Coronavirus: We Are In This Together

March 16, 2020

Everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to figure out how to navigate through this season with the new Coronavirus. I've watched people go from loving their neighbor as themself (being open and generous) to hoarding and being selfish (only thinking about their needs).

So I have to ask, are you shaken with fear right now? Do you feel out of control? Are you worried about what the future holds? If so I got you! I want to help you to continue to take this virus seriously WITHOUT being afraid! Grab your favorite cup of tea, some digestive cookies (my favorite!) and hit play because today you are going to find your anchor in the midst of this storm.

what is the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a novel virus that was identified in January 2020 as the cause of an outbreak originating in Wuhan China. It has now spread worldwide and has caused various countries to go into lockdown.

Here in my city (Toronto, Canada) schools are out for March break which usually lasts for one week, however, government officials have extended this break until the beginning of April (which can also be extended). They have advised that meetings and events exceeding 250 people be canceled or rescheduled until further notice and many businesses have decided to close their doors.

This is serious

No doubt this a global phenomenon that has millions around the world-shaking with fear, but fear is not the answer. I mean seriously, consider this. What will fear do for you? How will it protect you? How is it serving you? How will it save you from the virus?

Can fear stop the virus from incubating your body? Will it stop the virus from spreading? Will it force the virus to retreat to no man's land? OF COURSE NOT! So why is that our first response? Why are we turning to fear? Hit play for a full discussion on how fear is actually hindering your progress and foresight at this time.


We're all trying to survive! We want our friends and family to be safe. We don't want this virus in our homes or communities and we feel powerless to its rapid growth and here's the thing. You can choose to exercise healthy fear which produces wisdom and causes you to be cautious and careful or on the other hand, you can choose unhealthy fear which turns you into a selfish, ignorant, blind guide for those who choose to follow in your footsteps. More on this when you hit play!

fear will not protect us from corona

My conviction is that God is our only place of safety. If you don't believe in God I want you to dream with me for a second. Close your eyes and think about...

  • Where does every breath in your body come from?
  • Who can guarantee that you live to see tomorrow?
  • Who is strong enough to withstand cancer, disease, mental illness, fear, depression, anxiety, worry, and every other distressing factor in our lives?!

Lol, of course the answer is God! Don't you think He (God) knew about this virus before it even appeared in Wuhan China? Don't you think He knew it would become a global virus that would cause schools to shut down, people to work from home, and fear to spread across the nations? Lol, DUH! You know He did! So, if that's the case, don't you think God is the only person we can turn to for security, peace of mind, and protection? 


I know for me and my family He is the only hope we have. Toilet paper won't save us. Stocking up on canned goods won't save us. Hiding away in our house won't save us! We understand that we can't save ourselves and we can't control the coronavirus so why not trust in someone who can?

What do you have to lose by trusting in Jesus? I'll tell you. You can drop all the fear, stress, anxiety, worry about the future and everything else you're carrying. He promises rest to everyone who trusts Him, unexplainable peace in the middle of every storm, and wisdom to navigate through life. Hit play and let's chat about some things you can do to practically maintain your sanity! Until next time, love you, stay safe.

Theresa Forever

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