It's Time For A Mental Detox (Part 2)

July 21, 2018


Welcome to part two of the Invest In Yourself Challenge! If this is your first time here and you would like to catch up on part one you can start here

Guys, I’ve been on cloud nine since we started this challenge last month. The long term effects of investing in yourself is going to be crazy! We are literally transforming and evolving into the people that we know we're capable of becoming. Right now, with the wise investment of our time we are sharpening our skills, strengthening our mindset and creating new lives for ourselves. This is worth everything we're putting into it! 

My hope is that you’re not only doing the exercises that I share here on the blog, but that you’re also digging into some really good books and using this month to focus on implementing everything that you’re learning. Investing in yourself is not just about collecting more knowledge. It’s about targeting a specific area(s) and investing all of your resources into strengthening it until you get the results you want.
“There is no better reward 
than the results you get from 
personal development.”
Tee Forever

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Most of you know that I’m a self-improvement junkie! I love reading books that deepen my understanding and broaden my perspective. I see life as one big learning experience full of adventures and wonder. With this perspective I can easily enjoy every minute of the good times and find valuable lessons in every bad time.

Let’s Go!

“Strength & growth come
only through continuous effort & struggle.”
Napoleon Hill

So, now that you’ve done the first exercise, comment below and tell me if you’ve noticed any difference in your thought process. It could be something as small as, you now find it easier to come up with solutions instead of focusing on problems, or it could be that you catch negative thoughts faster and nip them in the butt right away instead of dwelling on it like you used to. Whatever it is big or small, let’s celebrate your victories!

After doing the exercise I mentally felt lighter. It was like I had cleaned up all of the junk and made room for clear, sober ideas to flow again. 

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Maintain Your Clarity & Vision

Now that your mind is clear of most of the junk and distractions that you accumulated over time you now have to maintain your clarity. Over the next 7 days I want you to try these 2 things.

1. Stop Reading To Learn

When I did this it changed EVERYTHING! I used to read books related to where I saw myself in 3-5 years, but guess what? Those books couldn’t help me get from point A, where I was to point B, my next best step. I was collecting information that would be helpful in the future, but it was useless for where I was starting from. I had to stop reading for the sake of learning and start reading to implement. 

Read to figure out your next step not to store information for later because trust me, you’ll spend time reading a really informative book and once your done you will feel like you accomplished something, but in a few months you’ll forget everything lol and it won't be useful to you in the future. Trust me, I've done it!

2. Protect Your Time

Once I got clear on what I want I stopped procrastinating and allowing distractions to steal my time. To be honest, “free time” is not apart of my vocabulary. I am intentional about my schedule and through practicing this exercise I became 100% committed to set activities everyday. We know that habits and routines, whether good or bad, will always lead to automatic results. 

Instead of allowing your bad habits to flourish and produce consequences that work against your dreams and desires commit yourself to establishing healthy habits and routines that work with who you plan on becoming and where you see yourself going.

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This is What it’s All About

Invest in yourself now so that in a few short months and even years to come you will be able to reap the benefits from your blood, sweat, and tears (self-discipline). Don’t waste the time that you have right now. For the next 7 days be intentional! Focus on distinct personality traits, character flaws, or skills that you need to develop to advance to the next level. You can do this! And the good thing is, you’re not doing it alone. Let’s crush this challenge together *high five*.

Until next time, xoxo!

Theresa Forever


  1. Those are some great tips. I have never sat down with any kind of self-improvement books, but I might look into it.

    1. Girl! find a good one and then treat yourself with one chapter a day. It will change your whole life. Trust me.

      A few of my favorites are:
      1. Developing the leader within - John Maxwell
      2. Live Love Lead - Brian Houston
      3. Who moved my cheese - Spencer Johnson

      Keep me posted on your journey!

  2. These are really great tips! I'm a huge believer in investing in yourself. Definitely an essential x

    1. Word! Investing in yourself opens a world of possibilities.

  3. These are absolutely fabulous tips to help work on self improvement! We all need to take the time to invest in ourselves and we often forget that...DaisyGirl

    1. Right, the results we get from investing in ourselves last a lifetime. We're even able to teach future generations all the transforming lessons we learned. It's definitely worth the time and effort we put in.

      Go big or go home Daisy! ;) xo!

  4. I think having a mental detox is such a good idea. We all need breaks for sure. This is a really great post full of so many handy tips!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I notice after a mental detox I'm usually less stressed and anxious. I try to do it at least once a month. It makes a difference!

  5. I always do things with a purpose and I realised after a while that it's indeed quite tiring and it made me wonder about things in life. Im glad your advice for mental detox is legit and useful~

    1. Thanks baby! I know what you mean, always being on the go is tiring. Slow down once in a while, give your mind a break...and your body too! ;)