What Would You Do If You Had More Courage

November 25, 2019

If you had more courage what would you do with it? I mean, who would you help? What kind of goals would you set and crush? How big would you dream? What kind of life would you live? Most importantly...who would you become? This episode is POWERFUL I share a quick exercise you can do to unlock deeper courage you're going to want to hit play!

This is a question I've recently started journaling about and it's unlocked a powerful life vision for me to pursue and goals that I can't wait to share with you in another episode. These goals aren't powerful because they include my dream house, a lot of money, and being famous. Not even close. These goals are powerful because they help to move humanity forward.

Instead of setting small goals around my personal desires and furthering the establishment of things that already exist I want to do everything that I can to move humanity as a whole closer to walking together love, fighting for unity and equality, having total internal and external freedom which is revealed in how we treat each other. I want every individual living their God-given purpose and being all they are meant to be...100% FREE! What inspired this? None other than the man himself...

Nelson Mandela

Woouuu! Where do I start? This man along with a few other greats like Martin Luther King is the epitome of courage. With the courage Nelson Mandela had, he didn't limit his dream to only accommodate himself, his family, and his community/tribe. No, no, no, no, no. He used his courage to dream of a nation that was free of strong racial discrimination and pride. He used his courage to heal his nation of long-suffering and deep embedded hatred. His goal was to establish truth and conquer fear!

Nelson Mandela is a respected world leader not because of who his parents were or where he went to school, but because he had the courage to stand tall and speak up when everything around him told him to be quiet, he didn't matter, and it was impossible.

What is your dream?

Nelson Mandela said, "it always seems impossible until it's done." What is the BIG, crazy dream on your heart that feels impossible right now? What is the thing that if achieved would make the BIGGEST difference in your life, finances, community, business, and so on? What is the number one prayer that if answered right now would be a MIRACLE!?

Do you have it in your mind? Yes!? Okay good. Now grab your journal and WRITE IT DOWN! Write down what achieving that thing will do for your life and those around you. Write down why it seems impossible and 3 things you CAN do to get started or a few steps you can take that will bring you closer to hitting your goal.

Something I always remind myself of when I feel like I'm "in over my head" and my dreams are too big is that if it's been done before it can be repeated. All that means is if someone has achieved the same goal I currently have and has conquered the same fears I struggle with then there is absolutely nothing stopping me from doing the same. Anything I see as an obstacle or that I use to confirm that what I want is impossible is only an excuse and/or a distraction.

Yes You Can

This dream. This goal. This idea you have is actually a picture of what you're capable of creating if you really want to. I'm sure you know what I mean, that relentless vision in your heart that keeps nagging at you telling you there is more to life than working to survive, there is more to life than settling and living a boring life like everyone else, THERE IS MORE to life than living your whole life afraid to fail!...

It's a picture of your potential. This desire you have to succeed is actually an invitation for you to step up to the plate and play a bigger game. It's an invitation for you to step into your greatness and become who you're meant to be. Fearless, free, and totally in control of your life.

I really want to challenge you this week to be courageous. Set bigger goals and play a big game because here's the secret, when you stick with it and follow through on your commitment you win. You might not win the prize the first time you go for it but the more you walk toward it the more prepared you become to have it!


You were made for more so stop settling for less. Use your courage to believe in yourself and others. Set bigger dreams and fight for them. Don't allow your environment, finances, family, friends, or past experience to tell you what you can and can't do. I promise you can become anyone you want, you can do anything you want, and you can have anything you want. The question is, are you ready to start the journey? Everything always seems impossible until you crush it. Stop wasting time dreaming about it and just go for it!

Theresa Forever

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