March Mindset Makeover: Instant Gratification

March 25, 2019

Now how many of us have told ourselves "I will eat better tomorrow, today is my last day skipping the gym, I will start working on my blog (book, album, or whatever your major project is) next week, I will launch my business next month, I will increase my income by this time next year..." and the list goes on, but do you ACTUALLY follow through?

I know you have good intentions, but good intentions will not get you the outcome you want. You sit down and create thoughtful plans to crush your goals, but you lack the discipline and perseverance required to get the results. Don't you think something has to change? How will you stop this cycle of procrastination in your life?

"Stop dreaming, Start doing"
- Tee Forever

You have to literally DO something different. For years you've trained yourself to take short cuts like not applying your best effort at work while still maintaining your full hourly wage or salary. You've also taught yourself to prefer short term (instant) gratification when you choose to cheat on your meal plan or delay paying off your credit card debt. By the choices you make in your everyday life you either develop your ability to take action and get things done when they need to be done or you continue to feed the monster of procrastination.

"We must all suffer from one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
- Jim Rohn

Which one do you want to experience? The pain of living with the consequences of procrastination or the satisfaction and confidence that come with crushing your goal(s)? Do you want to suffer the weight of regret for not prioritizing your goals, investing in yourself, and working on your goals when it was time to put in the work? Do you really want to be forced to go to a job that you don't enjoy every day? Spend less time with the people you care about? And have less energy to pursue your goals because you've wasted it laboring and building someone else's dream?

If you're reading this blog I am 100% sure that this is not who you are or where you want to end up in life. You are full of passion for your purpose, you want to experience every goal that you've ever written on paper and you have big dreams for your life. You don't want to suffer the pain of regret, you'd rather discipline yourself now while there is still time. So, just do it!

Take action! This is worth repeating, good intentions will not get you the outcome you want. In order to destroy procrastination in all of its forms, you have to do the opposite of what procrastination tells you to do, which is TAKE ACTION. Instead of delaying your goals prioritize your life around one major life goal that would make everything else in your life better. For example, for an entrepreneur, your one major goal right now might be creating a steady funnel so that you have a consistent income and therefore can leave the 9-5 office job that consumes all of your time. For a busy mom trying to lose weight, your major goal might be eating healthier and working out on a consistent basis so that you can enjoy play time at the park with your kids and teach them how to live healthy lives.

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better."
- Jim Rohn

The truth is, for every goal we have we know of many ways to achieve it. There is SO much information out in the world and I'm sure if you applied half of what you knew you would be closer to your goal by now, right? The thing is, although you have the knowledge of what to do, taking action isn't easy.

To crush your major life goals you're going to need solid accountability and a clear, easy to understand step-by-step system (that works!). Trust me, I get it! I was once in your shoes and I talk to people like you almost every day who are frustrated and struggling to achieve their goals. Life does not have to be like that! You don't have to be confused about whether or not you have what it takes to crush your goal, whether you will ever attain it, and how to make it happen. That's what I'm here for!

I get it! Life is challenging and it doesn't always work out the way that you plan. But your circumstances can NEVER decide how you spend your time, money, and resources. You do that all by yourself. You make the choice of whether or not to eat that donut when you know you want to lose 10 lbs before the summer. You're the one who chose to run up your credit cards and delay making payments so now your interest is way out of the roof, you're the one who did not complete your book on time for your April 1st launch and now you have to set another deadline. It was all you, not your life situation or your lack of finances/resources.

You can't always control what happens to you in life, but you can control how you respond to what happens. You can complain, make excuses and procrastinate because your life sucks or you can invest in yourself, put your goals first, and create a way out of your mess because your life sucks! Do you see the difference?

Today, choose whether you will suffer the pain of regret or the pain of discipline. Know that if you don't choose you have ultimately made a choice to suffer the pain of regret. You are in the driver's seat. If you know something is broken, fix it. If you know you need help, ask for it. If you know you have a tenancy to procrastinate change it, but don't keep doing the same thing expecting your life to improve. I challenge you to maximize your life and stop dreaming, start doing! Until next time,

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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March Mindset Makeover: Limited Thinking

March 20, 2019

"Haha, good luck with that one! That's impossible! No one can achieve that! Who do you think you are, Beyonce?" Has anyone ever said any of these things to you? Have you ever said or thought this about anyone (or yourself)? Well, my friend, you are not alone! According to the Huffington Post, 4 out of 5 women have low self-esteem and I believe this is connected to having a limited perspective.

You don't believe that you have what it takes to crush your goals, you don't believe that your dreams will be supported, and you don't take yourself seriously because you fail to keep the promises that you make to yourself. Does this sound like you? In a world full of opportunities waiting for you to crush your biggest life goals and challenges all you see are obstacles, high risks, and painful hard work that may not pay off in the end.

If you could see the full scope of who you are (flaws in all) without comparing your beauty, achievements, failures, personality, and so on to others, you would accept and love yourself while at the same time invest in self-improvement (which would make you a woman on a mission!).  However, most people (especially women) spend their time trying to keep up with what's trending rather than creating a life they enjoy.

This mindset shows up in the way you spend your time, money, and resources. If you notice that you doubt our own incredibly creative ideas and choose to conform to the ideas and behaviors of the people around you, you definitely struggle with limited thinking. If most of the time you are afraid to speak your truth, pursue your goals, and invest everything into maximizing your life. You have a  limited mindset!

As much as you want to believe that there is abundance in the world and you can achieve anything you want and your life or business can improve by this time next year if you've thought this way for years and still aren't seeing the results then there is something in you that is keeping you from achieving the level of success that you want.

How Did This Happen?

Why is this your perspective? How did you become this person? I'll tell you how. When you are raised in an environment of lack, limitations, and restrictions whether it's mental, physical, or emotional you learn that being limited is a way of life. It's an experience you become familiar with and as you get older it begins to feel comfortable. At some point in your life, you told yourself what you have is as good as it gets and now you're not willing to change or work to create a better future. The risks outweigh the benefits. The results aren't guaranteed so why bother putting in all this work, right? WRONG!

To break out of limited thinking you have to DO the opposite of what you think and feel. You have to literally create a new reality for yourself. Are limitations real? Yes! Are they able to hinder your success in life? NO! Not even close. Nothing outside of you controls where you end up in life. You are the only person who can decide today that tomorrow you will have a better experience than you had today. You are the only person who can turn your limitations into your why, the reason behind what you do. You are the only person who can turn your lack into abundance. No one and I repeat no one can (or will) do the work for you. If you want to grow out of this, keep reading!

How Do I Solve This?

Ask yourself the right questions. To grow out of this mindset you're going to have to teach yourself a new way of seeing the world. This won't happen by repeating positive affirmations or with empty positive thinking techniques. You have to replace your limited beliefs with the truth. You can do this by turning your limited perspective into a question that helps you to solve the problem. Here's an example

Limited thought: I don't have enough money to invest in my goals right now.

Truth question/perspective: What can I do right now to acquire enough money so that I'm can pursue my goals?

When you do this you're not only creating real, clear, and practical solutions for yourself, you're also teaching yourself a new way of thinking and behaving which will create new opportunities for you which will completely change your reality.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Do you want to grow past your obstacles and start creating extraordinary satisfaction in your life? Do you REALLY believe that 2019 is your year to finally experience your goals? If so, you have to do the work. You have to push past your feelings, excuses, and limitations. You have to take action.

There is no substitute for doing what needs to get done. You will not solve your problems with wishful thinking, daydreaming, and vision boards. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. Reading my blogs will not change your life unless you apply the golden nuggets that I share with you. Gathering useful information doesn't benefit you until you use it.

This month is dedicated to helping you makeover your mind, but it will only work if you do. There is no magic pill, no short cuts, and no way around this. If you want your life to change you have to start doing something different. Gathering the information is easy, applying it is where your character is developed. Doing the exercises is what will help you to see progress faster, but without application, you coming to read the blog twice a week is a waste of time!

I know that you have big goals. I know that you want success. I know that you're capable of achieving it but first, you have to start where you are with what you have. Don't allow limited thinking to stop you from taking the first step. I believe in you. Until next time, xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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March Mindset Makeover: I Am Not Enough

March 18, 2019

If you have ever thought this about yourself, stop everything you're doing right now and read every word of this post as if your life depended on it. Today, I'm going to help you self assess how deep this belief is ingrained in you and give you practical tools to overcome.

Now first things first. How do you know if you have this mindset? Well, that's easy. If you've ever thought to yourself "I am not enough" then this mindset is in your subconscious. If you have ever thought "I can't do that because I haven't achieved this (specific goal) or I need that (specific person) to help me or approve of what I'm doing" then that also confirm that this mindset is in you because "I am not enough" is at the root of these thoughts and beliefs.

To overcome this stronghold you first need to identify where is started. Did somebody tell you you are not enough? When you were in high school and you auditioned to join the basketball team and didn't make it, did you interpret that event as "I am not enough"? Were you constantly compared to your siblings growing up which led you to believe "I am not enough"? Were you bullied as a child? Did you experience abuse of any kind? Think about your childhood and events that trigger feelings of not being enough. When do you feel this way the most? What triggers this feeling for you?

After you get clear on the root and triggers begin to analyze what the truth of the situation was/is. For example, if you started to tell yourself "I am not good enough" after failing an audition in high school, after careful examination you will see that failing an audition doesn't automatically mean that you are a failure and you're not good enough. It could simply mean that you just weren't ready for all of the demands that come with being on a sports team. Maybe the coach saw that your skills were amazing but also recognized that you would benefit more from playing another sport, or maybe if you were constantly compared to your siblings your parents were just trying to challenge you to push yourself to do and be more because they could see your potential!

You have to see your roots and triggers with new eyes and accept the truth. Not what you think, believe, or feel happened to you, but the truth. This is the only way to have complete freedom and healing which leads to powerful transformation.

Before I started investing in myself and becoming aware of beliefs that were hindering me from achieving my personal and business goals I fed this belief of not being enough for years! Whenever something would happen to confirm this belief I would tell myself that it's a sign that maybe I should stop pursuing my goal or maybe I should try something else and let other people enjoy what I dreamed of having for myself.

This belief of not being good enough led me to doubt my own genius and rely on others for approval and direction. It led me to procrastinate and waste precious time that I will never get back. It led me to live my life in fear! Looking back I see how crippled I was, but when I was living with this mindset and the truth is, I really had no idea how blind I was and how much this belief was effecting me.

If this is where you right now listen to me. You are worthy of every goal that you set out to achieve. You are capable of doing hard things and maximizing your life. You have an important mission in life and you are necessary! No matter what you've been told, no matter how you feel, no matter what your current situation is. YOU MATTER! You are important! You have a purpose! YOU ARE ENOUGH!

"I am the greatest.
I said that even before I knew I was."
- Muhammad Ali

Now you might feel motivated and inspired now because I've just told you the truth about who you are, but you can't rely on this feeling of being inspired. You have to do the work, dig deeper and clean up this junk from your mind. You have to work through your triggers and roots and replace them with the truth so that this old way of thinking and responding to people and events will die. Does that make sense?

You have to do the work of changing your mindset so that you can live with self-confidence, total mental freedom, and complete healing. This will lead to you being yourself, thinking for yourself, and approving yourself! 

You are braver than you believe,
smarter than you seem,
& stronger than you think.
- Winne The Pooh

Stop allowing yourself to be held back. Do something different and challenge this negative belief. Do the work, my friend. It will be hard, but you're worth it! Until next time, xo!
Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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March Mindset Makeover: Entitlement

March 13, 2019

I have a question for you, but I don't want you to answer it out loud! Are you ready? Okay, here we go! How many times today did you find yourself thinking "I want it (my goal) now, I shouldn't have to work so hard for it (my goal), I deserve it (my goal), and I've earned it (even without exerting your best effort)"? It's okay, you can be honest! This is a judgment-free zone. The truth is, no one can read your thoughts, but we can easily interpret your actions which reveal your thoughts.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,
your values become your destiny."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Your mindset includes conscious and subconscious beliefs that are reflected in how you conduct yourself, treat others, and navigate through everyday life. Although your mindset is hidden and most people are not able to read your thoughts there is still a way to recognize harmful thought patterns and address them.

Your Behavior

This is how your mindset shows up in your life. If you continually "program yourself" to think thoughts that are conducive to what you want to achieve, the kind of person you want to become, and the value you want to leave in people's lives then you are better equipped to get the exact results that you want. However, the opposite is true as well. When you fill your mind with distractions, insecurity, gossip, anger, bitterness, jealousy, and self-doubt your chances of success are massively reduced. You end up trying to pursue your goals like everyone else, but you never get the results because your core, internal beliefs are in direct conflict with your actions. You don't believe in yourself, you're not in full alignment with your vision, you haven't demonstrated personal integrity. In simple terms, you are holding yourself back when you don't clean up your mind before pursuing a goal.

What does it look like?

An entitled mindset manifests in many different ways. You could feel angry at someone for achieving a goal that you have dreamt about achieving for years like weight loss. If you've been trying to lose 10 lbs for the last 3 months and then all of a sudden one of your girlfriends post a before and after picture on social media celebrating her progress you might feel jealous and automatically think "she's nothing special, why did she lose weight and I'm still struggling to drop one pound?" or "she always gets what she wants because she can afford to hire support. I deserve the same results, but I can't afford to hire a fitness coach."

Both of these different reactions reflect an entitled core belief and will only serve to sabotage any effort you put into losing weight because when your mind is not in complete agreement with your goal you end up self-sabotaging whether you're aware of it or not. It always happens.

Trust me, I'm sharing from experience

I remember years ago whenever someone within my circle of acquaintances would attain something that I had planned on achieving I would automatically feel jealous instead of encouraged. It's as if I thought that their success would diminish or take are away from mine. I felt entitled to become successful first. Although this might sound crazy and it's far from who I am today, I didn't want to share the victory of overcoming the challenges and weaknesses that I faced with anyone else. I wanted to experience the glory of accomplishing a goal all by myself. I didn't view others as a source of inspiration or as a road map to show me how I could achieve my goal. I viewed them as a competitor who was ahead of me and I needed to catch up.

This caused my personal destruction in several ways. First of all, I wasn't able to connect with others on a genuine level because I was in competition with most of them. I was afraid to share my goals with people because I thought they would steal my idea's or discourage me from pursuing it. I lived in fear, regret, anger, discouragement, and loneliness. I would repeatedly set out to crush the same goal and get no results year after year because I was out of alignment with myself. The core of who I was was not in agreement with the goal that I was pursuing. It was terrible. I believed that it was my destiny to be successful in specific things, but my entitled mindset kept me from experiencing them.

I had to address this issue first before I could become the woman that you see today. I had to accept my beliefs, clean them up by investing in myself and putting in the necessary work to change and then overtime as my mind was renewed my actions changed and I became a totally brand new person.

So what do you do
if you have this mindset?

Take responsibility for your life! Stop making excuses for yourself. Stop feeding yourself reasons to be angry. Stop believing lies about other people being your enemy or competitor. The truth is success and goal achievement is available to everyone. The people who are good at getting results are the ones who take responsibility for themselves, put on their big girl boots and get to work.

You won't always have the right resources, support system or accountability but you will always have the choice to be reousrceul and to be inspired by the people in your community. If you are currently struggling with this mindset chose to let go of fear, believe that you're a few decisions away from achieving your goals, let go of distractions, and get to work.

Need help to work through this? That's what I'm here for! Book a breakthrough session and me or someone on my team will help you get clear on what you want and how to get there. Simple enough, right? So what are you waiting for. You also have the option to tell us about your goals and we will walk with you step-by-step to overcome every obstacle so that you can start enjoying your life. You have nothing to lose. Why not bet on yourself? Until next time, xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

March Mindset Makeover: Fear of Failure

March 11, 2019

Almost a year ago I was exactly where you are. Afraid of failure, clueless about whether my decisions would produce the kind of results I wanted, and unwilling to publically make a huge mistake. I had a big goal (start a coaching business) so I constructed the most strategetic plan I could create at the time. I sought the best mentors, teachers, and coaches in the industry to help guide and advise me (invested in myself). I had done my fair share of research, gathered years of experience, and drew up a well thought out business plan so I was optimistic that things would work out. As most of you know I don't talk (or write) about anything that I don't personally practice so when this business idea came to me I took action.

In the beginning, I went through my fair share of self-doubt while questioning my ideas. I had continually thoughts of "what is my backup plan? What will happen if I fail? What will I do if this doesn't work out? and so on". It was a clear indication that I was living in fear of failure and it was coming to light the more that I moved closer to launching my dream.

Have you had this experience? Are you currently facing a situation that is challenging you to let go of the fear of failure and spread your wings and learn how to fly? Have you addressed this fear?

This mindset is so subtle that it easily goes undetected and unchallenged for YEARS! I talk to people every day who don't realize that they have this subconsciously influencing their decisions and ultimately deciding their future. They think these fear-based thoughts are protecting them, guiding them, or helping them to make wise decisions.

Now before we go any further let me be very clear, fear is a healthy, natural emotion that we all experience especially when it comes to things we don't understand or haven't explored. It's apart of our internal warning system that alerts us to danger. It is healthy to experience fear, but it's not meant to control our lives, decide our future, or be something that we rely on for guidance. Fear, more specifically, the fear of failure will stop you from personal growth, accepting new challenges, and taking risks.

"Risk is the price you pay for opportunity."
- Tom Selleck

The saying "if you want to see something different you have to do something different" has become a cliche, but that doesn't change the fact that it's true. You dream about opportunities and you want to take your life to the next level but you constantly self-sabotage (whether you're aware of it or not) because the fear of failure is in full effect in your mind (which manifest in your life). You learn new information, try to break old habits and create a productive life but no matter how many times you try you keep failing and having to recommit to the same goal. Why does this happen? The problem isn't the goal, it's the person trying to pursue the goal, which means, it's you.

"He who is not courageous
enough to take risks
will accomplish nothing in life."
- Muhammad Ali

I'm your friend so I will always tell you the truth. In life, you will not go farther than your mindset will take you and your character will keep you. If you really want to break free from old patterns and start progressing with your goals you have to address your current mindset and beliefs. This fear of failure will not disappear if you ignore it for a few years or talk about it with friends, but don't create an action plan to deal with it. You have to dig into it. Find out when it started, identify how you nurture it, and decide what you want to do with it.

When Did it Start?

For me, the fear of failure formed when I started to care about what other people thought about me. This was in high school. I wanted to maintain a polished image that led others to respect me and want to be around me. I would disqualify myself from new opportunities or different challenges that could make me look incompetent or too smart because I didn't want to fail and then be labeled a failure.

Can you remember when it started for you? Was it on your first date as a teenager? During a big family event? Or maybe after listening to a specific song or while watching a particular scene in a movie?
How Have You Nurtured It?

After the initial idea of protecting my reputation and playing things safe, I was later encouraged by an adult to make sure that I win every fight that I get into. If I failed I would get into a lot of trouble. This further impressed the idea that failure is bad, failure is for losers, and failure is something I should never do. So, I kept myself locked away in an invisible comfort zone doing things that would not expose me to failure.

What are some current thoughts that you have that agree with the fear of failure? Do you think that failure is for losers? Or if you fail you become a failure? Growing up what were you taught about failure? What did you hear the people around you say about failure? How did you feel when you watched somebody fail? Was it good or bad? Were you punished for failing or were you told that you are capable of doing better? How have you fed the fear of failure over the years?

What Do You Want to Do With It?

While in high school I affirmed and re-affirmed this belief of not taking risks for the sake of my reputation. I constantly self-sabotaged and missed out on growth experiences and this idea turned into a belief which became a destructive mountain in my life. As I got older the fear of failure became more and more ingrained in my subconscious. I couldn't just "grow out of it" or let it go. No matter how many times I physically tried to achieve something it would not happen. No matter how many times I prayed for improvement I was stuck. No matter how many times I worked with an accountability partner things continued to stay the same. I would always sabotage my goals because I was afraid of failure. When I acknowledged this stronghold and decided that I didn't want it dictating my life anymore I got to work with the help of a supportive team and uprooted it!

What about you? Are you tired of this belief hindering you from achieving your goals? Do you want a fresh start at your dreams? Do you recognize this mindset in your life and want to clear it out once and for all?

"You will not go farther
than your mindset will take you
& your character will keep you."
- Tee Forever

If you said "yes!" then it's time for you to do it! Take action. Don't procrastinate. Make the next best move for your future and your goals. If you're ready to kick this mindset to the curb, re-establish your self-confidence and take risks to crush your goals before the end of this year then do something different. Book a free session or share your goals with us here.

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This month, in order to avoid stretching myself thin I am only working with 5 ambitious women who are clear about what they want and are ready to face reality to make it happen. If you are reading this and you know this is an opportunity for you to take your goal crushing to another level then don't allow the fear of failure to hold you back. Take a chance on yourself and apply here.

"You will only go as far as you push yourself."
- Tee Forever

It's no secret. Success is yours if you truly want it, but if you truly want it you have to prove it. Let go of should of, could of, would of and start today. You can't change your past, but with every choice, you're currently creating your future. *Cheers* to a month of progress with your goals and real personal freedom and confidence in your life. Until next time,

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal