Just Start (Crushing Your Goals)

March 17, 2018

"A dream doesn't become reality 
through magic; it takes sweat, 
determination and hard work."
- Colin Powell

Right now, I want you to think about a goal you want to accomplish by the end of this year. Why is this goal worth the sacrifices you're going to have to make? Take 2 minutes to think about that. Now I want you to write that reason down in your business plan agenda, idea notebook, or the journal you write all your dreams in. Review this reason every time you feel discouraged, get distracted, or if you're just having a bad day and need some inspiration. By the time you finish reading this blog you're going to be ready to put in work and uncompromising about how you spend your time!

You have to remember, you were not fearfully and wonderfully made to come to earth and waste time worrying about whether you'll ever get ahead financially, or if your life will progress pass your current reality. I promise you, your life, goals, and your growth will go as far as you take it. You're here to offer humanity something that is necessary. God is intentional, and He creates everything with a purpose (including you). Don't waste your time believing lies like your situation is generational and you'll never break out of the cycle because the same thing happened to your parents, or your grandparents, or your great grandparents. None of that stuff matters. Your family history is not a prediction of how your life WILL turn out. Your current struggles are not a preview of how your life will be from now on. You decide the quality and outcome of your life. You are more important than you feel, AND your life will change as you change (internally). Start moving, start growing, start challenging yourself.

"Discipline is just choosing between 
what you want now and what you want most."
- Unknown

Guys, don't neglect your mission. Right now, you might be able to think of one thousand reasons why you haven't started your business, or why you haven't been able to save money to develop yourself, or why your still in the same situation you were in 2 years ago but let me help you right quick. The reason why it's not done, is because it's not a priority. Ouch! Man, I felt that! Lol hear me out! I'm saying that because I've been there, and I've seen SO many people walk through this exact cycle! The thousand reasons that you're coming up with are ALL EXCUSES! Believe in yourself, know that you're able to change your life, and no one (not even your parents) is responsible for upgrading your life or helping you. Don't get it twisted (don't misunderstand me), people will come along and help you in your journey, most people in the world want to see others succeed, but no one owes you counsel, shared resources, or any form of help. 

Accept the truth that your current reality reflects the choices you made. Yes, some things happened to you that were out of your control, but how did you respond to those things? All our choices make us who we are, and who we are which is also known as our character determines the outcome of our lives.

"You express the truth of your character 
with the choice of your actions."
- Steve Maraboli 

Woooou! This post is deeeeeeeeep! Guys, I wasn't even trying to go this deep like where is this coming from!? Lol, somebody needs to hear this! For all we know this could be for me, a few years down the line! Ha-ha *high five*. Alright! back to business. So, what I want you guys to do is 1. develop your self-awareness. Stop considering what others think of you, stop focusing on what other people are doing, and start studying yourself. How do you feel about your life? How do you feel about your mission? What has stopped you from getting things done in the past? How can you prevent that from happening again? What are you afraid of? Let's work towards overcoming some of these foundational issues and then 2. Start developing your self-confidence. Work on letting go of negative self-talk and begin to encourage yourself. Compliment yourself and become your own cheer leader. Believe in yourself again. Every time you make a mistake instead of accepting self-doubt or defeat, TRY AGAIN. When faced with a challenge whether in your personal life or in a business relationship instead of self-pity or feeling overwhelmed face it and work through the problem.

Taking these two very simple steps will make ALL the difference in your life because you're building your hope and focusing on things that matter. Soon what you expect (your goal(s)/target) will collide with your faith and hope, then boom! fireworks will ignite, and you'll become your own hero.

Until next time!

Theresa Forever

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