Learning How To Make The Most Of Every Opportunity

February 10, 2018

"What if one opportunity 
could change your life?"
- Marie Forleo

Do you remember when you use to pray for the people and opportunities that you now get on a regular basis? Do you remember when your passion convinced you to stay up all night to transition your goals from a  vision to reality? I do. I use to read tons of books, watch a bunch of educational videos, pray A LOT, and do research to prepare myself for where I am now. Don't get twisted. I still have projects up my sleeve, and future endeavors I will accomplish (by the grace of God). But to be honest, after all of my prayers, blood, sweat, and tears, at times, I still somehow manage to take everything I have for granted.

"Choosing to maximize every opportunity proves that 
you're ready for growth."
- Tee Forever

Think about how you currently treat your opportunities. Do you value and take them seriously? Or is it just another event? What I define as an opportunity is an open door in the right directionThis can come in any form. Most of our best opportunities will present themselves as an inconvenience, a lot of work, or discomfort. All this proves is that you're being prepared for growth.

This doesn't mean that you're obligated to say "yes" to every opportunity because it looks good. I was once offered a position as a music director, and of course,  I was beyond excited because. This meant growth and experience in an industry that I knew I was born to be apart of. Once the hype of "this is a dream come true!" faded, I talked it over with my husband and quickly realized that although this was an open door in the right direction, it wasn't the best opening for me. A few months after declining the offer, I was presented with a chance to work with a more established organization in a similar position. You already know I took it! Lol, there's NO WAY I was going to pass up another suitable occasion to get into this industry! Lol, all jokes aside. It was the perfect role for me to grow into and although I knew it was going to be a lot of work, and sometimes very inconvenient I accepted the challenge because it was the best opportunity for me.

Learning how to decide between what's good and what's best is vital. None of us want to be distracted by something "good" when we know the "best" is a few steps away. Here are  2 things I consider to ensure that I'm maximizing every opportunity.

1. Big Picture Goals
I shift every opportunity through this filter to ensure that I don't waste my time, and the time of the people or organization involved. How does this opening align with where I'll be in 5-10 years from now? Does this opening help me attain any primary short-term goals? If it's not in line with my 10 year life vision, but it fulfills a short-term goal, I then ask myself, how much time will it take for me to actualize my short-term goal(s)? Once I have my deadlines worked out I ask myself  

2. How Will My Family Be Impacted?
To all my parents out there, I know you feel me on this one! Even if you're married or have been in a long term relationship you'll treasure this. We can't allow a seemingly amazing opportunity that will significantly upgrade our lives, child(ren) included, and help us climb our "goal achievement ladder" to distract us from our primary focus, which is our family and individual relationships that matter to us. I always measure how much I'm willing to sacrifice in relation to my family before running through a green light. I have never, and probably will never, decide to commit to something that my husband expresses real, apprehension and uneasiness about. It's not smart. Since we have similar life goals and we're a team leading our family, I respect and value his perspective, and  I know that in some situations he can see things I'm blind to in the moment due to my excitement and everything else buzzing through my mind.

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements."
- Unknown

Enjoy every moment, maximize your opportunities, be a good steward, and create more open doors. Here are similar post you'll enjoy Stop Getting In Your Own Way and How To Take Responsibility For Your Life 

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