Goal Getter: Work Smarter, Not Harder (Improve Your Hustle)

March 29, 2018

"A person who never made a mistake 
never tried anything new."
- Albert Einstein

We are quickly approaching the end of this month! How are you guys doing with the Go Big Or Go Home - Self Discipline goal you started (click here to learn more)? As promised I am on route to launch my online business at the beginning of next month! Wooou hooouuu! Super exciting right? I know! Well as exciting as this is, I know a few of you guys are launching businesses and completing major projects so kudos to ya'll! I'm happy to be connected to mountain moving GOAL-GETTERS! 

Alright so, nod your head if you've ever made a silly mistake that could've been avoided if you had adequately prepared, built up your self-confidence, or trusted smart people around you? *Head nod* yep! Just last week I was preparing dinner and my husband suggested that I should turn the heat down before I burn everything. Of course, since I'm an experienced chef I tried to ignore his suggestion, but lo and behold, Mr. Hubby was RIGHT! You know when you're about to put a freshly baked, soft chocolate chip cookie into your mouth, and then you remember that it's not good for you so you quickly put it down...well, some of you still eat it (LOL!), but THAT'S how close I was to ruining dinner!

One of our weaknesses as goal-getters is we try to do everything ourselves. We plan the project or business, implement everything in the plan, run marketing campaigns, build our brand, and the list goes on. By the end of all this most of us end up feeling overwhelmed. This golden nugget I'm about to share with you applies to me as well. If you talk to some of my closest friends they'll tell you I'm always go-go-go with my kids, business, meetings, etc. Late nights, early mornings. But here's something I want to challenge you with. One day a week take some time to stop everything. Breathe. Sleep, eat, and repeat this for the WHOLE DAY! I know! You could use that 18-hour day to crush at least 10 major tasks, right? It's true, but here's a scientific fact. When you allow your mind and body to rest your stress levels decrease, you produce more clear, deep thoughts, and your creativity, which we all rely on, increases. Another thing we must consider is delegating task. This does not always require money. You could reach out to a budding entrepreneur that specializes in the task you want to delegate and offer to provide a free service in exchange for their assistance. You could also ask a friend that is gifted in the area you want help. There are SO many ways you could delegate task for free and get high quality results. Stop trying to do everything! it takes a team to build an empire.

"Great things in business are never done by one person. 
There done by a team of people."
- Steve Jobs

The people you chose to partner with is almost as important as who you chose to marry. When I refer to partnership I'm not only talking about business. This includes the people you choose to spend time with like your closest friends and family. In business it's pretty simple you can easily replace the wrong people with the right ones however, in personal relationships it can be a bit more complicated. When sifting through the kind of influences you want, you have to decide the type of character and mentality you want to be around. As a person that is limitless in your thinking and intentional about how you spend your time, do you want to be influenced by people that gossip, aren't teachable, and are complainers? I'll give you a second to answer that...

Get the right influences in your circle and let the wrong ones go.

Now, a lot of entrepreneurs and goal-getters want quick results. Sometimes this leads us to quit a good idea before we get to experience the full beauty of it's potential. Here's a gem you should apply to every area of your life. If something isn't working change your strategy, don't quit. Try to pin point what's missing, add it to the equation and wah-lah, your idea might begin to blossom. If not, try something else. Test your ideas prior to launch and if it passes the test and you know it can work, then make it work.

As always, I love connecting with you guys. leave me a comment, share your thoughts and stop trying to man handle everything, start resting and delegating tasks, surround yourself with better influences, and if something isn't working don't quit, change your strategy. 

Until next time,
Theresa Forever

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