My Secret Sauce To Financial Freedom

April 29, 2019

Here are a few things you may not know about me. My two favorite foods in the world are Mexican and Italian *mmm*. I am working towards becoming debt-free (still paying off my fabulous student loan). Also, I plan on one day (soon) becoming a person of affluence. Why is this important to me? Because I believe that money is an unlimited resource that solves a lot of problems, can help a lot of people and has the potential to create positive changes in the world if managed wisely.

One of my ultimate goals is to build or support orphanages around the world starting in Africa providing opportunities for children without parents to not only be well taken care of but to also have access to the best education, food, water, healthcare, and mentorship programs to develop their gifts. I believe in equal opportunity so if I can do something to create more of it, then you can definitely count me in!

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At the beginning of this year, I started things off a little differently. I didn't want to do what most people do which is set a new year resolution, commit to sacrificing and changing for a while, and start a new diet (lol everyone starts a new diet in January okay!). No, this year I wanted to experience lasting change, permanent growth, and deeper satisfaction and gratitude in my life.

It's interesting how it all worked out because I wasn't exactly clear on HOW I was going to achieve this but I knew that 2019 was going to be my year of breakthrough. Long story short, one of my amazing mentors, Toyin Crandell, is a master with money and invited me to join her life-changing coaching program called Money Mindset Shift (MMS for short).

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Now, keep in mind that although I had heard about how transformative her program is I didn't really understand how it could help me to achieve my goals of building my business so that I could achieve my ultimate goal of supporting orphans in Africa, but I decided to have an open mind, try something new, invest in myself, and enroll in it anyway. After working with her through the first section I was amazed by how accurate and insightful the teachings and exercises were with diagnosing key roadblocks in my life.

When I tell you that going through this program was like having life-changing surgery, I am not kidding! This program literally ripped me apart. It challenged every part of who I am. My thoughts, attitude, behavior, beliefs, everything! Nothing was off limits. Although it was a bit scary being vulnerable and honest with myself and others, it was also rewarding because I gained special insight into myself that I wasn't aware of before.

This program didn't only show me the direct connection between my beliefs and my behavior, but it also taught me how to create beliefs that will help me to better align myself with my money goals and break the generational curse of lack and not having enough in my family. Watch this video to hear more about my experience.

What Happens When You Combine Smart Work With Hard Work?

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