Top 3 Advantages Of Simple Goal Planning

May 1, 2018

"Dreams don't come true. 

Goals do."
- Unknown

We live in a world where having and achieving goals is honored and celebrated. However, most of us don't actually know what a goal is or why it's important. According to a goal is " aim or desired result." So, when we set or talk about goals we're establishing clear results that we want to experience within a certain time frame. Why is it important to set goals?

" If it doesn't challenge you 
it won't change you."
- Unknown

Having a goal brings you clarity and focus in life. You become intentional about every decision you make. All your actions become consistent, and they begin to align with where you envision yourself. You feel happy and empowered because you're on a mission, so you begin to realize that you have a purpose! You're here on earth to do more than just graduate from school and work a 9-5 job. You were designed to produce specific results on the earth. Find out what they are and start maximizing your life! In the process of achieving the result(s) you want you begin to discover yourself. 

- Tee Forever 
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This is one of the greatest pleasures that you unlock while pursuing a goal. As you begin to develop yourself in preparation for your goal you'll expand your knowledge, skills, and understanding. You'll also discover hidden strengths that you have that you weren't aware of. This often leads to rediscovering dreams and igniting passions that had once dried up and died. Goal planning and pursuing your goals gives you a system to track your progress and evaluate your life. If you don't like where your life is right now, set some goals and change it. Getting results is amazing and the person you become in the process is an even bigger blessing, however goal planning is about more than just seeing results. Setting goals helps you to believe in yourself again, you will be hopeful for the future.

Here's a goal-getter cheat sheet to help you follow through on your goals!

"My ultimate goal is to be better 
today than I was yesterday."
- Unknown

Having a goal is a form of hope. I know some people are afraid of goal planning because they don't get the results they want and end up feeling discouraged, but listen to me, goal planning gives you something to look forward to. It reminds you that if you're ready to change some things your best days are ahead of you. You can expect to experience more out of life. You can get excited again! There is a beautiful ending to your story if you're willing to plan your goals and execute your plan. 

Results are great, but the self-awareness and personal development that you experience through having a goal beats results any day. As you evolve into a completely better version of yourself through pursuing goals remember to keep hope alive, and just because you didn't attain something in the past doesn't mean it's not meant for you to experience.

Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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  1. Goal setting is so important! Not just for entrepreneurs but everyone as a whole. If we don’t have goals, then what do we look forward to? This was perfectly written and helpful!

  2. I know goal setting is importing, but I'm just not very good at setting them. Like actually writing them down and planning them out. I need to start, especially for the self awareness point you mentioned.

  3. You are so right. It all begins with self awareness and a desire to get incrementally better with time.

  4. Inspiring post. I loved the quotes and agree!

  5. I set myself goals dait but never big, life changing ones. Maybe I need to push myself a little more!

  6. This was a really thought provoking post. I like when you said having a goal gives us hope. I tend to set small goals so I can feel accomplished more often

  7. I think everybody has goals in one way or another, but living for a big fat goal is not my thing, I rather adapt day after day to the possibilities life offers me.

  8. Goal planning has always been my fear because I was never committed but its is important as you said and when we always have something to look forward too you always get excited and reminded that it must be achieved... I'm blessed by this

  9. I absolutely love, and agree with the second quote that you shared here. This is a great post by the way. I really need to be on top of setting and accomplishing goals.
    Xx, Nailil

  10. What an inspiring post. I agree with you and the quotes you mentioned, I try to be better than what I was or what I did yesterday.Goal planning is so important to give meaning to life and is a reason to keep yourself inspired to achieve the goal.

  11. I want to say your website/layout reminds me of the old myspace days.. totally love it! And yes setting goals and sticking to them is so important! I love the quotes you mentioned as well <3