Enjoy Life Now: Work Hard, Rest Harder

April 5, 2018

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; 
it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."
Colin Powell

Ya'll ain't ready! Guys! I can't hold it! Remember last month when I told you my self-discipline goal was to launch my online business by April (Read About It Here)?! Well....drum roll please! *drum roll starts*... I officially launched my business today! I purposely waited so that I could blast some music, sing at the top of my lungs, sip champagne and celebrate this moment with YOU! I know you guys were up to some pretty adventurous stuff last month as well. Launching books and starting businesses! *High five!* This is only the beginning. 

This month's personal growth challenge is to get in the habit of getting proper rest! Yes, I said REST! I'll be honest. I'm the least qualified person to talk about rest because I don't ever get enough lol. However, this month! I'm going after it! Rest is apart of maintaining self-discipline. It's easy to work all day and night because there's always something to do. Choosing to prioritize rest not only reaps physical and relational benefits but you come to life! We experience a real connection in relationships that comes from being present and we free our minds from constant busyness. Balancing a strong work ethic with solid rest habits is a fountain of life to anyone that want it.

I'm going to start implementing things like no "screen time" (cell phone, TV, lap top, etc.) an hour before bed, and no phone time until one hour after I wake up. I want to center myself, do some mental detox and just relax completely before bed and first thing in the morning. It's kind of like getting a...

By the way, I didn't go to bed until AFTER 4 a.m last night and my beautiful chicklets forced me out of bed by 8:30 this morning! ...lol. Chronicles of a working mom! Ha-ha. To prevent scenario's like this during this month I'm going to DELEGATE some of my most time-consuming task to people that specialize in those area. 

"Rest is as important as working hard."
- Unknown

I know this is going to be a challenge for most of us but make rest a priority for the next 3-weeks! It's worth it.

Until next time,
I'm going to get some rest! :)

Theresa Forever

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