Are You a Dreamer or a Doer?

April 1, 2019

Every leader, entrepreneur, influencer, mentor, expert, and teacher all spent time dreaming. This is a necessary part of the goal achievement process. Before you can set out to take action on anything you need to know exactly what you are pursuing. You need a clear end result and it has to be something you strongly believe in and know without a doubt YOU are capable of achieving. You have to see the big picture ahead of you which motivates every sacrifice you make, the long hours you work, and the ways that you invest in yourself. Dreaming is good, but not if you stay here.

"Remember your dreams & fight for them."
- Paulo Coelho

Although dreaming and planning for your future is imperative it's only the first step. To actually get the results you want, you have to put in the work. What kind of work? Lol, I'm glad you asked. For every goal, the work looks slightly different but the same basic principles apply. You need a clear destination/end goal. A plain straightforward and direct blueprint of the specific steps you will take (which is also called a solid/proven strategy). You must take action which means put in physical work to achieve your goal, make better choices, and so on. Then you must follow through until you get results and beyond!

The End Goal

To move from being a dreamer to a doer you have to clearly define the exact outcome that you want and understand WHY you want it. It's not enough to set a goal like I want to launch my blog by May 1st, 2019, increase my income by September 30th, 2019, or release my book by January 3rd, 2020. Although these outcomes are clear (we know exactly WHAT  you want to achieve and you have a deadline) you need a strong, compelling why that pushes you to get it done.

Personally, in my business, the reason why I put all of my efforts into supporting, challenging, developing, and mentoring each client is for a few reasons, but the number one reason is that I believe in them without any hesitation. Each one of them has gone through a pre-qualifying process which helps my team and I to determine if we will work with them or not. 6 Weeks 1 Goal is about more than just crushing your goals within a community of supportive, like-minded goal-getters who are determined to get results and live out their purpose. We don't aim to only improve your personal, business, and financial life. No, it's about helping you to evolve into someone who takes action, lives without regrets, and has no excuses for not creating the change and impact that you want. We provide practical solutions,  equip you with the right tools & resources, walk with you through life-changing principles, and give you unlimited support. Why? Because we believe in you.

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An Easy To Follow Blueprint

Having this makes it so much easier to break through cycles of insecurity, procrastination, fear, and laziness. With a clear game plan you know exactly where you're going and each step you have to take to get there. Creating this on your own takes time, strategic thinking, and a clear vision of what you want to be apart of your future. It is the first obstacle you encounter when you set out to crush your goal because let's be honest, this is your first time trying to accomplish this (or you might have tried and failed multiple times in the past) and you don't know where to start. Does this sound like you? Well, let me give you a few basics!

 Number One: Rely On Your GPS

Think of your blueprint as a GPS. When you put the address in you will find several different ways to reach the same location. This truth applies to the route that you chose to take to crush your goal(s). There are many options you can take to get the outcome that you want, however, not all of them will work for you and some routes are faster than others (like if you take the highway versus the main roads).

Number Two: Do Some Research

Look at what other successful people have done. Reach out to people that you know who have conquered the things that you struggle with and ask them to mentor you, hold you accountable, or share their "secrets". You can also join a mastermind group, hire a coach, or invest in some training. After years of studying personal development, goal achievement, and the lives of the world's most successful people in various industries I've discovered that successful people are successful because they follow what other successful people have done. They work smart. They not only have a proven, trustworthy system that works, but they also invest in a coach who is their human GPS keeping them on track and in shape. They understand that if a set of systems and principles worked for many successful people ahead of them then it will most definitely produce the same results in their life if they apply it.

"Stop dreaming, start doing!"
- Tee Forever

Taking action is what seals the deal! (But only when you remain consistent which we'll talk about below). Without this everything above is a waste of your time and you'll remain stuck, unproductive, and feeling purposeless. This principle is the key to getting results (for obvious reasons)! Action is the bridge between where you are and where you want to be. It's the piece of the puzzle that brings everything together and makes everything that you know come to life. It gives your knowledge a new meaning. You will understand the information that you have from a whole new level of insight. It really is the only way for you to experience total (personal, business, financial, and so on) transformation and growth.

You can not skip this step. You can try to ignore it, pretend like you've done it, or even try to get someone else to do it for you, but results don't lie. You will only get the outcome when you take intentional steps toward your goal(s). It will not work any other way. Praying, fasting, talking, hoping, wishing, and dreaming will help, but they will not do the work that you were meant to do.

"Winner never quit
& quitters never win"
- Unknown

Simple, but true. If you want to win with your goal and make this year better than last year, or even go further than that and make this month better, more results-driven than last month then after you write down your end goal, create a clear blueprint to work with, stop dreaming and start doing  (take action), you must follow through until you see results! This is not an overnight process. If you want to lose 10 lbs before June 1st, 2019 you have to be consistent and persevere. There are no short cuts to this. If you want to increase your business sales or drive more traffic to your website then you have to map out a clear strategy (that works, not one that you made up) and stick with it until you see the results.

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Now, I get it! I know this is hard! It's probably the hardest step in being a doer, but you won't win without it. I had a coach that told me "Theresa, if you want to win you're not only going to have to invest in yourself, put in the work, and make some sacrifices that feel uncomfortable. You're also going to have to commit to sticking with what you know works until you see results. Whether it's 5-50 years you have to be committed to applying what you know works." This way of thinking changed my whole mindset.

Perseverance not only challenges your will and level of commitment to your goal, but it's also meant to challenge your character. You see, goal achievement is not about the attaining the goal. It's about who you become in the process. It's about the new experiences you get while pursuing your goal. All of the effort, pain, sweat, and tears that go into achieving your goal is not just for the end result, it's all apart of the molding process to help you mature into the boss that you are!

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The truth is if you are a dreamer you are no different from a doer. Success is not solely based on how gifted, intelligent, or blessed you are. It's based on what you do with what you know you should be doing. It's so widely available for anyone to give it a try, yet so challenging that only a few succeed. I firmly believe that you have what it takes and you owe it to yourself to put in the best effort that you can to stop dreaming and start doing. Until next time, xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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