The Number One Question People Ask Me

November 26, 2018

"A wise man's questions contain half the answer."
- Solomon Ibn Gabriol

As a coach that helps people to achieve their most challenging life goals, you can probably imagine that I get asked a ton of questions on a regular basis. Can you guess what the most common question is? It may be how do I become more self-disciplined? Or how can I minimize distractions to crush my goals faster? Well, if you agreed with either one of these you're close! I get these questions quite often, but it's not the number question. The leading question people ask me whether they are a client or not is "how do I achieve my goals?"

Everyone has goals in life no matter how big or small they are. Some people want to start their own business, complete an overdue passion project or become an author or an artist. No matter the size of the goal we all need a blueprint (which is what I like to call a roadmap or strategic plan). As an early Christmas present, today I'm sharing my goal crushing secrets with you! Yes, that's right! I'm giving you the inside scoop on how to create your own unique strategy to achieve your personal goals within a reasonable amount of time.

Now, let's be honest. We know (based on research) that only 8/100 people actually reach their goals. As much as I hope you are one of them, I know the majority simply will not change. Living your dreams demands more than the practical knowledge of HOW to get it done. You have to let go of what's not working, what's holding you back, and what's limiting your progress to embrace change, sacrifice and a new you.

1. Personal Development (Character)

If you want to experience a new reality, you have to be open to becoming a new, upgraded version of yourself. This isn't simply being the best you that you can be, it's a complete transformation of your perspective, attitude, beliefs, and character. You CAN go as far as you want in life, but you WILL only go as far as you take yourself. Woooouuuuu! That was good. I hope you didn't miss it! I'll say it again.

The possibilities are endless for you! You can create anything you want with your life. This is true, however, it is also true that YOU WILL only produce (you will only create) what your character can handle. If your goal is to become your own boss one day it is totally possible, thousands of people are doing it and will continue to go for it, but the only way YOU WILL GET THERE is if you develop yourself enough to be able to succeed at that level.

It takes more than maturity, knowledge, and skills. You need strong character. Character is like the muscle power behind every lasting success story that you see around the world. It is the foundation of who you are and the reason why you do what you do. It's stronger than motivation and yields better results than networking. This is the first area you should focus on and pro tip: the work in this area never ends.

2. S.M.A.R.T Goal Planning

Your goal has to be:

Without a clear target, you're aiming at the wind. You will get minimal results at best and you will grow tired and eventually give up. Do not, I repeat never attempt to achieve a goal without prior strategic planning and a clear measurable outcome. You can read more about this here.

After you establish clear objectives identify the key action steps that will lead you to your ultimate outcome. List them in order of importance then start backing your plan with action. Start working on the first major key step and once that's accomplished celebrate! Congratulate yourself, get some rest if you need it then work your way through the second major key step and so on.

3. Patience (Consistency)

Now listen, seeing results WILL TAKE TIME, you will not take bounds and leaps of progress every day, but consistency will lead you to the richest results. You will reap what you sow, results are produced with time. No one plants an apple seed and expects a full grown tree the next day, right? That's just not how life works. Well, it's the same when it comes to your goals.

You can't start working hard today and expect 10 lbs to be gone by tomorrow or you can't complete one chapter of your book today and expect it to be published by next week. It takes time so take the pressure off yourself. Don't compare your process to anyone else, don't minimize your effort, and don't give up.

"If you get tired learn to rest, not quit."
- Bansky

Here's a summary of what you need:

1. Personal development.
2. Use S.M.A.R.T goal planning.
3. Patience & consistency.

I know from experience this won't be easy and on some days you will want to give up! But here's another pro tip, turn your daily major action steps into a routine. This makes it easier to get up and do the things you don't want to do. It also helps you keep your long-term vision at the forefront of your mind and clarify your big-picture goals. You will minimize and overcome daily obstacles and distractions while maintaining your excitement for the future.

Remember, my team and I are one click away. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary goal crushing strategy session. We will help you design a realistic goal strategy that you can actually implement. Until next time, talk to you soon xo!

Theresa Forever

Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

3 Secrets to Take Responsibility for Your Life

November 21, 2018

I've been there, I've been there, I'VE BEEN THERE! 

Just like you I've spent time blaming others, waiting for help, and feeling entitled. I thought that my life was what it was because I didn't have anyone to teach me how to attain the level of success that I wanted. Can I get a witness? Just say "I" if you've walked in these shoes!

I believed that my environment made me who I was and there wasn't much I could do to change. The mindset, behavior, and lifestyle of the people around me seemed so ingrained that I told myself I couldn't change even if I wanted to. Lol, man I was SO WRONG (and thank God for that!)!

When I began studying the bible I realized that I control my thoughts, actions, and destiny. I determine who I am and who I become. Not my past, not my environment, not my habits, I decide. *Whew!* just like that, the weight was lifted. The limitations were completely gone! I began to see myself in a new light, full of possibilities and capable of achieving anything. Don't get me wrong, it took some time, but after I realized that I was in control of my life and it was my responsibility to maximize my potential I got to work.

I quickly denounced limiting beliefs, destroyed self-sabotaging habits and behaviors, and started my journey to personal freedom. I felt a real boost in my confidence and I had a sense of unlimited power. To be honest, up until this point I wasn't even aware of the comfort zone I had built over the years. I was so comfortable with my excuses. I told myself that because I grew up in a single parent home with no one around to teach me about wealth I didn't have a fair chance to succeed like other people did. It also didn't help that I wasn't the brightest kid in school (because I didn't put in the effort), and I definitely didn't have any special privileges or access to incredible resources. Yet, over the years I realized that the "odds" that I thought were stacked against me were actually benefits stacked in my favor.

My life experience was meant to build my character, make me smarter and turn me into an unstoppable success building machine. Nonetheless, if I wanted to benefit from my experience, I had to stop doing 3 things and decide to turn my limits into strengths and my excuses into my reason for doing something. Below I share my secrets for breaking free knowing that if I was able to change and create this beautiful life that I enjoy, you can do the same. First, you must...

1. Stop Complaining

In my mind, I complained about everything I was dissatisfied with my finances, my job, my friends, and ultimately my life. I couldn't understand why my life was the way it was and all I wanted to do was complain and blame others for not teaching me how to achieve the things I wanted. Low and behold I WAS THE PROBLEM. Until I changed my mindset nothing in my life could have changed.

You have to get to the point where you stop complaining and start looking for ways to improve your life. Instead of looking for someone to point the finger at and blame for your failures use your energy to take responsibility for where you are right now and start finding solutions. Look for someone who is excelling in the things that you're failing in. You could know them personally or they could be a public figure. Read their books, find out how they succeeded. Look for principles that you can apply to your life starting today and put in the effort to create better results for yourself.

2. Stop Accepting Defeat

I know challenging yourself isn't easy, but in life, you only have 2 very real choices. One is to accept the pain of self-discipline and do what you have to do to get to where you want to be or two, suffer the pain of regret. If you make a habit of accepting personal defeat, excuses, and limitations then that is all you will get. On the other hand, if you choose to persevere, find solutions to your problems, create a roadmap for your success and then execute it without any excuses or justification for failure YOU WILL SUCCEED! Will it take tremendous effort? Of course, you know it will! Will you enjoy the process? *Shrugs* Maybe not. Will you become a different person in the process? Yes! and you'll be proud of yourself.

"Everything worth doing takes time."
- Bob Dylan

3. Stop Comparing Your Process To "Their" End Result

Something I tell all of my clients is when you are striving to achieve a goal, the only time you can gently compare yourself to others is when you are considering what's possible for yourself. Sometimes what you want to achieve hasn't been done before so you have to go ahead and blaze the trail by being the example of what's possible for others, but in most cases, what you want to achieve has been done and there are plenty of examples so why not use them?

"What is now proved was once impossible."
- William Blake

When someone achieves the level of success that you desire instead of being jealous of what they've done glean confidence from their achievement knowing that if they've done it, you can do it too. One special principle that I've learned is if something has been done before it can be repeated. This means, if someone has climbed the toughest, most challenging mountain in the world and you have a desire to do the same, you now have an example of how to do it and what to do to get it done. The path has been paved for you so you don't have to rock your brain trying to figure it all out. All you need is to identify the principles that were used, practice and apply them to your situation and in time you will be able to get the same results. Comparison is not supposed to cripple you. Simply use it as a learning tool and enjoy your personal process!

Now, there you have it!  I've shared 3 practical proven ways to turn your limits into strengths and remove crutches that are holding you back. Comment below and let me know which one of these 3 you will start working on today. Trust me, if I could overcome my obstacles and become the woman you see today, you really have no excuse :). Until next time, xoxo!

Theresa Forever

Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

It's Your Choice: Be Average or Be Extraordinary

November 19, 2018

92% of people do not achieve their goals. That's the majority of people in your city! This includes your family members and some of your closest friends. Here's a question for you, do you want to be like them? Compromising your dream for a paycheque, letting go of what's important to you because you feel stuck, and giving up hope of ever creating the kind of impact you always wanted? Do you want to be like everyone else? If you said "no" what are you going to do about it?

Did you know that if you start to build unshakable confidence in yourself YOU can help the world find a cure for cancer? Yes, YOU. If you start to take an interest in affairs around the world and actually really begin caring about others you could become apart of the solution to end human trafficking? You can build an orphanage and take homeless kids off the street. You can help to provide clean drinking water in areas like Cambodia, Haiti, and Africa. Yes! You, reading this blog post. YOU can create a whole new world for future generations if you start believing in yourself and working towards your goals now! There is no limit to the number of solutions you can create during your ONE well-lived lifespan.

"It really doesn't take an army to heal the world. 
It only takes one person who care enough to do something about injustice."
- Tee Forever

Don't think of your dreams and goals as just a simple wish you've always had and would like to come true. No, if you only see it that way, chances are you most likely won't achieve them. Your goals require your commitment. It's till death do you part. There is no getting out of it. It's like Curtis Jackson (50 Cent, an entertainer) said: (you will either) "get rich or die tryin". It's all or nothing. You're either going to achieve your goal or die trying, but you can't be half committed.

When you start pursuing your dreams you'll see that it's worth your dedication because it's connected to another vision that is much bigger than you imagined. I'll give you an example of what I mean. When I started my business I knew that I wanted to help people transform their lives by pushing them to stop dreaming and start doing and equipping them to live their life with meaning. I didn't know that my desire to help people would turn into a mission to create ophranages worldwide for kids without parents. I had absolutely no idea that my small desire to create change in my community of goal-getters would lead to an initiative to help save kids around the world!

Your dream might just be to run a daycare from home so that you can take care of your kids, but after you get started it might expand into wanting to support sick kids hospital because a lot of your daycare students are disabled and now you have more compassion for sick kids. This compassion can turn into you going back to school, becoming a doctor and then moving to a third world country to open your own hospital for sick kids. My point is, you don't know where your goal is going to take you and that's why it's important for you to get started TODAY. Your dreams are connected to a much bigger vision than you think.

You don't know what will happen after you step out in faith and start pursuing your goals. So, let go of fear, give up your excuses, and jump on this rollercoaster of uncertainty to fulfill your purpose! Pursuing your goals will cost you something, but it is worth every penny and the world will thank you later. Until next time, xoxo.

Theresa Forever

Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

This Is Why You Aren't Living Your Dreams Yet

November 14, 2018

"Goals may give focus, but dreams give power."- John C Maxwell

Let's be honest, it's the end of the year. You started out with big dreams and creative ways to accomplish them, but how many did you actually achieve? If you said almost none, that's okay, because it's perfectly NORMAL!

92% of people did not achieve their goals this year. Can you guess why this happens? Do you think it's due to laziness? Or what about busyness? Maybe they had so much going on that they lacked clear focus and priorities, right?

If you didn't achieve your primary goals this year what is your reason? I'm going to give you time to think about it right now. Stop reading and identify everything that happened this year that led you away from your goals and stopped you from achieving them with the 12 months you had.

Now after you find a clear answer don't start beating yourself up! Take note of every distraction and obstacle that got in your way this year and find solutions to work through them so that you don't make the same mistakes when you go after these goals again!

My friend, this year is almost over, but it's not over yet. There are 6 weeks left and I believe that with the right support and action plan you can start crushing your goals TODAY!

If right now you're asking yourself if this is REALLY possible let me ask you a question. Why not? The only thing standing between you and your goals is you. One of my mentors constantly reminds me that we are all only one decision away from changing our current reality. The key to your progress is in your hands. You, my friend, are the caption of your fate.

I know, achieving your goal is easier said than done. If it were a piece of cake you would have eaten it by now, right? Well, who says you have to go after it on your own? Some of the most successful people in business, entertainment, politics, and so on will tell you that goal achievement takes more than a personal commitment and having a strong level of determination. You need accountability.

It's more than having someone to share your struggles with (although this makes a HUGE difference), it's about receiving unlimited support, guidance, encouragement and practical strategies to help you overcome everything you face while trying to achieve your goals.

Accountability is the secret lifeline we all turn to when we feel  
life is too hard and our goals are not worth pursuing. 
- Tee Forever

The number one reason why people fail to achieve their goals is procrastination. We think we have more time than we actually have so we tell ourselves, "I'll start tomorrow, it's no biggie!" We fill our calendars with mediocre tasks and seemingly urgent request from our friends and family and assume that "one day" we'll get around to focusing on our goals. Sadly, for 92% percent of people, that day never comes. So, how can you make sure that you don't fall into this procrastination trap again?

"Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers 
  that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions." 
- John Di Lemme

Get help. As a high performance and mindset coach for people struggling to achieve their goals, I can honestly say that I've seen and heard almost everything. Your excuses won't scare me and your struggles won't push me away. My team and I are committed to helping you get results.

Now if you're looking for a quick fix or an overnight success formula that requires little to no effort you're in the wrong place because anything worth achieving requires your participation. However, if I know one thing about you, it's that you are passionate about your goals and you're not afraid to get your hands dirty. Oh, yea buddy! I'm talking about hard work!

You don't allow others to tell you what your limits are, you're not afraid to do things that are outside of the box, and you're confident that your dreams are possible. All you need is support. You have a clear big picture goal, but the road to getting there is blurry. You have grand plans for your future, but you don't know where to start. It's okay. We can help.

Book a FREE goal crushing session today. We exist to help people just like you! Big dreamers with no idea where to start. It's your turn to stop dreaming and start doing. *Cheers* to a fresh start and new endings! Xoxo, until next time.

Theresa Forever

Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal