Are You Trying To Prove Yourself?

September 19, 2018

Welcome back! 
Today I want to talk about something that I am currently working through that I didn't realize was an issue for me.

I noticed that after I would interact with a specific group of people I would rehearse the interaction in my mind asking myself things like "was that weird or did they...did you notice how...I wonder why they said..." and the list goes on. Am I the only person that does this!? Lol please say no!

Lol after examining myself and peeling back the layers on why I do this, I uncovered that I feel a need to prove myself to them. Before we go any further let me be clear. I am not insecure, shy or timid. If you spoke to anyone that I interact with on a regular basis they would tell you I am fearless and comfortable in my own skin. I love being transparent, sharing my weaknesses, and talking about things I've experienced in an effort to help you jump over some of the mistakes I've made in my goal-crushing adventure.

So, when I understood that I had a desire to prove myself I started to dig a little deeper to honestly figure out why. Sometimes as goal-getters we're so busy making an impact, building our lives, and creating new opportunities that we don't always catch the small seeds of fear, discouragement, or pride taking root in our hearts. For me, it's important to deal with these things before they turn into fully grown tree's as they affect your character and overall quality of life whether you're aware of it or not.

Two years from now I don't want to be the girl striving for "success" to prove to others that I am worthy, capable, or they missed out on something good. I am already all of these things whether anyone else believes, agrees or approves and in all honesty, most times people won't see your value because they struggle to see their own. Even if you appeared in the form of a clear glass filled with gold they would find a way to dismiss your value and belittle your treasure so stop wasting your time. Be yourself, crush your goals one step at a time, and live the life of your dreams, not theirs.

So, now let me ask you. Do you struggle with trying to prove your value to others? Do you sometimes feel underestimated or overlooked? Well, now you know you're definitely not alone. Your reason might be different from mine, but the behavior looks the same. Let's make a pack to nip this in the butt and not give in to people's expectation of us, not allow fear to control our lives, and not conform to external pressure. Deal?

Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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