Good News! Your Choices Create Your Results

April 12, 2018

- Unknown
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This quote is not for the person sitting beside you, or the miserable person that you know who lives up the street. It's for you. We "can't be bitter" living in the past "and expect (our lives) to be sweet." Full of peace and thriving relationships. Why? Because how we feel and what we think determines our quality of life.

"Everything we do 
reflects what we believe."
- Tee Forever

Here's an example, if I believe that my job sucks, my boss doesn't like me, and my co-workers talk about me behind my back. Will I enjoy going to work? NO WAY! Will I produce my best work? 100% no! Why? Because my actions are fueled by my beliefs no matter how much I try to ignore or dismiss them.

Our behavior follows our mind. If we think we'll be amazing at running a business, parenting, marriage, and relationships, we'll feel excited and strong. This fuels us to develop ourselves and learn what we need to know if we want to be successful in these areas. Then we'll begin to CRUSH IT! On the same token, if we think that running a business is too much work, parenting is hard, and kids are annoying, and marriage is boring, then we won't feel motivated or inspired to cultivate those areas.

"Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make, makes you."
- John C. Maxwell

Believe idea's that'll help you create the kind of person you want to be. Make choices that'll help you build the kind of life and relationships you want to have. 

Read that again. What do you think about that? 

For me, this says I have to stop being an emotional decision maker. Overall, I'm a very practical and logical person. In most areas of my life I make decisions with the big picture in mind. However, I experimented with emotional decision making a few months ago and produced a MESS! I had to eat the bitterness of my choices, BUT I didn't allow it to make me bitter and I didn't beat myself up for the mess. I learned so much from that experience and now I'm committed to resisting the temptation of making emotional decisions. Having accountability also helps with this because I get an outside perspective to help me remain logical.

When it comes to choices, you're in complete control. You're on the receiving end of the consequences of every choice you make. You'll either benefit from making a good choice or you'll suffer for a bad one. Choices are completely your responsibility.

"Everything in your life is a reflection 
of a choice you made. 
If you want a different result, 
make a different choice."
- Unknown

This is a basic principle. If everything we talked about today is true and what we believe fuels our actions, then doesn't this mean that our thoughts shape our lives? 

What we think about something determines how we decide. What we think turns into action which produces results. So, the results we have reflect our thoughts and beliefs. If we want to improve our relationships, finances, businesses, etc. We must improve ourselves. 

This is good news! This means that we can turn all our bitter experiences into sweet, learning curves. This means, that if we feed our mind knowledge that develops our character and filter our thoughts to ensure they are conducive to the future we want. The result will be exactly what we want. 

"Everything in your life changes 
when your thoughts change."
- Tee Forever

Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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