How To Take Action Even When You Struggle With Procrastination

August 12, 2019

Walt Disney said, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing"  so today we're talking all about how to take action even when you're afraid, don't feel inspired and straight-up want to procrastinate! If you struggle with any of these things you'll want to listen to this entire episode because it's GOOD!

One thing that I say often over on Instagram is "stop dreaming and start doing". By the way, if you are not already following me go ahead and hit that blue button! The reason why I say this often is because taking action is the bridge that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. I can give you all of the strategies in the world, but if you don't start taking action you will not get any closer to your goal. Many of you have big goals and you are continually working on yourself, reading books, developing your strengths, looking for mentors, and doing all of the necessary things that are good and have value in them, but you're neglecting one essential ingredient and that's taking action.

Let's Keep It Real

Before we get into anything let me just tell you right now, I totally get it! I know that crushing your goal is not easy. A few years ago I was exactly where you are. Struggling to hit my goals, feeling frustrated, and completely confused. I would plan and never fully execute my plans. I had a strong desire to crush my goals, but I lacked the necessary commitment.

I knew what I was capable of but I thought developing my potential would be too much work. I didn't mind getting more knowledge because I enjoy reading and learning new things. The problem is I barely applied any of the information and to tell you the truth, I could hardly remember most of what I read much less apply it! Lol! Reading self-help books doesn't work unless you actually go out and DO something.

Get out of your comfort zone

The way to achieve your goals even if you struggle with procrastination is to choose voluntary discomfort. When you start doing things that don't come naturally to you, you begin to grow. When you engage in conversations that elevate your thinking you open yourself up to new possibilities. When you choose to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, you embrace a fresh perspective!

Trying new things, seeing new places and interacting with people who think differently than you will feel strange and you might even feel vulnerable, but this is okay! All this means is that you're getting out of your comfort zone. This is where your transformation begins. This, my friend, is what will take your life up to the next level!


Surround yourself with people who are doing what you what to do in the future and who also have the character you want to develop. This is the easiest way to remind yourself of who you are becoming and what you will achieve if you stay committed. When you surround yourself with constant reminders of what your future can look like it's easier to stay in the fighting ring when life starts whooping your butt!

When you know that in the end, you will become disciplined, focused, and strong you won't easily give up on your goals. When you see other people displaying the characteristics that you want to embody one day it shows you that IT IS POSSIBLE! Surround yourself with a vision of what is possible by choosing to be around people who are exactly what you aspire to be and have done the things you aspire to do.

Face Your Fears

I know a lot of people who say fear is just a feeling, we can just ignore fear, or it doesn't exist. The truth is, fear is very real and it can actually stop us from taking action. I heard this quote about a year ago and it's changed the way that I see fear. The unknown writer said, "fear is temporary, regret is forever". Take a second to think about that. Fear is a temporary experience that only becomes permanent when we choose to allow it to determine our decision(s).

So what are you going to allow to dictate your life? Fear or your life vision? When we give in to fear we are choosing to say "no" to our goals. When we say "no" to our goals we're saying "yes" to a lifetime of regret. 
One quote that I remind myself of all of the time is "we can choose to suffer the pain of discipline or we can suffer the pain of regret." That is what this comes down to. We can either say "yes" to fear and allow it to dictate the course of our life or we can shut it down and move in the opposite direction.

Action brings clarity

When you begin to take action, trust yourself, be resourceful, and get out there you'll begin to see progress in your life. It's not about being quick and getting fast results. Crushing your goals takes time. It's about life mastery. It's about personal development. It's about creating something beautiful with the knowledge, experience, skills, and training that you currently have.

One of my mentors shared a cool analogy with me yesterday. She said achieving any goal is like working out in the gym. Progress comes one day at a time, one exercise at a time, and one decision at a time. There are no quick overnight results. You won't start seeing your muscles develop until you're a few months into a consistent routine of working out. The more consistent you are the stronger your results will be. It's exactly the same process with our goals. The more you take action, the more you make consistent steps toward your goals and work on the right things you will create momentum and your success will be unavoidable!

"The temporary seduction of fear will rob you of the future you were born to create."
- Tee Forever

Can I tell you a secret?

No matter how much work you do on yourself or how much personal growth you experience you will never feel 100% ready to crush your goals. You also will never have perfect circumstances before you get started. It doesn't matter how many experts pour into you, how many books you read, or how much experience you have. Being ready and making time to pursue your goals is a choice.
Do you think I was 100% ready when I got married? Nope! Do you think I was super confident and prepared when I had Layah (my oldest daughter)? Smh, not even close! How about when I started my podcast? Do you think I did a ton of research, felt 100% ready and knew this was my time to shine? Lol, of course, I had doubts! The key is to not allow your feelings, thoughts, and circumstances to define you, but instead to use what you have and start where you are.

Learn & Grow

Right now I want you to think about the goal you've been carrying around with you for over a year. How do you feel when you think about it? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Maybe anxious? Just relax. Take a deep breathe and consider the first steps you would need to take to get the ball rolling. Is there anyone that you know right now, that could help you? What resources do you have access to?

Think about what's possible, start being resourceful, and take action. Learn as you go. Apply what you already know. Put into practice the things that you know will be beneficial to your success. Wake up early, go to bed on time, take care of yourself, and live a life full of adventure. Don't waste your time looking for perfection. Start now with what you have and create the things that you want in life. 


Do everything you can possibly think of to prepare then get started right away. Just go. Experiment with the knowledge you have. Take note of what works well and what you need to change. Don't overthink, over-prepare, or over consult. This will only leave you with more questions than answers. Prepare as much as you can for your first step and then make it happen before moving on to the next thing. 

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Theresa Forever

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