3 Tips For Hitting Your Business & Lifestyle Goals During A Pandemic

April 27, 2020

Let's be honest, this is unprecedented! The time we're living in right now is unreal. Most people today have never had to figure out how to run a successful business, create incredible impact, and live their wildest dreams during a pandemic!

It almost feels like dreaming is no longer acceptable! Like we have to stay realistic and find reasons to justify why things have now become impossible but here's the thing. If you're here reading this it's because you're different.

You don't see the world like that. You know that although things are challenging right now there is a way to come out on top. You know that a challenge in life can actually work out to become stairs leading to your next level.

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The way that I see this is if Bill Gates owned a small business and he was forced to close down due to the virus and he lost everything, had to start all over again, the whole nine. Would he still turn out successful? Lol, you know he would! This is not because he has a unique gift or he's highly intelligent (although he is smart). The reason why he would still turn out successful is because of the principles he knows.


Principles are basically universal truths that everything in life abides by. They are sometimes called things like laws or statues but the underlining definition is the same. There are principles for EVERYTHING you can think of this includes marriage, parenting, business, money, healthy living, and so on.

If you want to be successful in something the key is to identify the principles that result in success, apply them to your situation, and wah-lah! You will get the same result. This is why if you've been in the personal development circle for a while you will hear industry leaders and motivational speakers say "success leaves clues". What their referring to is that anyone can identify the principles related to success and once you apply the same principles you will get the same result.

So today we're diving into some of the principles that you can use to hit your goals whether you're in the middle of a pandemic, in lockdown, having a tough year, or you just straight up don't feel motivated. Here we go!

Principle #1: Focus On The 5% Activities

You will hear every successful person talk about having and focusing on the minimum activities that produce their biggest results. For me in my business, my 5% activities are connecting with new clients, planning out content, working on my messaging, creating email and social media copy, and things like this.

For you depending on what your goals are your 5% activities can include writing one chapter a week for your book, recording one song a week, connecting with one new industry professional a month until you're product starts to get some traction. It could also include growing your community whether that's on Instagram, Tik Tock, or Facebook.

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Most people who struggle to hit their goals spend their time busy on social media, watching Netflix, running around doing errands, and living every day being busy but not actually getting to the activities that will have the biggest impact on their progress.

At the end of the year, they look up from all of their busyness and wonder where their time went because they were doing a lot, but they neglected the things that would have the biggest impact on their bottom line. Don't worry, I've been there, done that, and got the t.shirt. Let me help you.

Here's A Tip For You

Instead of trying to get everything done what I've learned to ask myself is "what activities will give me my biggest results?" The way that I like to think about this (especially during a pandemic when the kids are trying to get my attention all day) if I only got ONE THING done today that would move my life or business toward my goals what would it be?

Sometimes the answer is as simple as collaborating with someone else in the industry or hosting an IG live to connect with you in the community and hear how you are doing, or it could be finishing a book I started so that I can begin implementing a new strategy. It all depends on my goals for the quarter.

So, instead of doing what you would normally do and just read on to the next principle, take a minute right now to jot down one thing you can get done this week that will keep you on track to hit your goal this year.

Principle #2: Work Your Plan

91% of people fail to achieve their goals in the first month! This is sad. Now with a pandemic, you can imagine how many will use this to justify why it's okay if they fall behind on their goals, but not you.

Many times when I talk to people who are struggling to hit their goals they tell me things like "Girl, I'm winging it" or "I'm just going with the flow to see what happens" or "I'm trying to figure this out". This really makes me sad because I know how much potential is locked up inside of them and how effective they could be if they gave their goals some structure.

They are burning all of their energy going around in circles, working on unnecessary things, and slowing down their progress. If they only had a plan to follow! If they only chose to work smarter, if they only took some time to identify their 5% activities they would have gotten to their goals A LOT faster!

Here's A Tip For You

Apply the 90-day framework to your goals. You need a clear strategy and this provides that for you. Instead of trying to hit your goals based on hope and a prayer this framework helps you to map out a clear step-by-step process you can take starting using exactly where you are with what you have.

You don't need anything else. You just have to take action. Here's a link to an episode all about how to create one.

Principle #3: Hit Play

This is the most common thing that gets in the way for all of us. I'll give you a hint, it has to do with self-sabotage, overthinking, and self-doubt. Haha, we all stumble over this! Hit play and let's chat about what you can do to prevent this from slowing you down.


I know things feel harder now than ever before but you are still a rock star. You still have what it takes to take nothing and turn it into gold. You still have the power to create your reality and you still have the courage to step into your destiny. I love you and if you haven't heard this in a while let me remind you, you can do this! Until next time,  your accountability partner

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