Face Your Challenges

May 19, 2018

"You will never grow passed 
the challenges you face 
until you face your challenges."
- Tee Forever

Challenges are usually the last thing we welcome in our lives. If we're honest, most of us prefer comfort, promotion and favor over challenging situations, but here's the truth: Challenges are always directly related to our next promotion. Write this down. When we fight to avoid challenges we delay our personal progress. On the other hand when we accept challenges, the personal growth and maturity we experience always surpasses the discomfort.

Over the course of this month, while I dug deep into self-awareness I discovered a lot of hidden junk. While I unpacked all of this I was challenged with how I would move forward. For one, I could ignore it and pretend like I was never aware of my struggles, resulting in self-denial and self-destruction. Or two, I could acknowledge it and clean it up which would cost me a lot of effort and time upfront, but the results would be more rewarding than what the process cost me. Does that make sense?

Choosing to process the destructive habits, mindsets and beliefs I carry not only liberates me to live authentically, but it also propels me into my next level of challenges and rewards. It's truly a worthy journey when you think about all of the benefits. If you'd like to join in on the self-awareness challenge this month you can start by reading Self-Awareness: The Breakthrough To Your Personal Freedom .

As I've initiated this journey here are some challenges I've encountered that you may experience as well.

1. A Biased Perspective

It's always hard to find what you don't know exists. Sometimes even after you've found it, it's hard to believe it. Finding fault in others is almost too easy, but when we try to soberly evaluate ourselves things can get complicated. We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions but not by our actions. This produces cloudy judgement.

What I've practiced on and off over the years is asking for feedback from some of the most trusted people in my life that are closest to me like my husband. I also ask mentors to freely point out anything they see that could hinder me in the future. I'll be honest, it's not always easy hearing constructive feedback. I'm not always in the mood to hear about how I could've handled something better, but if you trust your inner circle and they have some of the qualities you wish to embody, then embrace your process and choose growth over comfort.

2. Struggle With Self-Acceptance

After you clearly identify the goal (area(s) of improvement), you have to be careful to remain balanced while accepting the truth. Here's what I mean. To remain balanced you must accept your good and bad characteristics while not leaning towards either side or punishing yourself for not being where you want to be yet.

"Accept who you are right now 
& be patient with yourself. 
Progress only comes 
with one good decision at a time." 
- Tee Forever

3. Taking Personal Responsibility

Once you recognize the area(s) that needs improvement it's your responsibility to change. Accept the challenge and develop yourself. Someone wise once said "don't decrease the goal, increase the effort." You will only become better when you allow the challenges you face to mold you into a smarter, more capable, better version of yourself. The onus is on you to do something with the knowledge you've acquired about yourself. No one can or will force you to change. Choose growth over comfort.

Don't allow the thought of hard work to discourage you from growing! Allow unbiased people into your inner circle and let them examine you. Accept your current state of growth and enjoy your process.

When you find an area that needs to be improved learn about how you can strengthen that area and implement the changes. Only you can deepen your self-awareness and change your life. Until next time.

Theresa Forever

Who Have You Become?

May 10, 2018

Hey! Come in, have a seat.

I know that over the years you've grown from a quiet, over thinker to the seemingly confident and decisive person you are now. Although we may not have officially met, I'm proud of you. I'm proud of your progress and your decision to intentionally develop yourself in areas that weren't working for you. One question that I have for you is do you love the person you've become?

"People change and forget to tell each other."
- Lillian Hellman

If you've been rocking with me for a while you know that I'm all about progress, change, and personal growth. As a coach to people who have goals they want to crush, I have the privilege of helping my clients transform into goal-getters that get the results they've been craving for years! Trust me, personal development is my obsession. On the flip side of things, I've watched friends transform into cold-hearted, ignorant monsters while professing to have experienced personal DEVELOPMENT. This is dangerous.

"Personal development always includes enhancing your character."
- Tee Forever

Do you recognize yourself?

I mean really? Pause right here with me for a second and answer this question. Do you recognize the person that you've become? Is your life aligned with your core values or has "personal growth" steered you away? I'm not talking about core values that are based on superstition or tradition. I'm talking about core values like the golden rule, to treat others the way you want to be treated, to honor your parents, to honor marriage, and so on. I know that outwardly your life might be progressing but you will never feel complete satisfaction and peace until what you believe and what you do are in sync.

Let's identify some of your core beliefs

Right now let's spend some time unlocking your mind to find core beliefs that you might be suppressing.

Step 1. Answer this question: What do you believe is true about life? Write down everything that comes to mind. Include things you were taught and things you picked up along the way as you got older.

- I believe that no matter how crazy my personal life gets God is always in control.
- I was taught that if I get in a fight and get beat up, when I get home I'll get more "licks" (beating) for losing! Lol!

Step 2. After you've listed all of your beliefs including the things you were taught, begin to separate the good beliefs from the bad beliefs and place them in two separate groups.

Good Belief:
God is always in control

Bad Belief:
I can never lose a fight

Step 3. Review each good belief one-by-one and ask yourself: If the closest people in my life knew that I believed this would they be surprised or would they confirm that they can see this belief expressed through my life?

The great thing about this exercise is not only that it helps you to develop self-awareness, but you're now in a position to decide which beliefs you want to align your life with and which ones you want to let go of. 

Personal growth is only growth when it adds to your life, not destroys it. Stay humble, honor God, and love people. Until next time, 


Theresa Forever

What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

May 5, 2018

Welcome, welcome, WELCOME! 

If you're new here, it's nice to have you, if you've been here before welcome back! Today we're talking all about you. As most of you know this month we're doing a self-awareness challenge for the next 30 days (you can join us). Let's use this time to dig deep in self-discovery so that we can become better versions of ourself. You ready? Alright,  let's go!

Why are you here? I mean really, what is the purpose of your life? Do you know that you were sent here to do something specific? Do you realize that you were designed with a particular task in mind? That's incredible, I know! Your life has more value and meaning than your aware of and your purpose is hidden in self-awareness.

"We won't be distracted by comparison if we are captured with purpose."
- Bob Goff

Dictionary.com describes purpose as "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists." Essentially purpose is a clear target for your life to aim at. Purpose gives us clear direction and hope. It's an invisible focal point for us to measure our lives. You know if you're walking in the right or wrong direction when you know what your purpose is. Align yourself with your purpose and bring that vision to life.

But what if you don't know your purpose? How do you figure it out? Start with self-awareness and truthfully it'll be easier than you think. 

1. Make a list of everything you do well (example: writing, organization, administration, speaking, etc.)

2. Put a check mark beside everything you enjoy.
3. Then make a list of every career or job that you enjoy and would do for free (example: administration, teaching, singing, etc.)
4. Now compare list #2 (the things that you do well with a check mark) with list #3 (every career or job that you enjoy) and look for common threads. Make 3 new lists for the top 3 themes you identify.

This will help you to better identify your purpose

"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."
- John F. Kennedy

Contrary to popular belief your purpose can be more than one thing. God designed us with multiple gifts, talents, and abilities. We have the capacity to run multiple businesses, completely implement every good idea, and operate at our highest level. We were designed to complete more than one task so don't limit yourself.

Once you know your purpose you no longer have room for time wasting activities that don't produce the results you're here to create. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't engage in fun activities or rest one day a week, it just means that you treasure your time because you understand that it's limited and you're on a mission.

Believe it or not, you're already aware of your purpose. You just have to unlock it through self-discovery and patience.

Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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Self-Awareness: The Breakthrough To Your Personal Freedom

May 3, 2018

It's May so, you know what that means?! We have a new challenge for this month! This one is going to revolutionize your life! You ready? This month we're going to focus on self-awareness! Now, before we get into anything I want you to take a minute to consider what comes to mind when you think of self-awareness. Do you think about what people have told you about yourself? Do you consider meditation? What does self-awareness mean to you?

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Self-awareness is simple: it's being aware of yourself. When you know yourself you're not waiting for anyone to approve who you are or what you do. You don't need affirmation for every decision you make. You're not only confident, but you also thoroughly enjoy yourself!  It's amazing and completely liberating. You no longer compare yourself to others or try to live up to the standards other people place on you. You allow yourself to be yourself and you enjoy every minute of it! Self-awareness is really the foundation of your personal freedom and it changes EVERYTHING! 

So, how do you know if you're self-aware? Well, if you compare yourself to others you haven't yet discovered the personal treasures that make you special which means you're not self-aware. If you strive to fill shoes you were never meant to walk in, you're not self-aware. If you aren't satisfied with your life, but you can't figure out why, you aren't self-aware.

As much as we talk about self-awareness the majority of us don't experience the power it unleashes when we practice it. I know that if I'm honest with myself I need to develop my self-awareness. There was a time in my life a few years ago when I lived completely care-free of what people thought of me and my confidence level was a million because I knew that my identity and value stemmed from no one around me. Guys, I was living on the clouds! I was able to freely love and respect people without expecting anything in return. I was able to see beautiful people and not doubt my own beauty or compare my features to theirs. I was able to take positive feedback for exactly what it is. I didn't allow it to cause me to question myself, instead it helped me to see my blind spots and upgrade into an even more beautiful, self-appreciative version of myself. 

But over the years like many of you, I've lost intimate touch with myself. I got distracted and fell into the traps of comparison, self-doubt, and wanting to impress others. Having experienced both worlds I can tell you that being self-aware is the foundation for establishing a life of personal freedom. Without it you crumble under the pressure, with it you sore and fly with the eagles.

So, let's develop self-awareness this month! 

Here are two exercises you can practice for the next 30 days! You ready? Let's do it. 

Download these free self-awareness exercises and work at your own pace

Exercise 1: Everyday look for one good thing about yourself that you didn't notice or pay attention to before. It could be something as simple as your friendliness with strangers or your joy in playing with kids. 

Benefit: The more you practice noticing good things about increases your self-awareness and results in you valuing who you are and what you have to offer.

Exercise 2: Every day spend at least 10 minutes processing how you feel about your day. Journal your thoughts and feelings. Answer questions like "What made it a good day? And What made it a bad day?"

Benefit: This will help you to see how you view the world and overtime enable you to create a better experience for yourself by changing negative thought patterns or adjusting what you expose yourself to. 

Self-awareness is the foundation of how we think about ourselves and others. It produces what we say and what we do. This month let's really dive into this and completely transform our lives. Are you with me? Trust me, if you do this you will thank me later! *Wink*

Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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Top 3 Advantages Of Simple Goal Planning

May 1, 2018

"Dreams don't come true. 

Goals do."
- Unknown

We live in a world where having and achieving goals is honored and celebrated. However, most of us don't actually know what a goal is or why it's important. According to dictionary.com a goal is "...an aim or desired result." So, when we set or talk about goals we're establishing clear results that we want to experience within a certain time frame. Why is it important to set goals?

" If it doesn't challenge you 
it won't change you."
- Unknown

Having a goal brings you clarity and focus in life. You become intentional about every decision you make. All your actions become consistent, and they begin to align with where you envision yourself. You feel happy and empowered because you're on a mission, so you begin to realize that you have a purpose! You're here on earth to do more than just graduate from school and work a 9-5 job. You were designed to produce specific results on the earth. Find out what they are and start maximizing your life! In the process of achieving the result(s) you want you begin to discover yourself. 

- Tee Forever 
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This is one of the greatest pleasures that you unlock while pursuing a goal. As you begin to develop yourself in preparation for your goal you'll expand your knowledge, skills, and understanding. You'll also discover hidden strengths that you have that you weren't aware of. This often leads to rediscovering dreams and igniting passions that had once dried up and died. Goal planning and pursuing your goals gives you a system to track your progress and evaluate your life. If you don't like where your life is right now, set some goals and change it. Getting results is amazing and the person you become in the process is an even bigger blessing, however goal planning is about more than just seeing results. Setting goals helps you to believe in yourself again, you will be hopeful for the future.

Here's a goal-getter cheat sheet to help you follow through on your goals!

"My ultimate goal is to be better 
today than I was yesterday."
- Unknown

Having a goal is a form of hope. I know some people are afraid of goal planning because they don't get the results they want and end up feeling discouraged, but listen to me, goal planning gives you something to look forward to. It reminds you that if you're ready to change some things your best days are ahead of you. You can expect to experience more out of life. You can get excited again! There is a beautiful ending to your story if you're willing to plan your goals and execute your plan. 

Results are great, but the self-awareness and personal development that you experience through having a goal beats results any day. As you evolve into a completely better version of yourself through pursuing goals remember to keep hope alive, and just because you didn't attain something in the past doesn't mean it's not meant for you to experience.

Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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