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September 30, 2019

Hey! I did a FREE LIVE workshop last week! Were you there? If not you missed the BEST goal-achievement strategy for creating realistic goals even if you struggle with self-discipline! I mean, we covered things like how to create realistic goals even while struggling with self-discipline, I shared concrete, practical strategies for dealing with self-sabotage and fear, I gave you tools to create life mastery, and provided my biggest secrets for creating proven systems to hit your goals and BEYOND!

It was BANANAS! If you are interested in attending future FREE LIVE events and want to be notified sign up here!

Fan of the week shoutout

I recently received a DM (direct message) from someone named Tino (who is now my new brother!). He shared his story with me and explained that I inspire him to stay motivated as he overcomes one of the biggest challenges ANYONE can ever face. See, here's the thing, I get messages from people thanking me and sharing how my blog posts and podcast episodes help them to tackle obstacles like procrastination and overwhelm so that they can start getting tangible results from their goals, but I've never heard a story like his!

He was in an accident 1 year and 9 months ago that caused him to lose the ability to walk and talk! That's right! He had a life-changing experience that could have easily killed him, but he's still alive! AND the crazy inspiring things about all of this is that he is not just living and trying to survive, he has GOALS! He knows his life has a purpose and he is determined to live his dreams and BEYOND! He wants to experience life mastery even after everything he's gone through! This guy is a king!

He's not allowing his situation to determine his future experience of life. He's not looking back on the past with self-pity and frustration. He's not allowing the pain to become a crutch! He's using it as fuel to create the life he wants. He's using his story as a tool to inspire others that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Hit play to hear more about his story! He is incredible!

In this episode you will hear:

  • The frustration I experienced that birthed this blog and my business.
  • What I did when I started losing myself and sense of purpose.
  • How I regained clarity to turn my disappointments in life into life mastery.

Follow me on Spotify, let me hear your thoughts and leave a review on iTunes and as always stop dreaming and start doing! I promise this episode is juicy! Until next time. Your girl,

Theresa Forever

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