Why On Earth Are You Here?

January 14, 2019

A lot of people talk about knowing your purpose and creating a life that brings you the utmost fulfillment, but how exactly are you suppose to find out what your purpose is? I mean, are there clear-cut practical steps you can take to find out exactly why you were created? Yes! And I'll walk you through each of them in this post!

I'm not going to lie to you, knowing your purpose is connected to being self and spiritually aware. Although some believe in the big bang theory I come from the belief that there is a definite Creator. He's not only creative and original, but everything He makes is the way it is for a reason. Here's an example, spiders may not be the cutest insects and I'm sure you don't like seeing them around your house, BUT they get rid of all the annoying creepy crawlers that you find snooping around your bedroom like flies, mosquitos, and clothes moth. Can somebody say "thank God for spiders!"? Lol

In the same way that you can see the purpose of spiders in how they were made, you can also find your purpose by uncovering the real, authentic, you! Think about some of your natural strengths, how you function best, when you feel the most creative, inspired, and passionate. These are all indications of what you were created to do! You were made with distinct features, characteristics, talents, skills, and traits. To find your purpose you have to answer questions such as:

Step 1: Self-Awareness

1. What do I enjoy doing so much that I lose track of time doing it?

Example: I enjoy reading, writing, talking/communicating, building relationships, spending time with my kids, etc. Write down everything related to the question that comes to mind no matter how simple you think it is.

2. What skills come naturally to me?

Example: Listening, teaching, writing, singing, public speaking, and so on. Write down everything related to the question that comes to mind no matter how simple you think it is.

3. What are some of my strongest interest or what do I enjoy learning about?

Example: Some of my interest include business, marketing, psychology, personal development, and so on. Write down everything related to the question that comes to mind no matter how simple you think it is.

4. What could I easily do for free that offers people a lot of value, life improvement,  and so on?

Answering questions like these will reveal your passion, natural skills and abilities, and areas of interest so that you can more easily create a purposeful life filled with spontaneous adventures and meaningful learning experiences.

Now please, dont do this once and then send me an email saying "Tee, I love you, but it didn't work! I still don't know what my purpose is" Lol. No! That's not how this works. This is the type of exercise you have to do continually to dig through all your junk! I mean, think about it. You spent years doing the wrong things and following the wrong path so how could doing an exercise like this change your life overnight? It won't! Lol, there are no magic tricks or shortcuts to this thing. You have to do the work if you want the results.

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Looking at your strengths and natural abilities is an easy way to boil down what your purpose could be. Your gifts and talents are not just for your enjoyment. They were given to you so that you can share it in a unique way with the world. Your job is to find this "sweet spot!" and to develop it. What do I mean by sweet spot? Well, I'm glad you asked!

"Your sweet spot is GOLD!"
- Tee Forever

When you find it it's like hitting the lottery! I mean for real! This is the place where your strengths and your passions align and you're able to profit from what comes naturally to you. You will add value to the world in a way that is unique to your design. Yes, you will still have to develop yourself, go through training, and so on, but you'll feel a lot more authentic and connected to what you're doing. A fulfilled and satisfied life is only the tip of the iceberg. You'll also get to experience the real contentment that comes from knowing that you're living the life that YOU were CREATED to LIVE. Trust me, you'll be walking on clouds!

Step 2: Connect The Dots

Okay, so we talked about answering the questions that will help you to easily find your purpose. Now circle all of the common or reoccurring skills, talents, and passions, that you have. This allows you to narrow down your list to a small group of options. 

After you've circled everything spend some time translating your skills and abilities into ways that they can be expressed or marketed in the business world. Remember knowing your purpose determines your vocation and potential business opportunities. With your natural skills, there are real problems and difficult situations that you can solve. 

List about 3-5 industries, careers, or business ideas that your skills could easily serve/add value to.


The skill of writing can be translated into
- Journalism
- Scriptwriting/Screenwriting
- Editing/Columnist
- Blogging
- And so on.

The skill of talking/communication can be translated into:
- Public speaking
- Sales
- Educator/Teacher
- And so on.

Step 3: 

Once this is done, identify the industries, careers, and/or business opportunities that resonate with you the most. For example, my small list of options would include:

- Editing
- Blogging
- Public speaking
- Coaching
- And so on

Narrow your list down to about 10 options that really get you excited or you feel align more with your interest and skills.

Step 4: Dig Into Your Passion

Now that you've selected the top 10 possibilities sit on these ideas and dig into them for a while. Think of it like a well-cooked stew or chili. You want all of the flavors to marinate together to create the most delicious meal you've had to date so instead of rushing through the process and throwing everything into the pot at once, take your time allow your meat to soak in the flavors overnight, dice your veggies, and enjoy this self-discovery process.

You are a work of art that is complex, full of potential and capable of changing the world (literally). Don't limit your greatness, don't give up on yourself, and most importantly don't allow others to determine who you are or who you can become. 2019 is your year. Until next time, xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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