessary actions required to complete my goal(s). I rehearsed my day and told myself that I'm able to manage all of my responsibilities with grace (without feeling overwhelmed). I also believe in God so whenever I felt drained and wanted to lay down on the couch all day I reminded myself of biblical truths.

3. Embrace Your Personal Process. 

Everyday we're surrounded by a lot of noise trying to get our attention. If we're not careful we will fall into the trap of comparison. To avoid this, periodically, I completely dislodge myself from social media for a specified amount of time. I continue to post but I take a mental break from engaging with every post. This time can be used to self reflect, savor the moment/enjoy your current reality, plan and prepare for your business/future, or to just develop yourself (read, study, talk to mentors, etc).

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" 

Implement at least one of the principles mentioned above and I promise, with consistency your life will drastically improve.

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  1. Very relatable! Can't wait to read more.

  2. Your potential is evident through the focus of your thoughts, especially with the commotion and distraction in your daily life. Hold your path, you are on your way!