The Number One Way to Overcome Your Most Challenging Obstacles

May 22, 2019

Are you highly ambitious and full of amazing idea's but you always seem to get distracted by all of the noise around you? Do you constantly find yourself dreaming of the life you can have but you can't seem to implement your plan? Have you started pursuing your goals but now you find yourself struggling to stay motivated and to complete what you started? Well, I have good news for you! I've have struggled with all of the above at one point or another and the key to overcoming your challenge is simple. Take action!

This Principle of Taking Action

This is so simple yet it gets overlooked very often. It makes sense to us logically, but for some reason, there is something that stops us from doing it. We tell ourselves "it's not the right time, we don't have enough money, or life is just too busy?" and before we know it a year has gone by and we're still in the same position, struggling to crush our goals and feeling defeated. Am I right?

Here's the truth. 91% of people will not achieve their goals and it's because they refuse to take action. They allow their excuses to dictate their decision. They allow their current circumstances to determine what kind of future they will have. Ultimately, they allow what was meant to be a temporary situation to become their permanent destination because they refuse to take responsibility for their life and do something about it.

They refuse to stop complaining about what they don't have instead of getting creative to find a solution. They refuse to budget and manage the resources they have access to instead of choosing to minimize its potential benefits. They waste their time wishing for things they don't have instead of working with what they do have. Do you see the difference? What kind of person do you aspire to be? The complainer or the go-getter? The person who finds excuses or the person who creates solutions?

My friend, your situation may be tough and your concerns are valid but think about the long-term consequences of not starting right now with what you have! You'll be stuck in the dead-end job that you hate, you will continue to struggle living pay cheque to pay cheque, you will keep on feeling like a victim of your circumstances, and you will keep dreaming of one day making an impact, one day building your business, one day increasing your income while others in the same situation as you are able to get it done now.

What Is Your Excuse?

Do you feel like you don't know where to start when it comes to achieving your goals? Do you feel lost and confused about the entire process? Do you think it will require too much work? Are you too busy? Are you afraid of failure/success? What is your excuse for not getting started today?

I remember just a few years ago my excuses were just like yours. I was too tired. I thought my goals would require too much work and deep down I didn't think I was smart enough or capable of producing the results that I wanted. I thought I needed help, you know, more training, more books, more information, a mentor, some experience, every and anything I could get. I was stuck living in fear.

All of my excuses were rooted in negative what-if scenarios like "what if it doesn't work. I need a plan b." I didn't know it at the time but the voice of fear was stronger than my desire to take action. Before you can start seeing results with any of your goals you have to address the root of why you haven't gotten started yet.

Here's An Exercise That Can Help You Uncover Your Root:
Write down these statements on a piece of paper and finish the sentence.

I am procrastinating because...
Example: I am procrastinating because I don't think I'm smart enough to succeed.

Then write your reason for procrastination and break it down even further:
Example:  I don't think I'm smart enough to succeed because I've never done this before

Continue to break it down:
I've never done this before because I need someone to help me get started.

Continue to break it down:
I need someone to help me to get started because I'm afraid of failing.

Fear of failure

Your answers can be broken down into many branches. To get the most out of this exercise write down everything that comes to mind and don't try to filter yourself. Many things that will come up won't feel natural to you and you might wonder "where is this thought coming from?" but write it down anyway! It will help you to get to the root of why you haven't started taking action. It's deeper than just because you don't feel like it or life is too busy. There is a root issue that is hindering your progress that you can begin to address with this exercise.

If you decide to give this a try send me a direct message on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to hear about what you discovered! If you don't use social media, send me an email at

How to Turn Your Goals Into Reality

It's simple. Stop dreaming and start doing. Listen, I know how easy it is to go from reading one book to the next without applying one single concept from the first book. I know how easy it is to get caught up in seminars and training sessions without processing any of the ideas or strategies that have the potential to massively change my life and/or business if I was only willing to apply it! Trust me, I was just like you!

Now a few short years later, I have a blog that has about 800 readers a month (stats below), I run a successful online coaching business that helps people to achieve their biggest goals, I sell online courses, and I'll be launching a podcast on June 17th which is my birthday! Wooooou!

How was I able to do any of this? By becoming a woman of action! In my online course How to Turn Your Goals Into Reality I walk you through the exact steps that I go through to crush every one of my goals even to this day! If you need help creating realistic goals I created a free workbook that you can download to start getting clear on exactly what you want and how you can achieve it.

When it comes to living your dreams I believe wholeheartedly that you should stop at nothing to make it happen. There is absolutely nothing in this world that can stop you from overcoming your obstacles and making the most of your time here on earth. Every challenge you are currently facing is meant to develop your character, help you to think creatively, and turn you into a resourceful goal crushing beast!

Before you can crush your goals this year you have to decide that you are a person of action and then begin to take action! Believing. praying, declaring, envisioning and everything else that you do will not produce your goals in a tangible way. You have to get out there and do things that you've never done before. Make strategic investments in things that will take you closer to your goals. Get help from people who have succeeded in what you want to do and start applying the knowledge you already have. Then and only then will you be able to see you life progree over the next few months.

Success doesn't happen overnight but if you consistently take steps toward it you will be closer than you are now. Until next time, your girl

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

How to Create Realistic Goals You Can Actually Achieve Even if You Struggle With Self-Discipline (Workbook Included)

May 15, 2019

Almost everybody you know (and their mama) has goals! Am I right? But out of all of these people, how many of them are actually turning their goals into reality? I can bet it's less than 8%. We know based on science that 91% of people who set goals never achieve them. There are many reasons for this and I'm sure you can attest to struggling with some of them including procrastination, giving up, making excuses, overthinking, fear, and self-doubt. Trust me, I know, the struggle is real!

Why is it so hard to turn your goals into reality? Why are so many people struggling to manifest their dream and live the life they know they can have? I say it's because they don't take action. We are all good planners, we can get creative and think of amazing strategies, but in order for our strategies to work, we have to become people of action. Most people don't follow through with their plans because their schedules are too full, their lives are too busy, and by the time they get around to tackling their goal they are simply too tired. I'll be honest, I've been there and that's how I know that you will never achieve your goals unless you become intentional about it.

There are some people that I talk to who say "I'm going to start pursuing my goals after I graduate" or "I don't have enough training, knowledge, or skills to pursue my goals so I'm going to keep training until I'm good enough." If you agree with either of these statements say "I". Alright now, for those of you who said "I" I'm going to help you see why this way of thinking is actually counterproductive and is working against what you're trying to accomplish.

With this belief (mindset) you're telling yourself that you have to be perfect before you start (and we all know perfection doesn't exist!). You're actually saying subconsciously that everything has to be in total alignment before you can take the leap of faith and start crushing your goal. This means that if you are 80% prepared you will disqualify yourself and continue to watch and wait on the sidelines while others with the same struggles and fears as you will proceed with caution. Do you want that to be your story? Do you want to remain on the sidelines dreaming, hoping, and wishing, but never actually doing anything to turn your goals into reality? No, I know you don't. So now I'm sure you can see how this mindset is actually a roadblock!

Don't hold yourself back from living the life that you know is possible for you. Don't allow yourself to sabotage or delay your progress. You don't need to read another book, attend another seminar, or enroll in another course. Start now with what you have. Trust, believe and bet on yourself and then create realistic goals you can actually achieve!

Download this FREE workbook to start now

Become Crystal Clear on The Following 4 Things:

1. What is the goal: To identify this you need to be very clear and specific. "I want to lose weight" is not specific. How much weight do you want to lose? When do you want to lose it? What will you do to lose the weight? What are you willing to change in order to get this result? How will you invest in yourself? Will you start doing DIY workouts at home or will you get a gym membership?

"I want to launch a business" is not specific. What kind of business? Will it be online or will you have a physical location? What type of person will benefit from your business?

*Make your goal very easy to understand so that when you set out to achieve it you'll know exactly what you're working towards and if you've hit it or not.

2. Count the cost: Think about what is required for you to attain this goal. Do you want to invest that much right now? Do you have the right tools, resources, and skills,? Are you willing to pay the price? Have you done your research? Do you know what your options are? How have others achieved this goal in the past? What are you willing to sacrifice? What are you not willing to sacrifice?

You have to know how much it cost and then decide if you're willing to pay for it. If losing 10 lbs is going to cost you sleep because you have to wake up early so that you can hit the gym before going to work, then you have to decide whether or not that is something you want to commit to.

*Write a list of everything your goal will cost you. It can include things like time with friends, eating out, and sleep. Once your list is complete be honest with yourself and write a Y for yes beside the things you're willing to sacrifice and N for no beside the things you're not will to sacrifice. This will help you to see how much you're actually willing to pay for your goal.

3. Who can help you: You need to find someone that will walk with you through this process. They will be your accountability partner. Their job is to follow up with you to make sure that you're in the gym when you say you're going to be there, working on your blog when you say you're going to work on it, and developing your business when you say you're going to be developing it.

You can find accountability in the form of a coach, mentor, or a really good friend who you admire and who you know will not let you off the hook easily. Whoever you chose to work with you to have to know 100% that they are ready and willing to fight with you to turn your goals into reality. They will not accept your excuses when you try to explain that you've had a hard week and you're too tired to go to the gym. They will not allow you to self- sabotage and continue to slug beneath your potential and purpose and they will not be too busy to check in with you on a consistent basis.

*Their primary role is to be your voice of reason when you start doubting yourself and to encourage and motivate you to keep going when the pressures of life cave in and you begin to feel like it's easier to quit than to keep going (trust me during your process you will feel this way). 

4. Time/schedule: Review your goal and examine how much time you'll need to get the results that you want. For example, to achieve your goal of losing 10 lbs you might strive to lose 2 lbs a week. With this plan, you'll start seeing results within 2-3 weeks and you will crush your goal in 5 weeks.  After you review how much time it will take to crush your goal look at how much time you actually have to dedicate to it and then make adjustments to your plan if you need to. For example, it will take 5 weeks to lose 10 lbs, but if you work with a coach you might be able to lose it in less time, or if you go to the gym twice a day instead of once a day you'll get faster results. So review the amount of time you're able to dedicate to your goal and then schedule it into your calendar or daily agenda.

*Try to schedule working on your goals when you have high energy levels so that it is easier to get started.

I've created an easy to follow step-by-step workbook that you can download for FREE to create your realistic goals and have a clear action plan to get started by the end of this week. I believe in you and I know that the vision that you have for your life is a promise of what you can experience in the future if you're willing to work for it. I believe that you're ready and it's time to blast off, so don't delay download a copy and get started today! Until next time, xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

Live A Bold Life: Turn Your Goals Into Reality

May 13, 2019

Do you want to know one thing that I know about you? You're ambitious! You have the heart of a lion and the mind of a warrior. You're determined to succeed and although the path to your success may not always be crystal clear, you are willing to try to figure it out! Am I right? Haha, I thought so!

Do you want to know how I know this is true about you? Well, it's because you're just like me. You are the person that I was just a few years ago. Full of vision and passion for the future. Hoping to one day be able to make a difference in the world, but having no clear roadmap for how to do it.

Yep! I had big dreams! My ultimate goal was always to eventually become my own boss and travel the world with my family (I achieved the first half of that 10 years faster than I imagined. Now I'm working on the second half! ;) ). At that time (about 4 years ago), I didn't know where to start or what on earth I was doing. I just knew what I wanted and believed that it was possible.

Choose To Be Different

My dream for you is that you would not only be inspired to think big and experience things you've never seen, heard, or tasted before but that you would start creating your ideal life today. I mean think about this, what would your life look like today if you spent the last 3 years paying off your debt? You would probably be debt free by now, right? Or what about if you spent the last year not just preparing for what you want by studying and planning, but if you actually took the time to work with the right coaches and mentors who can show you how to turn your goals into reality? What if you spent the last 6 month surrounded by like-minded, passionate, goal-getters? Don't you think you would be way closer to achieving your goals by now? I'll tell you, you would closer than you currently are and you possibly would have achieved it already!

Believe me, time waits for no one. Life will not stop and wait for you to get things together to ensure a smooth transition so that you can start pursuing your goals. Lol, no way! You have to decide what you want and commit to the process. You have to prioritize and make sacrifices. You have to say "no" to short term gratification so that you can experience long term success and true fulfillment. I know the choice isn't always easy, but think about where you are now. Is it easy living pay cheque to pay cheque? Is it easy walking around every day with your purpose nudging you and reminding you that there is more to life than what you're currently experiencing? Is it easy watching others crush the goals that you have and telling yourself "don't worry, one day I will get there."?

Bet On Yourself

Well, I'm excited to tell you, no matter what excuses you had in the past you can now start making better decisions. It's not too late. By this time next year, you can be in a better position, closer to your goal (or even done with your current goal and working on a bigger one), and feeling more confident about your future. You can move from being stressed out and overworked to being content and having incredible opportunities knocking on your door without you having to fight and hustle to make it happen (trust me, I am a walking testimony). You can turn your goals into reality starting today by enrolling in my brand new online course.

How to Turn Your Goals Into Reality

In this practical step-by-step online course, you will be challenged to develop yourself in ways that propel you into your destiny. This is specifically designed to help you see tangible results with your business and personal goals. I have conveniently placed everything you need to know in this online course to help you overcome common obstacles like fear, self-sabotage, lack of money and resources, and procrastination. I'm giving you the exact formula that I used to go from being a struggling student to a responsible wife, mother, mentor, and businesswoman. In this course, I literally give you all of the tools to build your own empire so that you can create your ideal life of freedom and stability.

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you could finally quit your job and live completely off the income from your business? What about if you finally dropped the extra baby weight you picked up and regained your confidence to wear your favorite two-piece swimsuit? Woouu! How would that feel!? Incredible right?! This course is about more than crushing your goals, it's about completely upgrading your entire life! Here's what a few people have said about it!

T. Golden, University Student, Wife & Mother, Goal: Start a business to have more control over my time.
After talking to Theresa I understood that "money doesn't hold you back, you hold yourself back." Sometimes we don't realize that we've built up a bunch of excuses that we use as a crutch and it limits our progress in life.

A. Thompson, Youtuber, Blogger, Wife & Mother, Goal: Start a business to reduce financial stress in my household
After working with Theresa I feel more optimistic, inspired and motivated. I'm excited for what the future holds as I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones. I enjoyed the emails as they always included motivational quotes and input from Theresa as well as the direct and personal sessions which were a great chance to discuss weekly progress thoroughly. Theresa's enthusiasm to mentor was most enjoyable, life-changing and extremely contagious as I felt it gave me an extra push to set and achieve my goals.

What Happens When I Enroll?

With this course, you get to connect with like-minded goal-getters who will challenge you to not only crush your goals but to dream bigger! You will be surrounded by greatness from all walks of life. You'll be forced to stop talking about your goals and to begin to get things done. It's all about action baby! You'll find unlimited support from people that you can actually relate to and build a genuine relationship with.

You will also be included in our daily office hours which is one of my favorite parts of the course! I host live Q & A sessions which are conveniently scheduled twice a day, morning and evening to accommodate different time zones and schedules. During these sessions, you get to receive direct feedback to help you apply what you're learning to your specific goals and situation. You also have the opportunity to ask questions about anything you don't understand.

At these sessions, I am dedicated to mentoring, coaching, and teaching you how to turn your big goals into reality. It's also a very motivating and encouraging environment to be in because you get to connect with real people who start off just like you, struggling to achieve their goals and within a few weeks they start seeing tangible changes in their life so it gives you a clear picture of what your life could look like if you apply the principles and strategies that we cover.

J. Brown, Online Business Owner, Aspiring Writer
Theresa pointed out things in my belief system that were holding me back from becoming the skillful play writer that I am. She challenged me to stop trying to perfect my craft and to simply get started. Connecting with Theresa really shifted my perspective on how I can turn my goals into something concrete.

You will get full lifetime access to the course which means when I update the material, videos, or anything else you will enjoy these upgrade for FREE! Once you're in, you're in baby! I don't leave you to figure anything out along the way. I am giving you access to everything you need to become a goal crushing machine. This course is the action plan that helped me to stop procrastinating and living in la la land to being the ambitious woman that you see today. Trust me, if I could do it, so can you!

Crushing your goals is the easy part.
Getting started & being consistent is where most people fail.
- Tee Forever

You will also get direct accountability. The focal point of this course is for you to take action and get the ball rolling. I don't want you to enroll in this course if you believe that achieving your goals is not something you can do and you prefer to continue dreaming about it without taking any steps towards it. No, this course is all about action and to ensure that you're actually following through with your goals you not only have the communal support and accountability system in place, but I will also be holding you accountable to every goal that you tell me you want to achieve (and trust me, baby, I won't let you off the hook easily).

Joining this course is you drawing a line in the sand and saying, I'm done with being mediocre, I'm done with living a life below my potential, I'm done compromising to blend in with what is considered "normal", and I'm done settling for less than I deserve.

Some bonuses that are included in the course are practical tools that will help you to crush your goals faster, resources that will get your mind in shape and ready for achieving your goals, and worksheets that will help you to simplify, understand and work through your goals.

This Is Easier Than You Think

This course is laid out in an easy to follow, step by step guide. I've only included the principles and strategies that you need to succeed so there is no information overload! I know that you are busy so everything is conveniently packaged in one place for you to work through it at your own pace. All of the Q & A sessions are recorded and stored in the member's section so even if you aren't able to join a live office hour you can still reap the benefits! I do my best to support you to get maximum results so you have access to help tickets, email support, live support, and one-on-one sessions! If you are serious about crushing your goals, this is definitely the course for you.

Crushing your goal is easier than you think and you're literally one choice away from making the biggest, most rewarding step in your life. The first 5 people to enroll will receive $100 off the enrollment fee and one complimentary session with me!

Want to learn more about how you can achieve your goals? Watch this FREE Masterclass!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

3 Reasons Why You Haven't Hit Your Personal & Business Goals Yet!

May 8, 2019

We're almost halfway through 2019! Wooooou! That's exciting and kind of nerve-racking, right? I mean this year started and we had big hopes and dreams. We set realistic goals that we knew we could achieve and we set out to make this year our best to date. Nonetheless, we are struggling to get the ball rolling and still haven't started seeing the results that we expected. So, whether your struggle is with consistency, overthinking, or straight up procrastination, I want to help you pick yourself up and fulfill the promise that you made to yourself (to make this your best year :) ) If you're with me, keep reading!

Make A Decision

First things first, you need to decide and commit to your decision. Now before you start thinking "Tee, I've already decided. I know what I want. My goals are very clear I just need to start executing" take a walk with me for a second. I know you're good at goal planning and thinking of effective strategies to but how is your follow through? I mean, really be honest with yourself.

If you lack consistent follow through it's because you are not convinced that your plan will work. Do you want to know how I know this to be true? Well, if you were convinced that you had a solid game plan you would not hesitate to commit to the process and right now (5 months after setting the goal) you would be chilling, sipping on lemonade enjoying your results (or much closer to your results), but you're not and it's because you're unclear about what you want and how to get it.

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If you're in this boat, don't worry! It's completely okay! I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've done this! I used to write, and rewrite, then edit and reconsider almost every plan that I drew up. Lol, it's funny now, but back then I would feel really overwhelmed and frustrated.

Whether my goal was to save money for a new car or simply graduate school faster I couldn't commit to the process. Even when my plan seemed perfect I still didn't follow through. There was always a voice in the back of my mind that second guessed if I knew what I was doing or if this plan would actually work and questioned what I would do if the plan I didn't work. There was so much fear and discomfort because I couldn't guarantee that I could get the exact outcomes that I wanted.

That was until I learned about principles and the power of simplicity when goal planning. Before you can start crushing any goal (no matter how big or small it is) you have to decide that your goal is apart of your story. It is something you will experience no matter what you have to sacrifice to make it happen. You are not willing to live without tasting your goal. You are not willing to skip out on the adventure of pursuing your goal, developing yourself to attain the goal, and overcoming obstacles to make your goal real!

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My friend, when you make a decision like this you don't have to worry about the strategy. Your determination will help you to become resourceful and you will figure out how to do it, but it's your decision that opens the door to possibilities. Are you with me? Good!

Set Realistic Expectations

We are enthusiastic, full of optimism and we take inspired action, but when the outcome doesn't match what we expected we think we missed the mark or somewhere along the line did something wrong, am I right? This is what causes most of our disappointments and frustrations. When we don't set realistic expectations we set ourselves up to fail before we even get started. There is a proverb that says "desire without knowledge is not good, & whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way". Being quick to act without first considering what it will cost or how much it will cost us always leads to failure and discouragement.

Here's a tip: To avoid this common pitfall take a realistic look at how much time you have to work on your goal for the week and then schedule it into your calendar or daily agenda. Consider how many hours you will have to work to achieve your goal and then set a deadline. This will help you to have a realistic time frame of when to expect to see clear tangible results from all of your effort. Remember to be consistent and put in your best effort!

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Most of the time when we set a goal we don't know what to expect! We hope for the best results and sometimes in hoping for the best we exaggerate what that will look like. We see what someone else was able to accomplish and it inspires us to get the exact same results. However, before we can get the same results we have to take the exact same steps. Will you be able to find out their process? No, not unless you know them personally and they've shared their journey with you. Even if you study their life there will be details that you miss so you won't know the full strategy they implemented to get to where they are.

However, the story doesn't end there! Oh no, my friend! I wholeheartedly believe and know that success leaves clues! What that means is, if it's been done before you can repeat it you just need to discover the principles they used to make it happen! You don't need their strategy or their coach! What you need is to find out the principles they used which are the general precepts or laws they applied to their story to build the success they now enjoy. Are you with me?

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With principles, you're able to guarantee the outcome of your life. Some basic principles that we adhere to without giving much thought to it include the principle of sowing and reaping. Some people call it karma. It's the idea that you get what you give. What is returned to you is a reflection of what you've put out into the world. A clear example of this can be seen in agriculture. When a farmer plants apple seeds in return they get a...(you guessed it!) apple tree full of apples! It's the same thing in every area of our life. What you put in is what is returned to you.

So in your relationships, the effort that you put in is what is returned to you. If you don't like the results, change your attitude and behavior to produce the kind of relationship that you want. If your money is looking funny, change your behavior. Start budgeting, start learning about money management principles and apply them and then over time money will become your friend. What you sow is what you reap.

Another basic principle we all live by is the idea that if we don't work hard now we will end up working hard later in life. There is a proverb that says "diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in forced labor." The idea is that if we don't discipline ourselves life itself has a way of training us. By choosing not to work hard now, by default we end up putting ourselves in a situation where our circumstances will force us to burn the midnight oil and work hard later.

Enjoy The Process

This is a message that we are constantly being fed on social media, in movies, in commercials, and everywhere! It's so common that it's now become easy to kind of let it fly over our head, but are you applying this to your goal crushing journey? Do you enjoy the daily process of pursuing your goals? Do you wake up excited at the opportunity to put in all of your effort toward the amazing outcome that you've been dreaming about? If not, you are cheating yourself an experience that you will never get back.

I know the journey feels long and hard and sometimes you think it's not worth all of the effort, time, money, and resources your pouring into it, but can you imagine the glorious day when you finally achieve the level of success that you knew you could get if you were patient? Can you imagine how you're going to feel when you get to share your attainment with your friends and family? Can you imagine how proud you're going to make your mom? Lol, I mean, com'on! Your goal is definitely worth the effort but you also have to enjoy the journey.

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Think about who you're becoming because you decided to follow through on your goal? Who is being affected by your transformation? Who is benefiting from your life-changing experience? This is something to celebrate and bask in, this is something to stay consciously aware of and enjoy. Don't wake up and think "awe man, my life still sucks. I still haven't achieved my goal and I don't know when things will get better for me." No! Instead, wake up and thank God that you have another day to live your purpose, pursue your passion, love people, and lead by example!

Now What?

Your life will only be as great as you make it. Now that we've walked through the 3 stumbling blocks to your personal and business progress what are you going to do? Which one will you start applying today? How will this new perspective improve your life? What will you begin to do differently? I'm rooting for you and I believe that you have what it takes to crush every goal you decide you want just set realistic expectations and choose to start enjoying your journey. Until next time. Xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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How You Can Achieve Your Business Goals Without Sacrificing All Your Time

May 6, 2019

I know! Running a business can be stressful, hard, and downright discouraging! I mean, on top of generating income, you want to develop a solid relationship with your clients/customers. You also want to provide real value that transforms their life. For a service based business, this could mean you spend tons of hours responding to emails, answering phone calls and providing support to your clients. For a product based business, this could mean following up after a purchase to ensure your customers are satisfied and also to offer additional tips on how to maximize the use and value of the product they purchased. You might also want to follow up to upsell and further the relationship by building trust. Am I right or am I right? I thought so! So how can you do all of this while maintaining your time freedom and creating an impact? I'll tell you exactly how I do it and what I've learned from some of the wealthiest, most influential business leaders.

Set Boundaries

First things first, set boundaries with your clients and with yourself. Yes! I said BOUNDARIES. As ambitious entrepreneurs, we can easily turn an 8 hour work day into 12-16 hours. We get so caught up responding to clients, checking emails, and working on small things that are unrelated to our primary goals and disconnected from the important things we should be focusing on at the moment.
By the end of the week we are tired, overworked, and stressed out. Can I get an amen?

To avoid this pattern of burn out here's what I do:
  • I set specific work hours that cater to responding to clients.
  • I set specific work hours that focus on building my business. 
  • I stick to my daily agenda no matter what "emergencies" come up. I rarely accept last minute changes to my schedule.
Here's the thing, last minute meetings, inquiries, and sign-ups are not a bad thing. They can support your goal of building your dream business and help you to create an impact faster because more likely than not, the people that are reaching out to you are interested in what you're doing or want to work with you. However, these last-minute connections can become a distraction if we don't manage them properly or create some sort of organized system to protect our time.

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I'll admit! This is not easy. I love connecting with people, building relationships, getting to know potential clients and being completely available to current clients. However, I've learned through business mentors, coaches, and some of today's leading business and money experts like Toyin Crandell, Dave Ramsey, and Oprah that if I want to scale my business I have to protect my time.

Here's a practical example of how I do this in my coaching program 6 Weeks 1 Goal:
  • I set aside specific work hours to respond to client emails, provide support, and answer any questions they have. 
  • I also incorporate weekly Q & A sessions for clients with immediate questions or who want direct feedback. Sometimes, if I have a busy week I use this time to respond to emails (instead of typing a response I'll answer the person's inquiry during the Q & A session and tell them to watch the video if they weren't able to attend the session). This helps me to kill two birds with one stone while at the same time serves my client at a high level.
  • Another thing I do is schedule all of my one-on-one coaching sessions on the same day that way I'm already in the zone of showing up ready to love on and provide feedback, support, and accountability to all of my clients. This helps me to focus on their needs and be fully present with them. Instead of thinking about everything I have to do after the call I'm completely focused on their goals, progress, barriers, and solutions. It's so much fun and I get to build a real connection with my clients!
Having this type of workflow alleviates any pressure to respond to last-minute request (unless it's an emergency). It also helps me to stay on top of my business goals ensuring that I meet my deadlines, show up to meetings prepared, and rock all of my obligations! Trust me, setting boundaries with yourself and with your clients/customers is the way to go! You will advance from providing mediocre service to providing exceptional service that your clients will love and remember you for!

Batch Work

Oh! Batch working has been a game changer in my life! I don't only apply this principle to my business, I also batch work things like my laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and so on. Anything that I can do once and then forget about for at least a week I do!

The best way to maximize your time and produce quality results is to set up a batch working system that is realistic and conducive to your lifestyle. If you're not familiar with batch working all it is, is scheduling your time in 2 to 3-hour time blocks that are dedicated to completing a specific task. Here's an example:

Monday Schedule

  • 6am-9am is dedicated to a morning routine (this includes showers, breakfast, working out, etc)
  • 9am-12pm is dedicated to personal development (this include reading, doing mindset training, discovering the latest information within your industry)
  • 12:30-2:30pm is dedicated to money generating tasks (this includes setting up your marketing campaign, turning leads into clients, etc)
  • 3-5pm is dedicated to checking the analytics to ensure your business plan is working (this includes checking the numbers for your ad campaigns, marketing efforts, etc)
  • 5-7pm is dedicated to creating and building an impact (this includes writing blogs, planning social media content, planning major projects, collaborating with businesses and influencers, etc.)
  • and so on
This is only an example to give you a clear understanding of what time blocking looks like. Essentially time blocking is one of the most efficient ways to get the highest return on your time. What I usually do is schedule my most important tasks and projects at the beginning of the week and if I don't have a launch or something major coming up as I go further into the week I schedule less time devoted to work and more time devoted to spending time with my kids. This creates a balance of feeling accomplished and getting my important tasks done, while at the same time being present with my kids and enjoying them at every stage of their life.

My goal with time batching is to ultimately get to a point where I have work completed months in advance (which will probably require hiring a team). This would allow me to have even more time freedom and would give me the opportunity to explore places like Paris and Thailand. I would also enjoy trying new things like traveling in a hot air balloon or sky diving! Lol. I can definitely invest in these adventures now, but setting aside two or three months to have fun and explore the world is a lot better than doing it once a year.

Automate Your Processes

The last tip I have for you is to automate everything that can be automated! This is another discovery that changed. my. life! With automation, you are setting up a system that automatically gets you the outcome that you want.  Something that I automate in my business (which saves me hours every week!) are my emails. I write them once, schedule them to be sent on a specific day and time and voila! That is one less thing I have to think about during the week.
I also automate my blog post. I batch work and create all of the content subjects a month or two in advance then every week on a Saturday I write two blogs, create the graphics to promote them on all of my platforms (social media) and schedule the blog posts to be released on Monday at 11am EST and Wednesday at the same time.

As you can see, batch working and automation work together hand in hand. They will be the biggest time savers in your business and personal life. I used to struggle to meet deadlines and get things done before I learned how to incorporate these things into my business. Now, I literally save hours every week just by simply implementing all of the strategies I've shared with you today. So if you are running a business that is actually running your life you need to stop, examine what's not working for you, and create the type of business that will work for you.

Here's A Bonus Tip:
Ask For Help

If you're struggling to turn your business into what you thought it would be, reach out to someone you know who runs a successful, profitable business (and has time freedom) and ask them if they could meet with you for a few hours to help you set up some structure in your business that will help you to create a similar stress free lifestyle. The thing here is that you have to be humble and teachable. No one will want to help you if you're arrogant, think you know everything, and deep down are just full of pride. You have to want help and be willing to try something new.

Another option is to hire a team to carry some of your workload. This isn't something that you have to do when your business is starting to grow, but you will want to consider this once you are seeing a steady flow of increase and you start feeling like "this is too much!". I haven't yet done a lot of hiring in my business so when it comes to the hiring process I'm not the best person to ask, but James Wedmore has an awesome podcast where he talks about who to hire first and how to hire team members.

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If hiring a team is not where you're at right now, no worries! You can always ask talented people you know for help in exchange for something of value that you can provide. What I've done and continue to do sometimes is partner with someone that has skills that I lack or I collaborate with someone to complete a project faster if they have tools or connections that I don't have. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business, expand your efforts, and save your time without spending any money!

The Ultimate Challenge

Okay, now here is the ultimate challenge. I don't want you to just read this information, nod your head and say "that was good!". I want you to apply this! That is the only way you will really see the benefits of the wisdom that I've shared with you today. I believe that you have what it takes to run a business that you love and enjoy! I believe that you are capable of creating your ideal life starting today. You just have to decide that this is what you want and then take action. Don't over think, doubt yourself, or become overwhelmed by what you think the process will be like. Just get started today. Until next time, your friend. Xo!

Theresa Forever

Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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3 Ways to Achieve Your Personal Goals Even if You Don't Know Where to Start

May 1, 2019

"I don't have time!...I'm going to start tomorrow...I am still learning." These were all the lies floating around in my mind in 2014. I had big hopes and dreams but no real clarity on what I was going to do to make my goals a reality. I shared the vision with my sister and close friends, I prayed for help and divine strategies ALL the time, and I read books by world leaders and personal development and business guru's but nothing gave me the answer I was looking for. What I needed was something concrete. Something I could start doing now. Something that would take me one step closer to my goals. I needed to find a way to turn my goals into reality but I didn't know where to start.

Secretly, I was waiting for someone to help me. You know, show me the way. Tell me the "secrets to success." Give me the tools and resources I needed to take my life to the next level. Except, as you might have guessed, that didn't happen! Instead, after getting married on December 4th, 2014 I began to understand a principle that I didn't consider before. The principle of taking action.

There Is No Magic Formula

If you want to experience success with your personal goals whether it's related to weight loss or building better relationships, graduating school or being more assertive you need to start somewhere and you need to start now. I mean like today, right after you finish reading this blog.

Think about it, what is the point of gathering a bunch of information week after week and not applying any of it? Do you do it just so you can say "I already know that" or do you invest your time into learning these things and reading these blogs because you want to improve your life? I think the latter is true. Am I right?

If you want to start crushing your personal goals the first step is to start right now, where you are, with what you have and with what you know!

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Get Wise Counsel

Having a mentor, teacher, coach, or someone with experience showing you the way and helping you to determine the best, most realistic way you can achieve your goals is one of the best gifts you can give yourself! I have mentors who are experts in different fields including finance, business, and marriage. I know that no one person has all of the answers and we are all on a continual journey of growth so I don't put pressure on my mentors to know everything. I just milk them for everything they know in their special area of expertise haha!

Working with someone to achieve your goals will save you tons of time and energy (you won't have to attend a bunch of webinars that are full of fluff or waste energy working hard on strategies that don't work and aren't realistic for your lifestyle). It will also save you thousands of dollars. You won't have to spend a bunch of money on books, training programs, and online courses that promise a reward but leave you feeling like you were ripped off (can I get an amen somebody?).

Trust me, if anyone understands this, it's me. For years I invested in self-help books and wasted hours trying to understand and implement strategies that would not work with my lifestyle. I would create a schedule and fail to follow through, I would make a budget and end up blowing all of my money, I would plan to do things better and be more efficient the next day, but I would reap the same results. Frustration, confusion, and disappointment. It was hard! Why was this happening? What was I doing wrong? Why wasn't any of this self-help stuff working for me?!

Well, the truth is I wasn't giving it enough time. I didn't get the success I longed for because my strategy was all wrong. I was impatient and looking for quick, immediate, microwave results. If I had wise counselors (a coach, teacher, or mentor) they would have told me to slow down, implement one strategy at a time, analyze the results and tweak what is not working. I would have saved myself A LOT of time, money, and energy, not to mention STRESS!

So step 2 is to find a mentor, coach, or someone with success in the area that you're struggling with and ask them for help. Check in with them on a weekly or monthly basis and get clear about what is working and where you need improvement.

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Be Intentional

Making a decision to commit to your goals and actually following through with that decision will never get easier. Your life will not magically get to a point where you're able to invest all of your time into personal development training. You will not all of a sudden have enough money to start investing in yourself. You have to be intentional about challenging yourself and adjusting your schedule to include priorities that will take you to your next level of success.

When I started being intentional about the goals I wanted to achieve in my life I can't say that I felt totally prepared. I had major responsibilities that required financial support, I had people who depended on me and had great expectations, and I also had internal thoughts that were working against me like "you're not good enough, you're not ready, and you don't have what it takes..."

Like many of you, I was not only fighting against the external pressures of life, but I also had to work through my inner traumas and limitations. It was hard. It was more challenging than I had anticipated and to be honest, on several occasions, I wanted to give up.

Can you imagine what would have happened if I had given up on my hopes and dreams? For one, you wouldn't be reading this blog right now, and two, I would have to live with the pain of regret. Every day I would be wondering what my life should have, could have, and would have been if I had lived my dream.

Step 3 is to be intentional about your goals and put them in your calendar with a start date and deadline. I know that you don't want to look back on your life 2 years from now and realize that you're still in the same position that you are in now. Heck no! You want to look back and say "wow! look at how much I've grown! Look at what I've been able to do over the last 2 years! Look at my life! I'm a rock star!" right?

So Here's My Challenge For You

Today, I want to challenge you to stop making excuses for your lack of progress. Stop complaining about what you don't have and what you think you can't do. Instead, find solutions! Look for ways to overcome your challenges and break the normal cycle of compromise in your life. Break the cycle of procrastination that is keeping you stuck and dissatisfied with your life.

Decide that living a mediocre life is not for you because the truth is, you were made for so much more! You were made with a  purpose and I believe that with goal planning you can achieve it! Until next time, your friend. Xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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