Here's The Truth About Being Authentic

January 18, 2018

Welcome Back!

Raise your hand if you've struggled with being yourself? What do I mean? Allowing people to get to know the real you. The you that doesn't always want to smile and nod. The you, that isn't always attractive. If you said "yes" give me a high five because I feel you! Being yourself isn't always comfortable. Although you feel liberated on the inside it makes you vulnerable to others. But, ultimately, choosing to be yourself makes you a leader.

"Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong."

- James Leo Herlihy

Growing up in a culture that focuses on finding your strengths, doing your best, and never showing signs of weakness allowed me to present a surface level version of myself. I chose to hide because I wasn't comfortable allowing people to know my real thoughts, and truth be told, I lacked self-awarenessNow, don't get me wrong. I would share my opinions and engage in meaningful conversations, but I wasn't always comfortable allowing people to know my real thoughts. 

As I matured and realized how inconsistent people (and it's okay), I stopped focusing on what they thought and how they felt about me, and instead began to focus on being true to myself, my beliefs, and my values. When asked for my input I started to respectfully share my perspective, opinions, and feelings whether or not the listener agreed. You would think this caused an eruption of passionate, volcanic argumentative tidal waves, but the opposite happened. Many people started respecting my opinions. Some, even started seeking my counsel and advice because they knew I could offer a perspective that challenged them to think differently.

Here Are 3 Truths I Learned Through Being Myself

 1. It Develops Your Self-Confidence 
When you speak your truth in love you're not under the spell of trying to impress others or seeking their approval. You learn how to trust yourself and you begin to admire and value your personal courage and boldness.

2. You Become Attractive
People are attracted to what's authentic and genuine. When you respectfully share your perspective, yes, some people will be offended, that's true, but, it's also true that some will appreciate your sincerity in simply sharing your truth.

3. You Experience Real Freedom
Our society is full of people trying to convince you that their life is perfect and amazing. When you identify and live your core beliefs you experience less pressure, less stress, less regret, and less self-doubt.

What if this year you simply devoted  time to being more of yourself?
Until next time, Xoxo!
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Theresa Forever


  1. thank you so much! this is very helpful.

  2. Great post! I think the idea of being the "real you" is more important than ever in our society. It's so easy to fall into the habit of saying what you think people want to hear. Or trying to create an image of how you want to be seen.

    But it's so much more fulfilling to live life authentically and let people get to know you for who you really are. Plus, your 3 Truths really hit home -- self-confidence, attractiveness, and real freedom are all pleasant results of being true to yourself.

    1. Great summary. I agree with you. We're able to experience a deeper connection with others and walk in real community when we're vulnerable and let people see the real us. Thanks for commenting.