How To Maximize Your Life

February 19, 2018

"Life is a journey, with 
problems to solve, 
lessons to learn, but most of all, 
experiences to enjoy"
- Unknown

Take a moment right now to review your life over the past 2 years. Has it been a steady, progressive journey? I doubt it. Do you still hold some of the same beliefs about yourself or your values? Are you facing some of the same issues or difficulties? Are you hitting any clear targets/goals? Well, let me remind you of something my friend!

- Maya Angelou
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Just like the quality of your relationships, education, and fitness, your results in life are dependent on your actions. How much effort are you putting into hitting your goals? Consider entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, and Jeff Bezos
. They trained themselves to do the daily activities they don't want to do in exchange for a glorious future version of themselves and an incredibly successful business. When we see successful people, we're only seeing a snapshot of their journey. We all know that they didn't start at the top, but we treat them like they did.

"Take a lesson from the ants, 
you lazybones. Learn from their ways 
and become wise!"
- Proverbs
Don't get it twisted. Life hasn't been EASY for anyone. I repeat, no one has had an easy life. Contrary to popular belief, everyone encounters challenges. You probably didn't get as much help, opportunities, or mentoring as someone else, BUT that doesn't disqualify them from being able to say "the struggle is real". You have financial challenges, but maybe they have relational, identity, or physical challenges. What do you gain from comparing your life to someone else? How much closer to your goals are you when your envious? This way of thinking only keeps you in a cycle of excuses! 

"You will always harvest what you plant"
- Paul The Apostle

Accept your story, create a plan for what you want to create, and start building it one step at a time. Your results will always reflect your effort. If you work on establishing a foundation of integrity, self-discipline and focus in yourself, you will build a strong empire.

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Until next time,
Theresa Forever

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