The Importance of Dreaming Big

September 9, 2019

Hey, what's up it's your girl Tee forever! If you're new here, welcome! I help women who struggle with self-discipline and procrastination take action on their business & lifestyle goals so that they can have more independence and really just create the life they want. Unlike many who tell you achieving your goals takes a lot of time, I show you how to hit your goals in 90 days or less using proven strategies.

Alright, so today we're talking all about dreaming big! We will cover things like why it's important, why most people don't do it and how you can start doing it today. If you are ready to take your dreams up to the next level this episode was made just for you. Hit play to take a listen!

What are your dreams?

Oprah said, "The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams." What do you see when you envision the life of your dreams? I read this quote about a month ago and it hasn't left my heart. I actually started journaling about it because I wanted to really uncover all of the specifics of what my dream life would look like.

During this process, I felt really peaceful and clear. Almost like I was becoming laser-focused and intentional and could actually see where I am going/what I will create while I'm here (alive). I wrote down things that I will be, do, and have. It was great!

I want to invite you to do the same. Write this quote down and journal about it. Ask yourself questions like what would I do if I were living the life of my dreams right now? Who would I help? How could I help them?  Who would I be? Would I be more disciplined? Maybe more committed? What would I have? How would my relationships feel? And so on. If you don't leave this exercise with a bigger life vision then you need to spend more time writing because this quote is deep! Trust me, do the work, then you will see exactly what I'm talking about!

Who will you become to achieve your dreams?

Something I am currently learning about having dreams and goals is that when you decide to take action and pursue them you are choosing to master yourself and ultimately become a master of life. Follow me because this is deep!

Making an effort to hit a goal opens the door for your goals to mold you into who you're meant to be. Your goal is a challenge that you have to develop yourself (internally and externally) to be able to accomplish. Without personal development like character growth and work ethic, you will remain at the mercy of whatever life throws your way. When you decide to take full responsibility for your life and create exactly what you envision you will change and so will everything around you.

3 reasons why most people don't dream big

Most people don't dream big because they want to fit in and be accepted. I recently read this funny quote that said, "sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring so I got back to being myself."  This is the story of my life! Lol! I can't do it. I don't want to do it. We all know that "normal" doesn't exist and STILL, we feel a social pressure to conform to what others are doing. Why?! Because we don't want to be rejected. It boils down to fear. Let me explain.

1. No one in our family has done it

Your goals are BIG! You have a huge life vision full of things you want to accomplish, people you want to help, and lives you want to transform. This is good! But how do you do it? Where do you start? How do you figure all of this out when you've never seen anyone in your family do it before?

This limitation is based on the past. Not necessarily your past but the general lineage (history) of your family. People think 'because my family has always done it this way I will naturally follow suit'. Many parents also subconsciously program their kids to think this way or put expectations on them to do what the family has always done which isn't always what they want.

The pressure to conform is REAL! Your family may not understand you because they don't dream as big as you do, but baby! You're in good company! If you were on the path to blending in, being normal, and settling for what life gave you then most people who are doing this would celebrate you, but when they question your choices and look at you funny when you say things like "I want to start a business, I want to impact the world for good, or I want to be a world leader" then you know you're doing something right!

2. our environment

We don't want to be judged, criticized, or rejected so we play small. We dumb down and minimize our brillance because we want to make others feel comfortable. We don't want our neighbors to feel like we think we know everything, we don't want our friends to feel like we are leaving them behind, and we don't want our community to think that we lost our MIND! Lol, right?! We want to be fit in so we dream small to match the perspective of the people we are around the most.

This limitation is based on the present. We allow our situation, the people around us, and the environment to dictate what we can have, who we can be, and what we can accomplish. We choose to settle for where we are in life and think we can maybe pursue our goals at a later time or we can make the best of what we have and just enjoy what we've been given. My friend, don't get it twisted. You are where you are because you have everything you need to create something bigger and better!

Being content in any situation is one thing, but becoming complacent and choosing to dream small because of your current reality is not contentment or gratitude. It's fear. Les Brown said, "too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears." Think about that and decide what you want. If you're reading this, like me, I know you want to live the life of your dreams so stop conforming!

3. self-doubt

We doubt our own ability to be great. We think we can't achieve the goal and therefore don't want to dream big. We limit ourselves to what we've seen before, what we've done in the past, and our current network and resources. We are afraid to dream big because we don't want to disappoint ourself.

This limitation is based on the future. We don't really know what we're capable of so we play small and do what feels comfortable. We hope things will get better and life will progress but we don't know how or when so we set small goals that we know how to achieve. Marianne Williamson said, "our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Don't allow fear to kill your potential. Don't allow fear to decide your future. Anything that has been done is something that you can do. It all starts with self-confidence.

"Normal is for people without any courage." - Unknown

2 reasons to start dreaming big

1. You were made to shine bright

Listen, you are a leader so stop shying away from your position. God planted big dreams in your heart for you to be an example of what's possible to others so shine! Do you think your goals are for you to become selfish and proud? No way! Dreaming big is about finding ways to serve others and help everyone around you to cultivate their greatness as well. This is an opportunity for you to challenge what's considered normal and call people to live at their highest level. Lead the pack. Go ahead and create your best life!

2. personal development

The challenges you face will mature you. Life is about learning and growing. When you stop growing you stop living. Eric Butterworth said, "don't go through life, GROW through life." Having big dreams challenges you to live every day with purpose, clarity, and intention. You were made for this!

how to dream big:

1. trust yourself

If you weren't capable of completing the dream/goal you wouldn't have it. Does that make sense? If you weren't currently equipped with everything you need to crush the goal it wouldn't be a dream for you. Sometimes we are so familiar with ourselves (flaws in all) and our big dreams that we think 'there is no way I can do this and someone else probably has the same goal so I'll sit back and let them do it', but the truth is we don't all have the same big dreams and you have this dream for a reason. The dream is yours to create in real life. The dream is yours to share with the world so take 100% responsibility for it and just start!

2. dream from your heart

3. Take action, make decisions, and live out the vision. God planted this vision in your heart so why are you afraid to pursue it? Hit play on the podcast and I will walk you through a quick exercise that will help you to dream big from your heart so that you can create a life that is aligned with your purpose.


Stop dreaming and start doing! You made it to the end of this so you must be serious about living the biggest adventure of your life, right? So don't waste any more time. Stop playing small, hoping, wishing, and waiting for your life and business to improve. If you're ready to start tackling your big goals sign up for how to turn your goals into reality.

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