How to Crush Your Goal In 90-Days

July 29, 2019

Write the vision and make it plain! Today we're digging into your goals! It's time to break down your long and short term vision so that you can put them into systems that will help you to start seeing results! If you haven't already, you want to read Are Your Goals Aligned With Your Purpose (or listen to it) as well as Become Your Own Hero. These will walk you through the entire process for creating goals that resonate with who you are and what you were created to do. This episode is all about structuring them! If you're ready, let's go!

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Prioritize Your Goals

Grab the list you made while reading or listening to Become Your Own Hero (you know the list with all of your goals on it?) and prioritize them. In each section, you want to highlight, circle, or put a star beside your most important goal within each category (health and fitness, finances, family, business, etc).

Key Performance Indicators

After that create a plan for your most important goal. Break it down into a clear result you can see in 90-days. How much will you weigh? How much will you increase your income by? What kind of character will you have? What result do you need to see to know whether or not your process is working? Write it down.

Keep In Mind

The primary focus of the 90-days is to give you a very specific way to measure your progress so that you can keep doing what works and tweak the things that need improvement so before you start overthinking and feeling stressed or overwhelmed about whether or not you will actually hit your goal I want you to take a deep breath and RELAX!

We are simply measuring your results, hitting your goal is not the focus (although it is possible)! If you hit it GREAT! If you don't GREAT! This doesn't change your ability to get it done or who you're becoming in the process. Does that make sense? Achieving the goal is great, but who you are becoming is even better!

The Focus Is Life Mastery

If you could measure the value you receive from pursuing your goals you would be more enthusiastic about the journey than about getting the end result you want. Every goal you want has a set of lessons attached to it and until you evolve and learn the lessons you will not achieve it. These lessons teach you wisdom, develop your character, and stretch your mindset! It's a triple whammy (in a good way)!

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Over the course of your 90-days, I also want you to pay attention to how many times you say "yes" to your dreams and "no" to distractions. Keep an eye on who supports and encourages you throughout the 90 days and who resists your growth. Understanding these things will put you in a better position the next time you set out to crush a goal. You will understand yourself and your environment better so that you can create lasting results in your life. These 90-days are not about whether you succeed or fail. It's about your personal development!

Start Small

I know you've heard this before, achieving any goal is all about (say it with me...) TAKING BABY STEPS! Break your goal down into practical steps you can start taking today. Nick Saban said, "a good process produces good results." Make sure that when you break down your goal it is realistic to your lifestyle and skillset.

What does this mean? Well, if your goal is to write a book and you have a full-time job most of your "free time" (time when you're not working for someone else) will either be before work or after work. Now, before you get lost wondering which time is prime time for you consider when you have the most energy, feel the most creative, and are able to commit to the writing process. Then create a schedule and get to work!

Use your free time to invest in your goal. Set aside 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 to write, brainstorm ideas, and prepare your book for release. Don't schedule 3 hours of writing if you know you have other things you need to get done before or after work. Be realistic.

"When you don't create realistic goals you will always fail to achieve them." - Tee Forever

Start where you are, as you are, with what you have and grow into the person you see yourself being. Think like a best selling author and you will become a best selling author. Think like a nutritionist and you will enjoy eating healthy. Think like a high achiever and you will get high-level results! Sounds practical enough right? Well, let the work begin!

Let's Automate This

After you've broken down your goals into small actionable steps you can start taking today we are going to put them into a system. Here's an example of what I mean. Right now I have a goal to eat healthier so I incorporate more vegetables into my diet. How do I do this? By meal prepping every week. When do I create the time to meal prep? Well, Sunday's are usually my slower days where I intentionally spend time with people and rest so I include meal prepping on Sunday.

Now, this action is a little more difficult to automate because it requires more of your attention however, you can use automation for things like your grocery shopping. By working with companies like Walmart you can do your grocery shopping online and pick it up in-store. If you'd like to save even more time, you can work with a company like Fresh City Farms. They will actually deliver your groceries to your house will no extra charge! Now, of course, the perks and offers you get with each company are different so you want to do your research. These are just a few options you can consider if you are in North America.

When it comes to money I automate my goals by setting up automatic withdrawals from my account. You can set this up with any bank and now with online banking you can pretty much set this up yourself. Decide on the amount of money that you want to save or invest every week or every month and have the bank automatically withdraw it from your account. This is the pay yourself first principle in action and hunny, let me tell you, it works!

You can automate almost all of your goals and if it can't be automated by an external system you can create a routine that leads to automatic results. Whew! That was A LOT, but there we go! Now you have a solid, realistic, practical goal planning strategy that you can literally apply to your goals to get uncommon results with your goals! we want.

Anyone Can Do This

Hey! I can hear your thoughts going 1,000 mph asking "can I really do this? This sounds like a lot of work, I don't have time for this." Listen to me. You are worth it. The future version of yourself is waiting to be released but you have them caged up, stuck in who you are right now. Stop holding yourself back! 

If I can do this with 3 kids under 3 running around trying to get my attention then what is your excuse? This is simple and realistic enough for you to get started right now. Just apply this process to your goals and I have no doubt that you will get results in the next 90 days!

My friend, if I can run a business, have a social life, and take care of myself with 3 kids under 3 years old - my youngest being 1 month, you have no excuse! *Wink* Scroll up and hit play to hear more examples of how you can systemize your goals and automate the process to crush your goal using the 90-day cycle.

"This is not about how fast you can hit your goal, it's about who you're becoming in your journey to personal achievement." - Tee Forever 

You Got This!

I promise I wouldn't be sharing this with you if it didn't work! The results you get with this are 100% dependent on you. Like I mentioned earlier it all boils down to how many times over the next 90 days you say "yes" to your goals and "no" to distractions. This is not about if you're willing to crush your goals, I know are that's why you're here. This is not about being capable, because trust me, you are more than capable. This is about turning your goals into reality. It's time to take action to stop dreaming and start doing.


Prioritizing your goals, focusing on life mastery, and taking every day as it comes are all things that I practice in my life and I teach my clients to do the same. For more examples of how I do this hit play and listen to this episode. Goal achievement takes diligence and focus, but it is 100% accessible to anyone who wants it. Are you ready to go for it? Let's do it! Until next time, it's your girl

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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Become Your Own Hero

July 22, 2019

Brendon Burchard said, "avoidance is the best short-term strategy to escape conflict, and the best long-term strategy to ensure suffering." I agree. If you want to maximize your life and potential you have to accept your current reality and be open to changing it. In today's episode, I am challenging you to let go of bad habits, toxic relationships, debt, and old ways of thinking that are not helping you to achieve your higher purpose and crush your biggest goals! If you are up for the challenge then keep on reading!

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."
- Tony Robbins

Let's Be Honest

Sometimes facing the truth is HARD! I mean, who wants to accept the fact that things aren't going as planned and life is kicking you in the butt right now! Almost no one, right? And I totally get it. Some people think that by accepting the truth they will lose hope for the future or stop being positive and optimistic but that doesn't have to happen. We can accept the truth and still have the energy and positive mindset to create a better future.

I had a season in my life where I struggled with this! I wanted to be present to my emotional pain but I didn't want it to become a distraction or grow into an overwhelming or heavy negative feeling. It was difficult for me to admit to myself that my life was going down a completely different path than I had imagined. I was scared of what my future would look like, I felt alone, and at the time I didn't know how to ask for help. Instead of facing my reality, I chose to only focus on the things that were working in my life. Things like my family and my business. Anything that inspired fear, uncertainty, and instability I ignored.

How do you think this worked out for me? Lol, not good at all!

Ignoring these issues almost caused me to miss out on some of the greatest most valuable lessons I've learned to date. When I decided it was time to face my reality head-on I began to take responsibility for my life and the situations that I felt were out of my control. When I addressed my woes I went from feeling stuck to becoming unstoppable. I went from being fearful to having a clear action plan. I went from being a victim to being the hero in my own story. It was crazy! I promise I'll share these lessons in another episode!

If you are currently in this situation I want to remind you that one, you're not alone and two there is a way out.

What Is Your Current Reality?

"Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be." - Jack Welch

The only way to get through this is to work through it so before you continue reading I want you to think about your biggest goals and write down exactly where you're starting from. Is your goal to hit 180 lbs and you're currently 210 lbs? How much do you know about health and fitness? What do you know that you could be doing that you haven't started doing? Write it down. 

Are you struggling to pay back $20,000 in student loans but your goal is to be financially free in the next 3 years? What do you already know about creating wealth that you haven't started applying? Write it down. 

Have you tried to achieve your goals before and now you feel tired, disappointed, and frustrated? What did you do in the past that worked for you? What are some things that you know will definitely help you to get closer to get your goals? WRITE IT DOWN! 

This is only your starting point, it's not the end of the story so don't worry if it doesn't look pretty just write down the complete truth of your current situation.

Accept The Ugly Truth

Now, acceptance doesn't mean you're saying this is okay, or you're celebrating the mess in your life. All this means is you acknowledge the truth and you accept that this is the current state of your life. One of my current ugly truths is that I love eating rice. I'll eat it with chicken, vegetables, and sometimes if it's rice and peas (a popular Jamaican type of rice) if I'm really hungry, I'll just eat it alone! I know, eating too much rice is not the healthiest choice and I am on a quest to be healthy so I know I am working against my goals.

However, just because I can admit that this is where I'm starting from, this is my current ugly situation, this doesn't mean that this is where my story ends. I am not my bad habits so I can change them! The same is true for you!

So let's get real! What is your ugly truth? Are you an emotional shopper? Do you overeat for fun or when you have a bad day? Are you actually working towards your goals or are you self-sabotaging? Be honest with yourself.

After you've written down the complete truth of where you're starting from ask yourself if you are ready to correct everything that you wrote down. So review each truth and put a checkmark beside the ones you're ready to change.

"Acknowledging the truth give you the motivation to change it. Accepting the truth helps you to create a clear vision of where you want to go and how to get there." - Tee Forever

Now It's Time For Change

I learned this powerful exercise from one of my "mentors from a distance". She is a world-renown life coach and she helps people to heal broken relationships with themselves and with others. Her name is Iyanla Vanzant (you can go ahead and google her, she's awesome!). A few weeks ago I was listening to her talk about being complete and one the thing that stood out to me that I want to share with you is, once you are complete with something or someone that is the end of that cycle.

Here's an example: Let's say you have a business and you want it to become your fulltime source of income, but you continue to devote all of your time to other things and therefore don't have enough clients or a steady funnel to create more income in your business. How will you reach your goal? You won't. You have to decide that you're done with not having enough money, living paycheque to paycheque and actually take action to change your situation. 

When you are ready to take your life to the next level you will be complete with the ugly truths in your life. You will be ready to do whatever it takes to improve your situation. You will create time in your schedule to work on your book. You will stop wasting your money on things that are not serving your future goals and begin to invest in yourself. You will stop putting your goals on the back burner and truly value your life's purpose!

When this happens your life will change!

So, in your journal (or on the same piece of paper that you wrote your ugly truths on) beside your current reality write down "I am complete with..." beside everything you are ready to change. For example, I am complete with carrying around $25,000 student loan, I am complete with looking for quick fixes to solve my problems, I am complete with spending time with people who are not challenging me to grow, and so on.

Envision your dream life

Close your eyes and envision your life after you crush your goals. What will your relationships look like? How will you begin to talk to each other? How will you interact with each other? How will you feel about each other? Think about your money. How will you manage it? How much will you have? How will you feel with that amount of money sitting in your account?

So let's say right now you're living paycheque to paycheque and you don't have any savings and your swimming in debt but your goal is to save $5,000 by the end of this year. In your mind fast forward to the future and think about the person you will be in order to save this amount. How much money do you need to make? What steps do you need to take? How will you handle money differently from what you're currently doing? What changes will you make to your spending habits? And ow much are you going to save a month?

The primary point of this exercise is to get you to think about the future version of yourself so that you can start becoming that person now.

who do you need to become?

With all of your goals in mind, I want you to envision your future life and think about WHO you need to become. This is going to help you to identify the characteristics you need to develop to attain the levels of success that you dream of. So if your goal is to launch a blog and post consistently so that you can build an audience around what you do, what kind of traits do you need to be able to do this? You'll need skills like organization, self-discipline, creativity, and vision, right? They all play a part in this.

Who do you need to become to write a best selling book?
Who do you need to become to have healthy relationships?
Who do you need to become to make $100,000 a year?
Who do you need to become to have $5,000 be the end of this year?
Who do you need to become to run a successful online business?

After you have this list decide which character traits are most important and start working on those


No one is going to save you from your current stressful, overwhelming situation. You have to see it for what it is, accept that this is your starting point, and begin the work of cleaning it up.


Try to find the lessons that you're learning in this season and be grateful for where you are. Also, remember that you are the one who made decisions that got you to where you are so think about the lessons you can learn about yourself from the ugly truths in your life.

I hope this helps! Don't forget to subscribe here so you never miss a post again! Have an awesome week, until next time, it's your girl.

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

Are Your Goals Aligned With Your Purpose?

July 9, 2019

Today, we're talking about how to practically turn your goals into reality and we're starting with your purpose! The reason why we're starting here is because a lot of people try to pursue their goals to create their "dream life" without understanding why they're doing it. So I have to ask, why are YOU pursuing your goals? How do you know if your goals aligned with your purpose? Your purpose is the power behind why you do what you do and it ultimately fuels who you become. I'm going to walk you through the 3 things that I did to discover my purpose and show you how you can apply it to your goals! Are you ready? Let's dive in!


It all starts here! If you are not self-aware how can you expect to know what your purpose is? It's like trying to build a house without the right foundation. You can't create your dream life without understanding your purpose because your purpose creates a vision for what your dream life should look like.

If you achieve a goal without knowing why it's important or how it connects to your purpose then your life will feel empty and all of your efforts will be in vain. Your purpose is the ultimate dream that you are trying to achieve. This is what is going to bring you the most fulfillment, deepest satisfaction, and feelings of being complete. If you want help identifying your purpose try this quick exercise.


Take some time this week to get to know yourself by:
  • Journaling
  • Reflective thinking
  • Examining your thoughts
  • Reviewing your triggers
  • Studying yourself (thought patterns and behaviors)

Why are you here?

Do this exercise with me. Grab a piece of paper (or your journal) and a pencil and write down at the top of the page, WHY AM I HERE? Now write down everything that comes to your mind no matter how big or small it seems.

Once that is complete review everything that you've written and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself "Am I living this right now? In which area of my life is this being applied?" If you believe that you're here to change lives and influence your culture. How are you doing that now? Have you started? Are you involved in your community in any way? Are you apart of any organization that allows you to grow in your leadership abilities? If you haven't started where can you start? How can you start actualizing this goal today?

There is nothing sadder than dying with business ideas, unwritten books, unreleased music, and underdeveloped skills all because you were too afraid to take risks and believe in yourself. There's nothing worse than dying with untapped potential left inside of you!

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My friend, one thing I know about you is that this is not how your story ends. You're here because you want to turn your goals into reality. You're here because you know that life has more in store for you. You're here because it's time to live your life on purpose and fight for your mission.

My Story

I remember just a few years ago I was dreaming about doing the things that I do now. I wanted to help people maximize their life and develop themselves so that they could attain the levels of success they dreamed of but I was too afraid to start. I doubted myself, my ability to lead, my ideas, and honestly, I thought who is really going to listen to me? I didn't know where to start, fear was eating me alive and so I chose to procrastinate.

I told myself excuses like "you're not ready yet, you don't know what you're doing, and you don't have enough experience or knowledge to share". I would have kept quiet and you probably wouldn't know me today if it wasn't for one of my mentors who reminded me that I am here, on earth, to help people like myself, with big dreams, cultivate their greatness and achieve their God-given destiny.

Everything that I needed to get started and be successful was exactly what I had. Everything that I knew and had experience doing was exactly what I needed to share with you. I didn't need to know everything or have it all together. I just needed to take action!

Free Download: How To Create Realistic Goals

Now 19 months later look at what I've been able to accomplish! Within a few months of launching my blog, I started getting inquiries from people from around the world including places like America, Europe, and Africa who were looking for opportunities to work with me! Can you believe it?! I know! I still feel like I'm living a dream!

This is what birthed my online program 6 Weeks 1 Goal where I help people to get clear on their goals, learn and implement proven principles that work to get sustainable results and I provide direct support and feedback to help them stay on track to maximize their life.

I also started getting speaking engagements, business opportunities, and writing gigs! Lol if I shared all of the offers I've received since starting this blog you would be like "What in the world!? How did that happen?" Haha! I've had all types of doors begin to open and the truth is, this can be your experience too!

Stop Dreaming & Start Doing!

If you don't allow fear to silence your voice and kill your dreams you can turn your goals into reality! There are no limits to what you can achieve! Stop doubting if your vision is possible because it is. Stop questioning whether or not you can do it because you can. STOP looking for validation or approval because you already have everything you need to be successful right now in your in hands.

It's time to take action. The only bridge between where you are and where you want to be in action. No one can do it for you and no one can stop you from crossing it. You have to take one step at a time and make it happen.

"I want to see your passion in action"
- Tee Forever

What do you want?

When I started my goal crushing journey I had to dig deep and ask myself "Tee, what exactly do you want? Aside from surface level things like money, influence, and knowledge, deep down, what is important to you?"

For some people, their deepest desire is to get married and have kids. They can't wait to experience this because they think once they have it they will feel complete, understood, and accepted and they won't' have to experience life alone anymore. What is it for you? What do you think that if you accomplished it, it would make you feel complete? Write it down.

Now, what if I told you the one thing that you think you want isn't actually what is going to bring you the freedom and deep satisfaction that you want to feel? What would you think? You would probably say I'm crazy, right? Lol well, listen to this. The feeling you think you're going to get from getting what you want or being "successful" is something you can start feeling now.

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You don't need more money to feel at peace, you don't need to be married with 2 kids living in a beautiful home to be happy, and you don't need anything external to feel successful and satisfied. You can have these feelings now without the perfect living conditions or the thing that you want. Do you believe me?

If this doesn't make sense just hit play and start listening to the podcast starting at about 19 minutes and I will explain this to you in detail!


Knowing your purpose is easier than you think. It's not something that you have to find outside of yourself, it's something that you discover about yourself. Spend time getting to know yourself, understand why you're here on earth, and get clear on exactly what you want to get out of your life!

I hope you got a lot out of today's episode. I'm so happy that you chose to spend time with me! Don't forget to subscribe so that you don't miss a post. Until next time xo, it's your girl

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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