Achieve Your Goals In Less Time With Less Effort

September 2, 2019

Today we're talking all about how crushing your goals is actually WAY easier than you think! If you're new here welcome! I'm really excited that you came to join us! If you don't know, I help women who struggle with self-discipline and procrastination take action on their business & lifestyle goals so that they can have more independence (time and financial freedom) to create the life that they want.

Something I hear about often from my clients in the initial stages of our journey is about how HARD it is to hit your goals and how much TIME it takes to even begin seeing a few small results! They say things like "achieving my goal(s) requires too much work, it's really overwhelming and confusing..." and so on. The majority of people see goal achievement as being something that is hard to attain, no wonder why only 8% of people actually crush their goals! So today, I want to help you destroy these beliefs because I know that achieving your goals is easy!

Change is hard

Before we get into any of this I want to invite you to be open and to listen from a place of "I don't know anything" and to try on a students frame of mind. A lot of times what we do is when something contradicts our beliefs or what we think we know which is based on our experiences, things we've heard and been taught, and so on we resist it. Our first natural reaction is to push it away. This is why change is hard. This is why growth can take a lot of time. We don't want to give up our old ways of thinking that can be harmful to our progress. So I want to invite you to just be open because achieving your goals doesn't have to be as hard as you think it is.

Hitting Your Goals IS Not about the hustle

Hitting your goal is not about hustling hard and pushing yourself to do things that you hate like eating healthy. Don't believe me? Well, think about it, how many people do you know right now who hustle and put in countless hours, money, resources, and energy into crushing their goals only to fall short time and time again? There are TONS of people struggling to hit their lifestyle and business or career goals and create their dream life! Science shows that 91% of people do not hit their goals! So it's not about how much time or money you put into it.

This is about life mastery

Goal achievement is about one thing and one thing only, WHO you're becoming.  This is about developing your character, establishing your leadership skills, creating a vision for your life, and feeling a sense of purpose every day. When you pursue your goals you are on an adventure of a lifetime because you are beautifully becoming the person you were meant to be. It's about your personal transformation as you strive to attain this thing that is currently out of your reach. It is about life mastery!

Think about your circle of friends, 91% of them are not hitting their goals and are struggling to create the life and business that they want. Only 8% of people actually relentlessly pursue and hit their goals without settling in life. Why do you think this happens? How do they do it? Do you think maybe they're lucky? Maybe special? How about extremely smart? Maybe they have the right connections or they are extraordinary in some way? What do you think? If you believe any of these things let me tell you...

Good news

Lol, I hate to burst your bubble but people who hit their goals are just like you and me! They are not extra strategic, they didn't come from a special family, they don't know all of the right people, they are not extra disciplined, they are regular people just like us who decided they wanted something so they went for it. It's that simple. They achieved their goal by experimenting to see what works and what doesn't. They achieved their goal by taking imperfect action to create exactly what they want.

"Goal achievement is not about perfection, it's about making progress. It's not about having all of the answers, it's about finding them. It's not about having all of the opportunities, it's about creating them!" - Tee Forever

There is no magic formula

There are several ways to hit any goal. Let's say there are 5 people individually pursuing the same goal. They can find several ways to hit the goal and all of those ways will yield the same result. There is no wrong way of doing this. The reason why you're having a hard time getting lasting results is that you aren't evolving into the kind of person that can hit and sustain the goal you want!

The magic in this equation is you! You are the secret sauce, the power, the fire, the source of growth and progress in this equation. You are the one who will make or break your life. You are the one who needs work. Your goal is 100% possible, you just need to grow in order to hit it. This is the way to achieve your goal in less time with less effort. Become the person you know you are meant to be.

What Got you here won't get you there

To move from where you are to where you want to be you have to become someone different. You have to be open to changing, growing, and challenging yourself to reach new standards and ways of BEING. I hope you're getting this because this is a powerful life-changing idea that can really catapult your life!

Putting in work and doing things to hit the goal is apart of the process but it is not what makes the goal possible. The goal is possible because of WHO you are. I want you to think about someone you know who does not set goals. If they came to you tomorrow and said "I am going to successfully run for the presidency" what would you think? You would probably laugh, right? If not out loud you would in your mind because of their character.

Your Goals Are 100% possible

The goal is possible because of who you are BECOMING! The reason why we believe in and support great leaders is because of who they are and the same is true for you! I believe that your goals are 100% possible because if you are here, reading this blog, you're the kind of person who wants to exceed what you've done in the past. You want to reach new levels of personal and business achievement and experience life mastery! You want to become the full person that God created you to be because you know there is more for you to experience, have, and become!

One thing that I do with all of my clients is instill in them the belief that their goals are 100% possible. During our initial consultation, I test how much they actually believe in their goal and if I see they are not fully convinced or committed then I know right off the bat that we aren't a good fit.

Success Vs. Failure

People who have big goals but don't take personal responsibility for their life or who they are will never experience the full satisfaction and self-respect that come from personal growth and goal achievement because they are not ready. People who focus on potential danger and things that can go wrong instead of seeing all of the possibilities available to them are people who will remain stuck in procrastination and failure.

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No matter how many amazing life-changing tools and resources they have or how much support they get(even with access to the best team, coaches, and strategy) if they don't believe in themselves and the goal they want to hit they won't get the results. This is why 91% of people fail. But not you! Crushing your goal is easier than you think because all you need is a few simple things:

The Character of Winners


If you want to easily crush your goals all you need to do is focus on one course/path until you succeed. No matter what your goal is whether that's to start a business, increase sales, complete your book, or start/support orphanages around the world (like I do) all you need to do is focus on one course of action, one strategy at a time.

What I hear a lot from my clients is how they tried so many different things to get results like, reading this book, going to that conference, studying this training series, and working with that coach. These things are great, we need to be continually investing in our personal development and learning because it's a way of life, however, you will not get the full benefit of any strategy if you're trying them all at the same time (ouu that's good, I'm going to repeat that)! You will not get the full benefit of any strategy if you're trying them all at the same time!

Focus, focus, focus! One Strategy at a time and give the strategy enough time to work in your life/business. Listen to the podcast for examples.


People who achieve their goals easily trust themselves and God and they choose to enjoy the process. We all know that God can do anything and with Him all things are possible. So we believe and know that He has a plan for us and He works all things out for our good. Although we know this, it doesn't always translate into self-confidence. 

We forget that God, the creator made us in His image. So if He can do anything so can we! I mean, we have limits, don't get it twisted, we are not God but He has given us the ability to create so every day we are either creating a life that is aligned with what we want and where we want to go or we're doing the opposite.

If we don't believe in ourself we won't take the necessary steps to move closer to our goal(s). When we are stuck in fear and self-doubt we don't get to experience the results that are waiting for us once we hit our goals. This leads to a cycle of frustration and compromise that ultimately causes most people to settle for a life that is average and way below what they're capable of. Hit play to hear about how I almost did this in my own life!

A picture of me at one of my first paid speaking events


Many times when I first start working with clients they say things like, "I didn't know where to start so I didn't do anything, my goal was too big so I felt overwhelmed and I didn't do anything..." and so on. This is not the best perspective to hold because whatever you think about anything is what you will create and experience. Henry Ford said it best, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." This quote powerfully demonstrates the principles of trust (self-confidence) and action. They both work together. When you do one you are simultaneously doing the other.

Action brings clarity! When you start moving it's easier to make changes. I used to create plans on top of plans on top of plans! But I would fail at the execution because I rarely followed through on my plans lol! It was bad y'all! This is why I understand when people come to me and explain how much they are struggling to hit their goals. This is why I am able to help you turn your goals into reality. I used to be exactly where you are! #Struggling! Lol


Focus on pursuing your goals with your best effort. Trust God and trust that you are capable of achieving your goals. Enjoy the process don't get stuck complaining and comparing your life and progress to others. Most importantly, take action because action brings clarity! I hope that you enjoyed this episode! Don't forget to subscribe so that you don't miss a post and join our exclusive online community to be connected to like-minded goal-getters like you! Talk soon,

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