Are You Ready!?

July 12, 2018


Wow! I promise this won't happen again!

I went a WEEK without blogging or giving you any goodies! That's nuts! Man, June was a hectic month. I had so many projects, deadlines, and goals that I had to reluctantly put my blog and everything else on hold to meet the immediate demands.

While I took a break I’m sure you were busy keeping up with the Invest In Yourself challenge (you can catch up starting here). What have you done so far? Holla at me! Let me know how your progressing and where I can help.

I know that we didn’t get to walk through a full 4 weeks of this challenge so, instead of moving on to another one let's buckle down and really dig into this one. I'm extending this challenge so that we can get the FULL BENEFITS from practicing these principles.

This challenge is meant for you to priortize your personal growth. I know that you understand the importance of continual learning and I know that you believe you have something to offer the world and you want to maximize your life, however, if you never start implementing the things that we talk about here on the blog you will never maximize your life. Knowledge without execution is a waste. Don’t get stuck in your invisible comfort zone that makes you feel safe. You were made for more!

I know you’re not the kind of person to spend your life dreaming, but never achieving. I know you are not a professional procrastinator. THIS my friend is the purpose of the challenge! This is why I blog! To help you move from point A to point B.

If you’ve been doing the Invest In Yourself challenge since last month with me, I want you to comment below and tell me what of kind of things you’ve been doing to Invest In Yourself and the kinds of results you’ve been getting. If you don’t feel comfortable commenting send me an email! :) There are no excuses, I want to hear from you!

Keeping in line with this month’s theme I have a question for all of my regular readers. Are you ready?

Why do you read my blog? I mean what keeps you coming back!? I want to know how I can serve you better and improve my overall service to you! Fill out this quick survey and let me hear your thoughts! Thanks in advance for the feedback and get ready for your next self-improvement challenge on Saturday at 11 am (EST)!

Until next time! *Mwah* Xoxo,

Theresa Forever

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