10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

August 26, 2019

Alright so welcome back! If you're new here, welcome! I am Theresa, my friends call me Tee so feel free to do the same. I help women who struggle with self-discipline and procrastination take action on their business & lifestyle goals so that they can have more independence and really just create the life that they want. Unlike many who tell you achieving your goals takes a lot of time, I show you how to hit your goals in 90 days or less using proven strategies and this is why this blog exists. It's all about helping you to actualize your goals by taking action and using strategies that actually work!

Before we jump into anything I need to ask you...what happened to the goals you said you were going to achieve by the end of THIS year? Are you still pursuing them or have you given up? Are you still fired up and excited to get it done or do you feel discouraged?

If you fall under any of these categories I want to help you. We only have about 4 months left of this year and I believe that is more than enough time to get it done so I want to invite you to join the waitlist for how to turn your goals into reality. This is an online program that I will create with you. We will walk step-by-step through the process of achieving your biggest lifestyle and business goals this way you can get on with your life and move on to crushing bigger and better goals! Can I get an amen?! Alright now let's get into it!

I can bet that no matter how well you already know me there are at least 10 things you don't know about me! I thought it would be fun to share them with you and hear what your biggest surprises are so if you're ready, let's get right into it, the first one is...

I have 3 siblings

That's right. I am the second oldest amongst my 3 siblings. I have an older sister who is the BOMB! She's really supportive, loving, and just down to earth. I remember when we used to live together I would try to sneak around her room and borrow her clothes when she wasn't looking because we were almost the same size. Lol! Now, I don't have to sneak around because she gives me the clothes that don't fit or that she doesn't wear anymore which are like fancy dresses, stylish jeans, and all of these really dope swagged out stuff so I THANK GOD for an older sister LOL! I also have 2 younger brothers who are generous and loving as well. They are helpful, extremely caring and gentle. I am honored to know them and truly I feel blessed.

From left to right: Youngest brother Jessy, Me, Troy, Valrie

I don't know my dad

Now this is where things get a little deep. I have heard many stories about the nice person my dad was and how much he loved me but I have no memory of him and don't really know what he looks like. I remember once when I was about 9 years old I spoke to him on the phone and he told me I am his one in a million but I didn't understand what that meant at the time. I don't want you to feel sorry for me though because although I wasn't raised by my biological dad I did have an amazing father figure who I consider to be my dad and he was the BEST role model I could ask for!

My mom passed when I was 15

This means that by societies standards I am technically an orphan. I don't know my biological dad and my mom passed away when I was a teenager. What a terrible life, right? No. To be honest with you, I believe that having these circumstances present in my life is what helped me to understand myself better and get to know God in an intimate relationship that I probably wouldn't have been interested in if I had a different story.

From left to right: My sister Valrie, Me, Mom, and  Troy

I did not like reading in highschool

Lol okay, now I know that I am the personal development and goal achievement guru but I was not always this person! When I was in high school I did not enjoy reading at all! I would do it because I had to but I preferred writing and being creative. Although I got a 90 in English class which is pretty high, it's about an A/A+ in Canada I really enjoyed drama and dance class!

I won a $10 Indigo gift card in highschool

I love fish tacos

Now, if you follow me on social media and watch my live stories this one might be a little obvious lol! I absolutely LOVE fish tacos. My favorite is from Joey's Restuarant (I also like their apple pie) they have a special sauce they include with cilantro and shrimp. It's delicious! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it right now lol. Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant or visit somewhere new if they have fish tacos on the menu it's mine!

Fish tacos from one of my favorite restaurants Joey's

I used to want 7 kids

I know! I was crazy right!? Lol, before I got married and had my first daughter Layah I told myself that I wanted 7 kids. Don't ask, I don't know what I was thinking lol. Yes, I still believe that it would be fun to be around 7 kids, to love and play with everyone, but with running my full-time business, having 3 kids already and other things that I have going on I don't want to make the necessary time commitment that having 7 kids requires. Plus, I know there are millions of orphans in the world so I want to love, support, and help as many as I can! Maybe this will be my non-traditional way of "adopting". More on this below, keep reading!

Baby Michael (newborn), Maya with her finger in her mouth (2 years old), & Layah my oldest (4 years old)

I want to develop orphanages

One of my big life goals is to plant orphanages around the world starting in Africa! I have actually started doing research into how much this would cost and options for the best way to do this and you would be surprised, it's not as expensive as you are probably thinking. This is something I will do because I believe that children are a gift from God and there are so many out in the world who just need a little bit of love. That's it. They just need someone to guide them and show them that anything is possible in life so I've made it my goal to start orphanages and to support the ones that are out there doing amazing things and making a difference in these kids lives.

I want to adopt

My husband and I agreed before we got married that we wanted to adopt. Now we have 3 biological kids who are natural leaders full of spunk and energy. Their totally fun to be around and I absolutely love them however, I haven't lost my desire to adopt. We might do it, we might not. For me, it depends on how my orphanage projects work out. Once these are up and running I feel like those kids will naturally become a part of my family so I might not need to actually adopt a child in the traditional sense. Let's wait and see what happens with this.

I spend less than 1 hour/week watching t.v

Call me crazy but I am very intentional about how I use my time. After I learned the principle of converting time into something beneficial I changed my relationship with time which changed how I use time. Time is meant to be converted into something useful. It can be tangible or intangible but it should add value to your life. Instead of spending hours watching t.v I invest my time in things like developing myself, connecting with my kids, developing strong relationships with my friends and people I care about, and simply enjoying my life. I take walks outside and I learn something that challenges my perspective every day. Why? Because I believe life is meant to be lived not wasted and time is the essence of life.

I am an ENFJ

For anyone who is familiar with the 16 personality types you know exactly what I'm talking about here! If not, here's a little history, the personality types test was created by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katharine Briggs in the 1960s. Their theories were based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung and it helps you to build self-awareness and to strengthen relationships in your life. The test reveals that I am extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging which means I enjoy being social, connecting with people, and leading by example which is how I inspire others to grow. This is exactly how I run my business and it spills into how I live my life! This is because it's apart of who I am. Discovering this about myself has helped me to figure out how I can best serve the world and I believe that it will do the same for you. If you are not familiar with your personality type I highly recommend that you take the test.


I hope you enjoyed connecting with me today and let me know the one thing that absolutely blew you out of the water! What are you surprised to know about me? I also want you to take the personality test and let me know what you discover about yourself! Until next time, your girl

Theresa Forever

Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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The DNA of People Who Master Life

August 19, 2019

If you've been following me for any amount of time you know that I absolutely love personal development! I'm constantly engaged in activities that not only challenge me to grow mentally, emotionally, and physically but I also enjoy expanding my perspective of the world. So today we're talking all about world leaders like Winston Churchhill, Abraham Lincoln, and Harriet Tubman! Yes! We are going deep y'all! But before we get into the nitty-gritty I want to invite you to fill out this quick survey.

Don't worry! You won't have to share any personal information. The purpose of this survey is for me to get to know you a little better! It only has 2 questions and it will only take you about 5 minutes or less! This is your opportunity to share what you want to hear from me and this will help me to serve you better! Alright now, let's get into it!

Recently, I've become obsessed with the idea of life mastery. The main objective is that we move from being students who are always learning and we graduate to becoming teachers or masters who begin to take action and put into practice the information we already have. This seems like a pretty simple concept, right? When you start applying it your life will significantly improve!

Applied Knowledge Is Power

I'm sure you've heard many people talk about how knowledge is power and why it's important to always be learning, but I want to challenge this idea. The true power in knowledge is only unlocked when you APPLY the knowledge that you have.

If we only take in more and more knowledge what good will this produce in our life? What is the result of all of the time we put into learning if it doesn't add value to our life or the people around us? NOTHING! Right? Knowledge is meant to help us cultivate our greatness, produce better results, and work smarter, but if we don't use it, it is useless.

Unused knowledge will only puff us up and lead us to say things like "I know this already" but the truth is if we know something to be true and we really understand it's value we would be doing everything we can to live by it. So by the basic fact that we are not applying things that we know would improve our life shows that we don't actually understand them.

Only when we take the valuable lessons that we have read about and put them into practice in our own lives and encourage others to do the same is when we really tap into the true power of knowledge. The number one most common trait among the people who master life like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, and Abraham Lincoln is that they all applied the knowledge they had to improve their communities to bring about change which affected their generation.

The Magic Formula

Exceptional character + applied knowledge = life mastery. As humans, we are continually evolving. When you review the DNA of the people who have mastered life you will see that age, location, and economics have almost no relevance to their success. You will also see that they weren't necessarily striving for success in the way that most people define it.

They were motivated by their internal convictions. They had a strong sense of self-respect, vision, and what was possible for the world. They didn't set out to master any one specific thing like self-discipline or time management. All they wanted to do was make a difference in their community. Do you see that?

Bruce Lee said, "knowledge will give you power, but character respect." The reason why we value and appreciate many of these world leaders is not only because of what they have done but because of WHO they were and what they represent for us. Their lives and memory serve as a reminder of the type of people we all aspire to be so let's take a look at their DNA.

Life Mastery 101: Self-Acceptance

At the foundation of life mastery is self-acceptance. You can not lead others if you can't lead yourself. The power of people who master life is that they have learned how to lead themselves. They have practiced the art of self-discipline. They are not misguided by their feelings or distracted by what they see. They are intentional about what they want and through self-mastery, they become masters of life.

Have A Higher Vision For Yourself

They are driven by a higher vision. I like to call this their purpose. They see things that others can't or refuse to see. They are not led by people's opinions, expectations, or bad example. They see possibilities and areas of improvement and they create it no matter how long it takes.

Be Resourceful

They are resourceful. they use what they have, who they know, and what they know to get the job done. They don't strive for perfection all they want to see is progress. They aren't caught up trying to impress others all they want is results.

Lead by example

People who master life are those who lead by example. Instead of playing the victim, making excuses and justifying why they aren't able to do something instead they show others how it's done. Martin Luther King Jr said "if you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl, but by all means, keep moving." You can always find a way to get things done and although you might not have had the best role models you can choose to lead by example.

Develop Your Gift of Curiosity

Albert Einstein said, "I have no special talents I am just passionately curious". Curiosity and being a life long learner/explorer is gold. If you want to master life choose to always be learning. Anywhere you go be the first person to ask questions. Don't worry about looking silly or ignorant. It sounds simple but truly, no question is a silly question. The more you ask, the better you will understand which will produce stronger results.

Practice Deep Thinking

When you look at the practices of the people who have mastered life you will see that they had a habit of deep thinking. This isn't reflective thinking, this is thinking with the intention to understand why something is the way that it is in order to attempt to find a relative solution. Mother Teresa said, "if you want to change the world, go home and love your family." Do you think she came up with this by coincidence? No. She wanted to understand how the world got to what it is and how we can all start making a difference right where we are.

Learn & Teach

People who master life are teachers and students all in one. They love learning and they also love teaching which is demonstrated in their ability to lead others by example. Their life serves as a standard or a call to action. It's almost like by their example they invite us all to be better, love more, and create more unity in the world.

Take Risks

Oprah said, "I believe that one of lives greatest risks is never daring to risk." If you want to master your life you have to take risks. Be open to trying new things. Allow yourself to think differently. Choose to experience the adventures that life has to offer you instead of choosing the path of least resistance. Trust me my friend, developing your greatness requires that you take risks.

Find Valuable Lessons In Every Experience

I read a Chinese proverb that said, "learning is a treasure that will follow it's owner everywhere". People who enjoy learning can turn everything into a valuable lesson. Barak Obama said, "if you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress". Choose to learn from your experiences, the experiences of others, and the world around you.

Add Value to others

If you want to master your life focus on adding value to others. Think of ways that you can create a better environment, community, workplace, family, and so on for the people around you. Instead of focusing on people's shortcomings and downfalls, choose to celebrate their growth, progress, and potential!

Believe in possibilities

Everyone who masters life believes that it is possible. They believe in themselves and in the good of others. Mother Teresa said, "if you judge people you have no time to love them". If you want to really be among the greats and master your life you must see yourself living what seems impossible to others and encourage others to see this for themselves! Accept and reach for your "higher calling" which is your purpose, and believe in the greatness of others.


Life mastery is not something that is set aside for elite performers or brilliant minds. It's available to you right now. If you want to master your life just go for it. Lead by example, be resourceful, add value to others, and live your dreams.

I want to invite you to join me as I create my very first online course called How to Turn Goals Into Reality. This is going to be a step-by-step guide providing you with the exact support and accountability that you need to follow through on your goals and overcome procrastination. If this is something you're interested in sign up here. Until next time,

Theresa Forever

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How To Take Action Even When You Struggle With Procrastination

August 12, 2019

Walt Disney said, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing"  so today we're talking all about how to take action even when you're afraid, don't feel inspired and straight-up want to procrastinate! If you struggle with any of these things you'll want to listen to this entire episode because it's GOOD!

One thing that I say often over on Instagram is "stop dreaming and start doing". By the way, if you are not already following me go ahead and hit that blue button! The reason why I say this often is because taking action is the bridge that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. I can give you all of the strategies in the world, but if you don't start taking action you will not get any closer to your goal. Many of you have big goals and you are continually working on yourself, reading books, developing your strengths, looking for mentors, and doing all of the necessary things that are good and have value in them, but you're neglecting one essential ingredient and that's taking action.

Let's Keep It Real

Before we get into anything let me just tell you right now, I totally get it! I know that crushing your goal is not easy. A few years ago I was exactly where you are. Struggling to hit my goals, feeling frustrated, and completely confused. I would plan and never fully execute my plans. I had a strong desire to crush my goals, but I lacked the necessary commitment.

I knew what I was capable of but I thought developing my potential would be too much work. I didn't mind getting more knowledge because I enjoy reading and learning new things. The problem is I barely applied any of the information and to tell you the truth, I could hardly remember most of what I read much less apply it! Lol! Reading self-help books doesn't work unless you actually go out and DO something.

Get out of your comfort zone

The way to achieve your goals even if you struggle with procrastination is to choose voluntary discomfort. When you start doing things that don't come naturally to you, you begin to grow. When you engage in conversations that elevate your thinking you open yourself up to new possibilities. When you choose to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, you embrace a fresh perspective!

Trying new things, seeing new places and interacting with people who think differently than you will feel strange and you might even feel vulnerable, but this is okay! All this means is that you're getting out of your comfort zone. This is where your transformation begins. This, my friend, is what will take your life up to the next level!


Surround yourself with people who are doing what you what to do in the future and who also have the character you want to develop. This is the easiest way to remind yourself of who you are becoming and what you will achieve if you stay committed. When you surround yourself with constant reminders of what your future can look like it's easier to stay in the fighting ring when life starts whooping your butt!

When you know that in the end, you will become disciplined, focused, and strong you won't easily give up on your goals. When you see other people displaying the characteristics that you want to embody one day it shows you that IT IS POSSIBLE! Surround yourself with a vision of what is possible by choosing to be around people who are exactly what you aspire to be and have done the things you aspire to do.

Face Your Fears

I know a lot of people who say fear is just a feeling, we can just ignore fear, or it doesn't exist. The truth is, fear is very real and it can actually stop us from taking action. I heard this quote about a year ago and it's changed the way that I see fear. The unknown writer said, "fear is temporary, regret is forever". Take a second to think about that. Fear is a temporary experience that only becomes permanent when we choose to allow it to determine our decision(s).

So what are you going to allow to dictate your life? Fear or your life vision? When we give in to fear we are choosing to say "no" to our goals. When we say "no" to our goals we're saying "yes" to a lifetime of regret. 
One quote that I remind myself of all of the time is "we can choose to suffer the pain of discipline or we can suffer the pain of regret." That is what this comes down to. We can either say "yes" to fear and allow it to dictate the course of our life or we can shut it down and move in the opposite direction.

Action brings clarity

When you begin to take action, trust yourself, be resourceful, and get out there you'll begin to see progress in your life. It's not about being quick and getting fast results. Crushing your goals takes time. It's about life mastery. It's about personal development. It's about creating something beautiful with the knowledge, experience, skills, and training that you currently have.

One of my mentors shared a cool analogy with me yesterday. She said achieving any goal is like working out in the gym. Progress comes one day at a time, one exercise at a time, and one decision at a time. There are no quick overnight results. You won't start seeing your muscles develop until you're a few months into a consistent routine of working out. The more consistent you are the stronger your results will be. It's exactly the same process with our goals. The more you take action, the more you make consistent steps toward your goals and work on the right things you will create momentum and your success will be unavoidable!

"The temporary seduction of fear will rob you of the future you were born to create."
- Tee Forever

Can I tell you a secret?

No matter how much work you do on yourself or how much personal growth you experience you will never feel 100% ready to crush your goals. You also will never have perfect circumstances before you get started. It doesn't matter how many experts pour into you, how many books you read, or how much experience you have. Being ready and making time to pursue your goals is a choice.
Do you think I was 100% ready when I got married? Nope! Do you think I was super confident and prepared when I had Layah (my oldest daughter)? Smh, not even close! How about when I started my podcast? Do you think I did a ton of research, felt 100% ready and knew this was my time to shine? Lol, of course, I had doubts! The key is to not allow your feelings, thoughts, and circumstances to define you, but instead to use what you have and start where you are.

Learn & Grow

Right now I want you to think about the goal you've been carrying around with you for over a year. How do you feel when you think about it? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Maybe anxious? Just relax. Take a deep breathe and consider the first steps you would need to take to get the ball rolling. Is there anyone that you know right now, that could help you? What resources do you have access to?

Think about what's possible, start being resourceful, and take action. Learn as you go. Apply what you already know. Put into practice the things that you know will be beneficial to your success. Wake up early, go to bed on time, take care of yourself, and live a life full of adventure. Don't waste your time looking for perfection. Start now with what you have and create the things that you want in life. 


Do everything you can possibly think of to prepare then get started right away. Just go. Experiment with the knowledge you have. Take note of what works well and what you need to change. Don't overthink, over-prepare, or over consult. This will only leave you with more questions than answers. Prepare as much as you can for your first step and then make it happen before moving on to the next thing. 

I have something super special that I am working and I need a few founding members! I will tell you about it very soon, but until next time subscribe to never miss a post and get out there and start taking action. Xo!

Theresa Forever

Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Business

August 5, 2019

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur even if you've only been in business for less than a week I'm sure you've already heard people say things like "the customer is always right, under promise and over deliver, give it 110%, practice the 80/20 rule" and so much more, right? Well, there is much more to business than these cliches and today I'm sharing the 6 things I wish someone told me before I started my business. Are you ready? Let's go!

Generating money is based on value

From the moment we are born to the day we decide we want to start a business we are groomed to think and behave like an employee. All throughout our life, we are taught that if we work harder we will "earn" more or get promoted faster, but this is not how business works.

Your client doesn't care if you put 12 hours into working on things like a sales page, lead magnets, creating your product, and so on. What they are looking for is something (a product or service) that solves their immediate problem(s). They want to work with someone they know, like, and trust. They want to know that you are able to help them get from point A (where they are stuck now) to point B (their goal/dream life).

Doing more work, creating more products, and investing more time into your business does not guarantee a bigger paycheque. Providing value to your market, showing up for your clients and going the extra mile is what will lead to more profit. Focusing on your key performance indicators (KPI's) and completing your primary money-generating tasks or projects is what will increase your sales. So, it's not about the amount of work or effort you put into your business but instead, it's about putting your time and energy into things that directly affect your clients and generate revenue for you.

Anything is possible for you in business

As a business owner, the success or failure of your business is 100% up to you. Wayne Huizenga an American businessman and entrepreneur said: "some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen."

Nothing and no one is stopping you from creating the level of success that you dream of in your business. Having a lack of knowledge, skills, and resources are all things that you can find a solution to. In business, anything is possible as long as you keep an open mind and chose to be resourceful.

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You are the magic pill in your business

If your business is thriving it's because of you and if your business is not where you want it to be it's because of you. This is good news! It allows you to stop being a victim of circumstances and take charge of your business to turn it into exactly what you dreamed it would be.

One thing I want you to keep in mind as you read this is that YOU ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS! The results you get in your business do not determine the quality of WHO you are. Your business is an extension of what you do and has no relevance to your identity. Got it? Good!

There is no magic formula to succeed in business. You are the magic formula. You are the source that will take your business from one level to the next. You are the commander and chief whose passion and vision will light the way through all of the noise.

"Pray like it all depends on God, then after you are done, go work like it all depends on you." - Martin Luther

You got this!

Don't take yourself too seriously

I'll be honest, this is something I am still learning. Although I'm usually pretty light-hearted and playful when it comes to business I take myself very seriously and I used to have a fear of public failure.

Almost everything you do in your business is public. Although your audience doesn't know the exact results or impact of your launch it can sometimes feel like if you didn't hit your goal you failed and everybody knows. This is so not true, but I used to feel this way.

Business is really about having fun, learning new things, and experimenting. Failure or not hitting your goals is apart of the journey. Yes! You will make plenty of mistakes, drop the ball, and feel like you're starting all over again, but the truth is you're starting from a higher vantage point because your previous experience taught you some valuable lessons that you needed to learn. The next time you set out to hit the same goal you will do things better and therefore get better results! Yes, it is that simple! Failing doesn't mean stop, it means try it again another way.

In the book Failing Forward by John Maxwell, he does an amazing job at helping us to realize that failure is a good thing and it's apart of growing so in business choose to fail fast, fail quickly, and fail forward.

Your business is not your baby

It's not, and this is GREAT! I mean, why would you want your businenss to be your baby anyway? Baby's require constant attention. If you think about your business as you're baby you'll spend every waking hour keeping up with your business. You'll wake up early and stay up late. This doesn't sound like the fun business that you quit your 9-5 to create, does it?

When you think about your business as your baby you'll want to have your hands in everything, you will be overworked and underpaid, and you'll try to manage everything without actually taking charge of your business and leading your team to the next victory. However, when you think of your business as a machine or an independent source outside of you that can maintain itself you allow it to have the freedom it needs to grow.

In order for your business to be independent so that you can have more freedom in your life, it needs structure which includes systems, processes, and an established team. There are other dynamics that you can include but these are the basics to get your business off to the right start.

keep things simple

There are only 2 major things you need to focus on in your business.

1. Creating an audience.
2. Solving their problem.

Business is simple. You don't need to know every business strategy to be successful. All you need is to the right audience and then serve them well. You don't need the fancy plug-ins, business cards, logos, or even a WEBSITE! All you need is to attract the right audience and solve their problem.

Show them that you have the solution to their biggest frustration(s). Help them to overcome their obstacles. Make them feel confident in themselves so that they take action to change their lives and help them to see that you are or have the solution to their problem. When you do this they will gladly pay you whatever your rate is, trust me!

Bonus: Slow & Steady Wins The Race

It's not about how fast you attain your business goals, it's about the journey! I know you hear a lot of stories about people who go from $0 to $120,000 in their first year of business or people who had no one on their email list and grew it to over 1,000 people. All of these stories are absolutely amazing and it's inspiring to hear them, however, if this is not your experience in business you should not feel discouraged or think that entrepreneurship is not for you.

The truth is, your journey is unique to you. The lessons you learn and the progress you make is 100% up to you. We've been program our whole life to think like employees and so when it comes to creating our dream business, attracting the right audience, and creating an irresistible offer that solves their problem we don't always know what we're doing and therefore might find it challenging to create consistent income. This is okay and it's apart of the journey!

One of my business mentors spent 4 years struggling to generate income in his business and now 12 years later he is a multi-millionaire! If he had quite in his 3 years of struggling he would have never gotten to this level of success and he wouldn't be who he is today.


Don't give up on your business and don't give up on yourself. All 6 of these things are things that I struggled with in my business and have overcome and I'm challenging you to do the same.

Your business is not your baby so give it the structure it needs to be successful. You are the secret sauce in your business so stop trying to build your business from a place of overwhelm and stress. Enjoy your journey and know that success is waiting for you to evolve into who you need to be! Don't forget to subscribe, until next time, it's your girl

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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