Here is Your opportunity of A Lifetime (Are You Ready?)

March 30, 2020

Hey family! With everything happening right now due to the corona pandemic I wanted to talk about some very REAL issues that are on the rise. You or someone you know is probably facing a loss of income or employment. You might be feeling isolated, scared, anxious, and alone. You might be wondering what will happen when all of this is over. What will your business look like? What will your life look like? What will the economy look like? Right?

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Well, today I want to share some good news. You don't have to stay in the struggle. You don't have to be left wondering what your future will look like because NOW is your opportunity to CREATE A IT!

Create What You Want

Instead of wondering what the future holds you have an opportunity right now to create exactly what you've been dreaming of. During the last economic crisis businesses like Uber, Airbnb, Slack, WhatsApp and more were birthed!

This is the picture I posted on Instagram

This is the time to buckle down on the vision that has been stirring in your heart for the past DECADE and actually GET TO WORK! John Wooden said, “When opportunity comes, it's too late to prepare.” Now you have TIME to get your goals off the ground. Now is the time to implement the 90-day framework to maximize your effort and start seeing results in less time. RIGHT NOW is the time to take your goals seriously!

Hit play and let's chat! Until next time, stay safe.

Theresa Forever

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Feel Like You Have A Lot To Do & Not Enough Time? Let's Chat!

March 23, 2020

I don't know about you but last week I started to feel the pressure of having all 3 of my children (who are all under 4 years old by the way) at home all day. Yay me! We went on spontaneous adventure walks beside the lake, made friends with a few people along the way, and got to create new memories and videos throwing stones into the water.

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it! We had a lot of fun! We also had days when we stayed inside because the weather was too cold, raining, or I was just straight-up lazy and didn't want to leave the house.

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On the days we stayed in, I found myself struggling with the feeling of having too much to do and not enough time. I would run around responding to the needs of everyone around me (including the hubs) only to feel drained and unproductive by the end of the day.

work from home life

Does this happen to you? Maybe last week you were forced to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic and you couldn't focus on your work no matter how hard you tried! Instead, you cleaned the house, did the laundry, and made dinner all before 2pm! #Goals!

Finally, when you felt you could get some work done you lit your favorite candle, poured a cup of coffee and sat down to work. You turned your laptop on, opened up the spreadsheet and starred at the screen.

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The question "Where should I start?" begins running through your mind. You take a sip of coffee, wait for inspiration then, "oh, I can start here! That's easy, let me finish it and get it out of the way. Oh, wait no, I should actually start with this (something totally different) because it's due next week".

Lol, you know this happens to you all the time whether you work from home or are actually in the office, quite playing! Hahaha! This is why today I want to share 3 easy ways to remain productive while wrestling with overwhelm.

story of my life

I can't tell you how many times this week I was tempted to sit on my couch after the kids had gone to bed and do absolutely NOTHING! I didn't want to work, I didn't want to read (and you know how much I love that), I didn't even want to TALK! That's how mentally tired I was.

I had spent the day chasing behind my 9-month-old making sure he didn't swallow his sister's leftover crumbs on the floor, playing dress-up with the girls while Layah (my 4 yr old) pretended to be Elsa from Frozen, and making sure that everyone was happy. Not to mention the lack of sleep I've been getting because my sweet papa bear wakes up at least twice in the middle of the night.

By the end of it all I had:

  • 15 blogs waiting to be written
  • 15 podcasts episodes waiting to be recorded
  • 5 emails waiting to be composed
  • 1 module in my online program Alignment waiting to be completed
  • 2 new clients waiting to work with me

This happened in 7 days

You might have read that list and thought "wow, she has a lot to do in a month" but that was my workload last week! Now can you see why your girl was feeling the pressure! I put too much on my plate and set unrealistic deadlines for myself given my new schedule. Hit play to hear more about this!

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I know I think I'm superwoman sometimes, but before you say anything know that I have a team that helps me with all of the administration, scheduling, and behind the scenes work that goes into everything that I do. So I create and they help me to share it with the world! #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

Here's The problem

Overwhelm is rooted in fear. When you set unrealistic expectations or are disorganized with your work schedule the pressure that you're putting on yourself can cause you to self destruct and do things like engage in emotional eating, procrastinate, self-sabotage, or completely give up. I'm going to walk you through 3 questions to ask yourself when you feel overwhelm starting to kick in.

first things first

Acknowledge it. If you can't admit to yourself that you are feeling overwhelmed then you have a much bigger problem. "Self-reflection is the school of wisdom," Baltasar Gracian said. Identifying that you are off your game is the first step in the process of kicking overwhelm to the curb. Hit play to hear more about this.

3 Questions to ask yourself

1. What is trigging the overwhelm?

This will help you to identify the root of the issue. Instead of simply treating the symptoms of the problem we always want to address the core of the issue. Think of it like when you visit the doctor they find out your symptoms so that they can treat the real problem. It's the same logic here. You want to understand your symptoms so that you can treat the root cause.

A few questions you can use to get started include:
  • Why am I behaving like this?
  • Where did this come from?
  • Press play to hear more!

2. What is the story you're telling yourself about this situation?

This is your million dollar question. Tony Robbins said, “The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself”. Woooou! I could preach right there. Hit play and I'll share a few examples of the types of questions and stories you've been asking yourself that is keeping you in overwhelm and fear!

3. What are your options?

Now no matter how bad things look or feel you always have options. Promise me that you will NEVER make a permanent decision based on your current situation, emotions, finances, circle of friends, or environment! Here's why,YOU are the one creating your reality so look for ways to create what you want instead of settling for what you have and where you are. Ask yourself questions like...

  • Where can I go from here?
  • What needs to get done first?
  • Who can I delegate some of these tasks to?
  • What is possible for me right now?

And begin to DREAM BIG! You can not be limited by your external reality. You can only be limited by your small thinking. Everything starts inside.


Breaking up with overwhelm will not be an overnight affair, but you can start the journey today right now. All you have to do is sing "bye, bye boyfriend" and he'll be out the door. The only question I have for you is are you ready to create and live a new reality because if so everything you need to get started has been shared with you in this post so now you have no more excuses. Let's go! Until next time, xo!

Theresa Forever

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Coronavirus: We Are In This Together

March 16, 2020

Everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to figure out how to navigate through this season with the new Coronavirus. I've watched people go from loving their neighbor as themself (being open and generous) to hoarding and being selfish (only thinking about their needs).

So I have to ask, are you shaken with fear right now? Do you feel out of control? Are you worried about what the future holds? If so I got you! I want to help you to continue to take this virus seriously WITHOUT being afraid! Grab your favorite cup of tea, some digestive cookies (my favorite!) and hit play because today you are going to find your anchor in the midst of this storm.

what is the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a novel virus that was identified in January 2020 as the cause of an outbreak originating in Wuhan China. It has now spread worldwide and has caused various countries to go into lockdown.

Here in my city (Toronto, Canada) schools are out for March break which usually lasts for one week, however, government officials have extended this break until the beginning of April (which can also be extended). They have advised that meetings and events exceeding 250 people be canceled or rescheduled until further notice and many businesses have decided to close their doors.

This is serious

No doubt this a global phenomenon that has millions around the world-shaking with fear, but fear is not the answer. I mean seriously, consider this. What will fear do for you? How will it protect you? How is it serving you? How will it save you from the virus?

Can fear stop the virus from incubating your body? Will it stop the virus from spreading? Will it force the virus to retreat to no man's land? OF COURSE NOT! So why is that our first response? Why are we turning to fear? Hit play for a full discussion on how fear is actually hindering your progress and foresight at this time.


We're all trying to survive! We want our friends and family to be safe. We don't want this virus in our homes or communities and we feel powerless to its rapid growth and here's the thing. You can choose to exercise healthy fear which produces wisdom and causes you to be cautious and careful or on the other hand, you can choose unhealthy fear which turns you into a selfish, ignorant, blind guide for those who choose to follow in your footsteps. More on this when you hit play!

fear will not protect us from corona

My conviction is that God is our only place of safety. If you don't believe in God I want you to dream with me for a second. Close your eyes and think about...

  • Where does every breath in your body come from?
  • Who can guarantee that you live to see tomorrow?
  • Who is strong enough to withstand cancer, disease, mental illness, fear, depression, anxiety, worry, and every other distressing factor in our lives?!

Lol, of course the answer is God! Don't you think He (God) knew about this virus before it even appeared in Wuhan China? Don't you think He knew it would become a global virus that would cause schools to shut down, people to work from home, and fear to spread across the nations? Lol, DUH! You know He did! So, if that's the case, don't you think God is the only person we can turn to for security, peace of mind, and protection? 


I know for me and my family He is the only hope we have. Toilet paper won't save us. Stocking up on canned goods won't save us. Hiding away in our house won't save us! We understand that we can't save ourselves and we can't control the coronavirus so why not trust in someone who can?

What do you have to lose by trusting in Jesus? I'll tell you. You can drop all the fear, stress, anxiety, worry about the future and everything else you're carrying. He promises rest to everyone who trusts Him, unexplainable peace in the middle of every storm, and wisdom to navigate through life. Hit play and let's chat about some things you can do to practically maintain your sanity! Until next time, love you, stay safe.

Theresa Forever

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3 Fears That Will Keep You Stuck If You Don't Get Rid of Them

March 9, 2020

Nelson Mandela said, "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." Can I ask you something? How often do you feel fear? Maybe you said, "a few times a day, or more than you'd like." That's cool. Thanks for answering honestly!

Can I ask you something else? When you feel fear, how often do you allow that emotion to determine the choices you make?

Here is an example:

You might have a really cool dream of starting an online business, but this nagging voice of fear keeps pushing it's ugly head up saying, "Well, if you start a business what happens if you don't get any clients? Without clients, you have no sales and without sales, you don't have money. No money equals failure so what are you going to do?"

After considering this train of thought for a while you begin to panic because truthfully, you've never done this before! Now thoughts like, " I don't know what I'm doing, I'm a failure, there is no point in starting a business" and all kinds of lies (fear-based ideas) begin to fill your mind and you make a decision to do nothing.

How many times has this happened to YOU!? Haha, well today let's address it! I want to talk about the 3 fears that you NEED to let go of if you want to move your life forward this year and become all you were destined to be. Hit play and let's chat!

1. fear of being judged

Let's be honest, everyone wants to be liked! That's right, we all (including me) want to be understood, have a safe place to be ourselves, and be accepted just as we are. If you said "no" you are lying to yourself! Lol!

The fear of being judged shows up in our lives as a mask we wear. We hide our real self behind this mask because if we are honest, we don't want to be rejected, labeled, or criticized for being who we are. We want to protect ourselves from people's insensitive, negative, or downright rude opinions and so we walk around using our mask as a shield.

But what if I told you there was absolutely no need for you to wear this anymore. Would you believe me? Because here's the truth. You are already loved and accepted as you are right now! And here's another truth. Whether you wear a mask or not some people will still choose to judge, label, and criticize you so is the "problem" really YOU or is it the person who is choosing to judge and misunderstand you?

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Let me help you. People who chose to criticize others only do this because they do it to themself. They are not happy with themself and so they see and treat others in their world as they do themself. So baby, it's not personal! People who always have something negative to say about you has nothing to do with you, your worth, or the value you bring. It is not a reflection of you at all! It's a reflection of their brokenness! So don't let someone who doesn't know who they are lead you into thinking that you are less than amazing because my friend, you are all that in a bag of chips and then some! Okay!? Good! *wink*

2. fear of failure

This kills dreams before they even get started. Taryn Rose said, "fear regret more than failure." Before you talk yourself out of doing something that you know will take your life or business to the next level consider the consequences! What are you ultimately letting go of and saying "no" to when you say "yes" to fear? What kind of limitations are you placing on yourself when you give into a fear-based idea? Who are you becoming when you allow yourself to be restricted by fear?

These are all of the questions that I ask myself when I feel fear trying to creep in and lead me astray. We all know that fear is false evidence appearing real, but how do we work through it? What can we use to counter this false evidence? I'm going to share with you the only thing that I know that absolutely works 100% against fear. Ready for it?! The answer!

I want you to understand that no matter how many times you fall you can get back up because you're loved and accepted just as you are. Understand that growth happens in stages and you are a work in progress so as long as you keep working on yourself you will continue to make progress! Accept that you are valuable and you have something the world is looking for!

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Not having all of the steps figured out is not a reason to hold yourself back from getting started. Not having the right connections or knowing the right people is not a reason to delay your purpose. Not understanding everything there is to know within your industry is not a reason to label yourself as unqualified. You have something to offer right where you are and the honest truth is, the people you are here to serve don't need you to know everything is there to know about your industry. All they are looking for is someone who is a few steps ahead of them! So go on! Share your expertise because all you have is exactly what someone else needs!

3. fear of missing out

This is one of the biggest distractions I see so many people fall into! We don't want to be excluded from what everyone else is doing so we go along simply to fit in. We think if we aren't there we are MIA (missing in action). But what exactly are we missing out on?

If we are here on this earth to complete a mission shouldn't that be our primary focus? Why do we want to waste time fitting in with people who have a totally different mission from ours and is probably off course because they are distracted!

Now, don't get me wrong here. It's good to enjoy good company. Spend time with your friends, get to know new people, surround yourself with people who inspire. That's all good. I do this every Sunday! But listen to me closely, if you want to be great and do all of the amazing things God made you to do then you can't spend all day, every day like this! 

You have to set boundaries with yourself and with others. You have to be intentional about how you use your time and you have to value yourself enough to be okay with "missing out" on some things because here's the really are worth it. Your dreams are worth it. Your life is worth it and your destiny is WORTH IT! hit play to dive into this. I hold NOTHING back!


I want you to think about this. Nelson Mandela said, "May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears." Can you say this is true about your life or are you currently making permanent decisions based on a temporary emotion (fear)? If so, what is one thing you can do today to break this habit? Build your life on truth not people's opinions or past experiences. Don't know where to find the truth? Well, that's easy. For me, it all started with the bible! Until next time, stop dreaming and start doing! Love you, xo!

Theresa Forever

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How to Master The Inner Game of Goal Achievement

March 2, 2020

Have you ever wondered why you can implement the same strategy as someone else and get different results? For example, in business, you can use the same sales funnel as a 7-figure business owner and not make one single sale!  Or if you have a lifestyle goal to lose 50 lbs and you follow the exact process someone else used to lose 100 lbs but for some reason, you still can't seem to drop the excess weight! What is going wrong! You're using the same system, but getting a completely different result. Is it the system that doesn't work or is there something "broken" in you that prohibits you from having the same level of success?  Hit play and let's talk about it.

truth heals

If you've been here for any length of time then you know my sole mission is to help you to take action and start seeing results with your goals! With that being said, we have to address a few things.

1. You are not your goals. 

Your goals are an extension of your desires and what you perceive to be possible for you. When you understand what you're capable of and you see what's possible in the world you are inspired to dream big and try to attain the same results in your own life. When you don't achieve your goals YOU are not a failure. There is nothing "broken" in you. There are two things happening here, you either lack solid information or you lack the character you need to help you to create what you want.

2. What you believe about your goals determine what's possible for you.

We hear a lot about mindset and beliefs these days but what exactly is it? Simply put beliefs are ideas that you hold to be true whether it's actually true or not. They are things that have been ingrained in your mind from society, culture, your environment (friends, family, workplace, community, etc), religion, and so on.

These beliefs are reflected in how you feel about your goals, run your business, parent your kids, manage your money, value your health and so much more! So if you are not getting the results you want instead of trying another strategy (especially when you have one that has worked for many others) you have to look at the person using the strategy which is Y.O.U!

personal development

We are always so quick to look outside ourselves for answers when what we are doing is not yielding the results we want, but today I want to challenge you to look within. If you want something and no matter what you do you aren't making progress you have to come back to the source, the person responsible for creating the results. You have to be willing to acknowledge that maybe you're getting in your own way.


If you find yourself procrastinating, struggling with self-doubt, looking for external validation or saying things like "I should be further along in my life than this!" then you don't need to buy another book or listen to another podcast. You need to start paying attention to what is going on inside!

You can do this by engaging in daily check-ins where you keep an eye out for triggers or feelings that indicate something is off or there is some kind of resistance. Resistance is a WHOLE conversation for another time, but to summarize it for you, it is like an internal red flag.

You can spot self-sabotage when you are self-aware and you understand the triggers that lead you to start down this spiral. You can also start being mindful of the cycles you experience when you're in self-sabotage mode. This will help you to break out of the experience faster saving you YEARS of wasted time and energy. Hit play for more on how you can overcome this common roadblock!


When your character is weak your results will be weak. I'm going to say that again. When your character is weak your results will be weak! In this episode, I share exercises and things you can start implementing today to improve your character so that you can yield stronger results and actually begin to move your life or business forward.

John Maxwell said, "Your success stops where your character stops. You can never rise above the limitations of your character" and I can't tell you how true this statement is. Character is your way of showing the world who you are. If you want to be a high achieving goal getter or simply live at the top of your game in life you have to pay attention to and develop your character.


If you've ever thought to yourself "my goals are too big, too hard, and straight-up scary" then you're in good company! Lol. Every genius has felt this way including everyone you've ever looked up to! We have ALL been there. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is not what beliefs they hold but instead what they did with those beliefs.

You can choose to keep believing things that are not true and are based on limitations, fear, and lies or you can acknowledge what is present (what you currently believe) and do the work to reprogram your mind to work with you in creating what you want instead of against you. Hit play and I'll share a few ways you can do this!


I want to challenge you this month to master the inner game of goal achievement! Don't waste your time overthinking, being indecisive and allowing others to dictate what is possible for you. Identify your specific roadblocks, work through them, uproot them and then immerse yourself in things that will help you to develop a new perspective! Sound good?! I hope you actually DO the work! This is what the successful 8% of people do to move their lives forward every year without stress, struggle, and fear!

Want to kick this thing up a notch? Join me live on IG!? This Wednesday at 12 pm EST I am going LIVE!! That's right, I know personal development and mastering your inner game has the power to transform you into a goal-crushing best so if you're serious I want to help you! Let's meet on Wednesday, March 4th at 12 pm EST to do the work together! Follow me now, check out my IG stories and sign up to be notified when I go live! Until next time, stop dreaming and start doing! Xo.

Theresa Forever

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