It Takes A Village

January 29, 2018

Growing up in Toronto I heard this proverb a lot, but like many of you I didn't fully understand it. Now as a mother of 2, I've grown to appreciate it, but I don't think I've stratched the surface of this deep proberb. One of the beauty's of this proverb is that it can be applied to multiple situations and produce solid advice for the hungry heart. When I think of it's meaning I simply imagine that no one, on their own, can move a mountain. It takes a community. And no one person can successfully run a business, it takes a team. We know that as individuals we aren't strong or smart enough to conquer the world on our own, but that doesn't stop us from trying. Why? Because most of us believe we're superhuman!

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We all like to imagine that we can do more than we're capable of doing. In our quest to be productive, we fill our schedules with every to-do list task we can think of. Once we start attempting to "kill it" we start feeling over-whelmed and drained because our schedule is on steroids! Lol, this ought not to be my friends! Your goals, routine, and schedule should energize you or spark excitement in you not the opposite. If you've lost your passion, here are 3 things you can do.

1. Join A Community 

Intentionally form relationships with like-minded people who are walking in the direction that leads to where you want to go. This means, mingle with people that are progressive. People that elevate your thinking and pull you up instead of drag you down. Spend less time with people that aren't growth oriented. Yes, we still love them and hope the best for them, but how much are you really helping them if you choose not to develop yourself and instead go shopping, talk on the phone all day, study people you don't know on social media, and watch youtube/netflix all day? Lol, this ain't helping nobody! Develop yourself and shower your love on them from a distance. Trust me, you are more beneficial to them once you get yourself together. I promise!

2. Ask For Help

Delegate Tasks! This is so simple, but if you practice this it will change your life for the better. You could come up with an amazing, super detailed, and elaborate plan, but without successful execution it's a WASTE OF TIME! Start working with people that compliment you. Find talented free lancers or friends and ask for help. It's even better if you offer something valuable in exchange for the service you receive. Try it! It never hurts to ask.

3. Solitude/Rest

Give yourself a mental break from everything! Don't think about your daily responsibilities, don't plan for your future during this time, just relax and recharge. This break will help you to be more productive than you thought you would've been if you had pushed yourself and tried to work your tired brain. Rest yields many refreshing rewards and creativity is one of them!

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Also, I noticed that you guys really enjoy blog post on Thursday's, so I've updated my posting schedule to reflect what you want! Now you can expect post every Thursday & Saturday!

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