I Have A Gift For You

September 26, 2018

Welcome back to the Tee Forever blog for goal-getters!

Today I want to do something different.  Instead of giving you more practical lifestyle and goal-getting advice I want to slow down and allow you to process and recap something that we discussed this month that has changed your life. That's right! I want to hear from you!

I want to know what your biggest takeaways have been so far this month, I want to know what you've started implementing, and how reading this blog has made a difference in your life.

I know, your thoughts are racing, your palms are sweating and you're wondering, why on earth does she want to hear from me? I don't know where to start in giving her a recap. Well, slow down, inhale a nice deep breathe and exhale! Lol just breathe!

Here's the truth, although I know that what we talk about here is very practical and has the power to literally transform your life, business, and goals, still, sometimes I wonder if I could be doing more. Do you know what I mean? I wonder about your progress and how I can support you more along your goal crushing journey, I wonder about what you're struggling with so that I can serve you better, I just wonder about you! So, hearing from you will not only make my day, but it will also confirm that my goal of serving and helping you make a difference in your life is working!

So because I know this is a challenge for some, here's what I have for you...

For the first 5 people to give me a recap in the comments below within the next 24 hours you will receive a complimentary goal-getter breakthrough strategy session with yours truly :).

In this session we will:

1. Identify your major life goals and current roadblocks that hinder your progress.

2. Dig into the exact strategy our clients use to attain success with their goals and build momentum.

3. Create a clear step-by-step blueprint for your success.

For those of you who are new to my blog, I run a coaching business for people who want to take their goals to the next level and really maximize their results. I've been able to serve over 5,000 people through my blog and business and now I want to personally serve you!

I will tell you right now, my biggest takeaways for this month can all be found in the blog A Man With Money Is No Match Against A Man On A Mission

The first lesson I got from reading and writing this blog lol is that everything you need to change the world is already hidden inside of you. Money, influence, power, and everything else comes as a result of how much you develop yourself and how much you care about people. In order to create change externally, we start the process internally. If we want to impact people (external result), we have to care for them (internal process).

Another lesson I got from this gold mine post is "A man with money is no match against a man on a mission" Doyle Brunson. We were made to burn with passion, believe wholeheartedly in what we do and provide value to our community. Life is not supposed to force us into jobs that we don't like. If we really want to experience freedom, happiness, and an authentic life we must choose our mission over money every day.

So there you have it, my key takeaways for the month of September, I can't wait to hear yours! Oh, and by the way if you want to take your goal crushing up a notch sign up to learn more about our 6 Weeks 1 Goal program starting on Oct.15th. I promise you'll be happy you did! Don't forget to comment below to win 1 of 5 complimentary goal-getter breakthrough sessions with me. Until next time, xoxo!

Theresa Forever

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