Stop Getting In Your Own Way

February 3, 2018

"Never share your story for pity"
- Cindy Trimm

I'm sure you have people in your life that you view as having it all together. Their finances are in order, their home and family life seem steady, and they appear to be conquering the world with no problems, right? Wrong. The truth is, no one is exempt from challenging lessons and hard times. If you asked them, without a doubt, I'm sure they would tell you they've been through the fire. They've experienced lonely, empty, desserts that they thought they wouldn't survive. They'll tell you, life wasn't always what you see todayEveryone has a story, journey, and personal process so enjoy yours. 

"Success is something you attract by the person you become."
- Jim Rohn

According to worldometers there are over 7 billion people on earth right now. 824,300,000 are undernourished. Many people are living in poverty. In my North American bubble, the unemployment rate is steadily increasing. Life isn't easy, and it won't magically get better for anyone. You have to find solutions! You have to get creative and start building a route to the better life that you know you can have. 

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Never adapt a "I be successful" mentality. You know what I mean, right? Don't become a person that always has an excuse for why they can't get ahead in life. Spend time self-reflecting and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Recognize what sparks your interest, what causes you to feel discouraged, and what helps you stay focused. Continue to study yourself and change unhealthy patterns in your mentality and behavior. Stop doubting yourself! Stop over-eating and over-indulging in entertainment and social media. Start adding value to yourself by developing your skills and talents, learn more about industries and subjects that interest you. Always find solutions instead of allowing yourself excuses. After acknowledging these things 

"Turn yourself into an asset."
- Tee Forever

I say this with all the love my heart can hold, take responsibility for your life and start building your empire!  Nobody is stopping you, and nobody will ever give you anything you're not able to sustain. Change, grow, and conquer yourself. The level of your growth is in your hands. If you want healthy habits that promote mental peace, financial stability, and good health stop talking about it...
"Just do it"
- Nike

Start doing research, read books, watch informative videos, connect with people that know more than you on this subject. Begin to actively pursue the knowledge that you know can transform your life for the better. The truth is, yes, you've had a hard life, but so have many of us. You're an overcomer. You can be the next community, national, or international success story if you want to be. The only limits that exist are in your mind. Here are two previous post that will further your growth and inspire you to focus! How To Take Responsibility For Your Life and Juggling Responsibilities While Starting A Business

This Monday, February 5th at 11am (EST) I'll be sharing this months personal challenge. Don't miss it. Talk to you then.

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