I Give Up, Goal Setting Doesn't Work!

January 9, 2019

Oh my goodness! Do you know how many times I've heard this statement? Only about 100,000,000! Lol, I mean seriously. I find that as action-oriented people (myself included) sometimes we tend to jump from one really good idea to the next.

Now the ability to be flexible and open-minded is great! We respond well to new information, we're open to change, we're quick learners, go-getters, you name it. HOWEVER, the downside of this is that we sometimes shift too quickly from one thing to the next leaving us with nothing to show for all of our efforts. Do you know what I mean? Let me break it down for you really quickly.

When we come up with a really good idea or hear something that can potentially improve our lives we quickly respond and start applying what we've learned but we don't stick to it long enough to see results. We don't endure through what I call the growing process. Everybody knows that when you plant a seed no matter what type of plant you're growing you will not get results overnight. You can toil over that seed day and night, add water and nurture it religiously, but it will not cause the plant to grow faster.

"There is a time for everything."
- Ecclesiastes

Like in the example above we have to give ourselves time to mature into who we want to become and we have to give our goals time to manifest. Having an amazing, practical plan to achieve your goal(s) is only step one. Following through with your plan is step two and requires self-discipline and focus. So this is great! You have an effective plan, you've started the process and you're feeling good about it, but step 3 is PATIENCE. Give your plan enough time to produce your desired outcome. Give yourself enough time to go through the growing process, make mistakes, and learn from your experiences.

"Setting goals & goal planning
will never bring you 
overnight success."
- Tee Forever

So this year, let's do things a little differently. Instead of setting goals, seeking quick results, and then giving up on goal planning altogether, let's continue to set goals. Goal setting helps you to clearly define exactly what you want. It gives you vision and long-term focus. It's the passion that drives what you do with your time, money and resources. It ultimately decides who you become. Having a clear goal helps you to achieve clear, precise results. 

Once you've clarified your goal imagine that you've attained it. Think about all of the steps you had to take to get that big result. Did you have to get more training? Change your diet? Find a coach or mentor? What steps did you take to achieve your big goal? Write it all down and get someone with experience in that area or who is an avid goal crusher and ask them to review it. 

Here's a tip: There are many ways to achieve a goal. As long as you have the basic principles (which we'll talk about later this year) included in your blueprint you will start getting results.

After you've written your big picture goal which sets your long-term focus, and you've created a step-by-step guide to get there which sets your short-term priorities you have to work your plan and stick with it until you see results. If you've been rocking with me for any amount of time you know that i talk a lot about enjoying your process to success. The process is apart of the experience, it's what makes the goal worth pursuing, it's like the cream in ice cream or the milk in butter. If you don't take your time and walk through the process, you won't get to taste the result.

The truth is the journey to attaining your goals will add to your personal development in so many incredible ways. Your mindset and beliefs will become stronger. You'll sharpen your decision-making skills and improve your thought patterns. You'll also begin to see opportunity where others see obstacles, develop self-awareness and build stronger self-confidence. Your character will begin to take shape as well as you finally become the type of person you always knew you could be! Oh goodness I could go on about this for days lol! Just trust me, everything in your life improves when you set out to crush a major life goal!

Don't let this year be like 2018. Choose to grow, choose to be different, and choose to actively pursue your goals until you see results. Until next time, xoxo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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