This Is Your Sign

July 26, 2018

Welcome back! 

Can you believe that this is the LAST week of the invest in yourself challenge?! Guys, where did the time go! I feel like I'm just getting started...maybe that's because I went M.I.A for a week in June but we won't talk about that lol!

I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did! I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world (literally). Let's spend our last week doing something CRAZY! Are you ready?!

Let's Gooooo!

I think for the final challenge of this month we should go out with a bang, don't you? I mean, we should do something that we have never done before but have been dreaming about doing for a LONG time! Something that scares us because there is no plan B once we get started, but at the same time it excites us because we know the future possibilities connected to this decision are massive!

"Stop dreaming, start doing."
- Tee Forever

The challenge I'm giving you over the next 5 days is to accomplish (or at least get started) on a goal that you ALWAYS envisioned yourself accomplishing. This challenge is going to be easy because you already have a blueprint. You've been DREAMING about this for SO LONG that you know all of the side streets and back allies to get on the road that you want. You got this, don't doubt yourself.

This challenge will look different for everyone because we all have different dreams and desires, but the outcome and the experience of the dream will feel the same because we've all been waiting FOREVER to crush them!

Don't Leave Me Hanging

Com'on, you know it's taken you way too long to get to this point. You have been looking for a sign, praying for confirmation, wondering whether or not this was really meant for you. Well, guess what, NOW is your time and THIS POST IS YOUR SIGN! Get out of your own way, stop allowing fear to distract you from your prize. It's time to GO GET IT! 

I've Been There!

Just a few years ago I was that girl who had crazy big dreams and I didn't know where to start or how to accomplish everything without all the fancy resources I thought I needed. I strongly believed that my vision was possible, but I didn't know how to overcome the challenge of finding where to start and taking the steps to make it happen. To be completely honest I thought God was just going to come down from heaven, put it all together and then say "Here Theresa, you prayed so hard for it so it's all yours, enjoy!" but I quickly realized God that is smarter than that. He's not going to give me something that I'm not prepared to handle. In working to achieve my goal I'm being trained to be a suitable manager when I finally get it. It all works together! To get results you have to put in the work and the work you put in develops your skills, knowledge, and confidence.

"The person you become while pursuing your goals 
is really worth more than the reward of the goal itself."
- Tee Forever


Although I'm proud of everything I've accomplished so far, it's taken me a while to shake myself out of being entitled and expecting things to come easy. Since I've gone through the process allow me to save you some time! To live out your biggest dreams it's going to require a tremendous amount of work from you. You will try and fail and try again, but you will learn valuable lessons that you would never understand from reading a book. Believe in yourself, trust God and THIS WEEK start crushing your most difficult life goal. Build your business, start writing your book, Work on your album! Whatever it is, start making yourself uncomfortable so that you can reach new heights this year. Start NOW is YOUR time!

Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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