Principles For Success: Take Action

February 27, 2019

This is where your breakthrough lives! Taking action is the spice that brings the flavor out of everything that we discussed this month. Success in your personal life and business only becomes predictable when you TAKE ACTION and apply the principles that we talked about.
You will only be able to convert your time into something of value (whether it's tangible or intangible) when you TAKE ACTION and start managing your time more responsibly, and you will only be able to automate your success when you TAKE ACTION and create a realistic routine that leads to you achieving your ultimate life goals. Trust me, I definitely saved the best principle for last!

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How many of you are big action takers? just say "I". Do you enjoy taking risks? Are you quick to apply new information or good idea's that cross your mind? Do you embrace change and look for opportunities to grow? Or on the other hand, are you resistant to adopting anything that disrupts your routine? Have you stopped challenging yourself and dreaming of a better future? It's okay to be honest and admit that this is where you are. Acknowledging your current reality only creates an opportunity for you to create a better future if you want to.

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Now, I'm sure you know that achieving your goals is not something that will happen while you sit around watching TV or listening to your favorite album. You need to not only study and master your craft, but you also need to master yourself.

Will this be easy? That depends on you. The more resistant you are to change, the longer your journey will be, and the harder self-discipline will feel. However, if you're tired of feeling stuck, confused, or alone in your goal achievement journey then this principle is for you.

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Taking action is about more than just being optimistic or enthusiastic. It's about turning all of your knowledge into an action plan and making it work for you. Every self-help book you've ever read, every business podcast you've ever listened to, and every personal development blog you've ever dived into is full of small nuggets of practical wisdom. If you actually applied everything that you've ever heard about achieving your goals and goal planning there is no doubt in my mind that you would be a major success by now!

Just think about this. You are literally a gold mine waiting to be tapped into. I read a quote years ago that never left my memory. I don't remember who said it, but I'll paraphrase it for you. It goes something like this,

"Your dream is a promise of what is to come".
- Unknown

Your potential is waiting for you to give it an opportunity to shine. You need to understand that you are an answer to somebodies prayers. Your dreams and goals will bless the socks off everyone who gets to experience it. Do you really believe that completing and publishing your first book will only benefit you and make you feel more accomplished? Do you think that losing 10 lbs will only strengthen your confidence and make you feel more secure? Do you think that launching your online business will only bring you personal satisfaction and time freedom? If you said "yes" you're right. Accomplishing these things will inspire you to do more and challenge you to grow as a person, however, you will not be the only person who benefits from your progress and goal achievement.

When you attain your goals you not only inspire others to do the same, but you subconsciously give them permission to go for their dreams, to live without regret and to make the most of their lives. Your actions create a domino effect that ignites hope in their hearts and compels them to try again even if they've failed 20 times.

I can't tell you how many people reach out to me on social media and through email personally thanking me for my weekly blog post as well as my online coaching program 6 Weeks 1 Goal that focuses on serving ambitious women with big dreams. They say things like "I'm inspired by what you do, I love your positive energy you help me come to life, You're energy is so contagious, and so on." You may read these and think they are simply generic comments, but when I read them I hear something totally different. They are telling me "you gave me hope, you helped me to dream again, when I see you take action and live a purposeful life I'm not only inspired to do the same, but I feel empowered to make a difference in my community." These people are ultimately saying, thank you for showing me that achieving my goals is possible and for giving me a better understanding of HOW to do it.

You don't need to become a master at self-discipline to exercise the principle of taking action. You don't need to have a perfect plan and you don't need to execute the plan perfectly. All you need to apply this principle is a vision for where you want to go and a clear first step.

Taking action is the first key you use when conquering your goals. It sets you apart from the people who think, talk, and plan their goals and put you in the category of people who achieve, embody, and become their goals.

Don't allow your circumstances, lack of resources, lack of support, or anything else to stop you. Where things seem to be impossible get creative and find a solution. Where you meet resistance try another door. When you feel lost and in need of guidance reach out to a mentor or a coach. In your goal achievement journey you are never alone!

If you need help applying this principle reach out to us! Send an email to and we will help you come up with a personalized plan to achieve the success that you want. Until next time, xo!

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