Wondering What It's Like To Replace Your Salary With Income From Your Business? Let's Chat!

May 25, 2020

Have you ever thought to yourself, "hmm, I wonder how my life would be different if I was actually able to generate a steady salary from my business"? Well, today you are going to hear from my friend Simone who is a killer business coach who not only helps women to do this in their business, but she's been able to do this for herself!

In less than one year of running a business she matched her 9-5 salary and is now running her business full-time! If you are ready to get crystal clear on your business goals and use the power of social media and video marketing to attract dream clients then this episode is for you! Hit play to dive in now!

Ready To Transform Your Life In The Next 90-Days!?

If you haven't already you need to join me in my brand new mini-course! I created this with you in mind because let's keep it real, these last few months stuck in quarantine have really thrown us off our game.

Instead of being productive and focusing on moving our life forward we've been stuck trying to survive. Am I right? So, as a gift to you I want to give you this mini-course absolute FREE!

My heart is just to help you map out a plan for your next 90-days so that you can have a sense of stability and certainty in your life. Instead of waiting to see how everything plays out for you why not get intentional about creating exactly what you want? Instead of wondering if you'll hit your goals this year why not create a plan then do your best to make it happen?

Maybe you're saying, "yea Tee, I agree with you" but you don't know where to start? That's what I'm here for! To support you on your journey to crushing your biggest goals in the least amount of time! I know this pandemic was scary.

I know you feel everything is up in the air right now but you are still in control. You are still the only one creating your reality so let's create something that will get you closer to where you want to go. Sound good? Sign up now and the best part is you can complete this entire course in less than 1 hour!

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Until next time, your accountability partner

Theresa Forever

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Ever Wonder What A Strategy Session With Tee Would Be Like? Listen To This!

May 18, 2020

Welcome back! If you're new here welcome and thanks for joining us! This is a safe place for goal-getters with big dreams who aren't quite sure how to achieve them, but you refuse to give up because you know that your dreams are 100% possible!

My name is Theresa, but you can call me Tee, and today I'm letting you in on a free coaching session I did with Stephen who is apart of our community on Instagram. He has dreams of becoming an author which you'll hear more about in this episode and I'm super excited about this because it's the first coaching session on the podcast! By the way, if you enjoy this and want to hear more like this let me know!

You will hear us talk about everything from how to manage your time better to how to impact the world and build your own audience, but before you hit play I want you to grab a notebook and a pencil because you're going to want to take notes!

Pretend This Is Your Coaching Session

While you listen to this episode act as if I was coaching you. How can you apply the things we talk about here in this episode to your personal goals right now? What area of your life or business can you improve? Where can you start working smarter? How can you be more efficient? Listen as if you were sitting in Stephen's shoes. Make sense? Cool!

Brand New Mini-Couse

2 weeks ago I set aside everything I was doing to create a brand new mini-course called Your Next 90-Days and I want to give it to you 100% FREE as a gift! This is designed to make goal-setting WAY easier especially in the midst of all of the changes happening in our lives right now due to the pandemic.

I know it can feel hard to see beyond everything that is falling apart especially when you thought 2020 was going to be your year of acceleration and growth, but who says that a slow down from this pandemic has to change the outcomes you create this year?

I know losing a job is hard and not knowing what will happen when things "go back to normal" sucks! But here's the thing. This is only one moment in your journey. Your story does not end here! I wana help you keep YOUR dream alive. Let's lock into your purpose and build a path that leads to absolute freedom and personal security.

I know that you know that right now while we're all in quarantine is a good time for you to focus on Y.O.U! So let's create a clear action plan for Your Next 90-days. I'll show you how I break my big goals down into attainable baby steps I achieve even when I'm faced with incredible stress, anxiety, unexpected changes, and let's be honest struggle to maintain my discipline.

I'm telling you, this mini-course is so much fun, it's easy to follow, you can complete the whole thing in less than 1 hour and the best part is...we get to do this together! If you want in grab this 90-day game-plan! It's my gift to you 100% FREE. Love you! Until next time, stop dreaming and start doing!

Your accountability partner,

Theresa Forever

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Business Secrets: Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their BIGGEST Tips To Help You Win In Crisis

May 11, 2020

I am super excited about this episode because you're going to hear from some incredible entrepreneurs who in the midst of this challenging time with the pandemic and everything going on have been able to continue to grow their business!

Here's Why I'm Doing This

Many of you have been messaging me on Instagram letting me know that you are having a hard time staying focused on your goals and trust me, there's no heat and no judgment because I TOTALLY understand! Like some of you, I have kids at home, I'm working from home, and needless to say, this quarantine life is not the easiest thing to do.

With one hand I'm responding to emails and with the other, I'm feeding my little papa bear (Michael) who is 11 months old. I am constantly squeezing meetings with clients in between cooking up lunch and getting started on dinner. I run from recording new podcast episodes to finishing up the laundry and needless to say, some days are INSANE!

If I'm not careful to manage my emotional state I can very easily fall into overwhelm, but one good thing about all of this is that I'm learning so much about myself and being challenged to put on my big girl pants on a daily basis!

Hit play to hear some of the gems I've discovered by being in this situation, a few of my current business struggles, and how I'm working to overcome them!

A Special Gift For You

I'm so grateful to have you be apart of this community so after hearing your heart and understanding your struggles I want to help! I know that this is probably the hardest experience you've ever had in your life, am I right? I totally get it and in the midst of this challenge I still truly believe that hitting your goals this year is 100% possible.

So I am putting together a FREE resource you can use to help you set realistic goals based on where you are NOW and the current challenges you're up against. If you would like in! Stay tuned because it will be ready next week!

In the meantime, I have a special treat for you today! Hit play to hear from successful entrepreneurs who are working through their current challenges to ensure they come out on top when this pandemic clears up. You will be surprised when you hear what some of them have to say. I promise this episode is juicy! Hit play to hear from these game-changing leaders!

Stay Connected

Let me know what you think! If this episode lit you on fire, reach out to me on the gram and let me know! Until next time, xo! Your accountability partner!


Mindset Transformation Mentor. Hit play to hear more!

Biggest Struggle:
Minimized time to work on the business.

How to Navigate:
Slow down and focus on the most important activities in the business.

Nugget of Wisdom:
We don't always have to be in "doing" mode. Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.

Stay Connected:
Hit her up on the gram!


Business Coach - helping women to get crystal clear on their business goal and use the power of social media and video marketing to attract dream clients! Hit play to hear more!

Biggest Struggle:
Many ideas and priorities and trying to narrow them down to make an impact

How to Navigate:
Prioritizing projects and only focusing on 3 tasks a day

Nugget of Wisdom:
Priortize the top 2 or 3 things to get done daily that will make the biggest impact on your business.

Stay Connected:
Hit her up on the gram!


Host of the Lazi Millenial Lounge Podcast, Content strategist - helping multi-passionate millennials find focus so that they can start profitable businesses. Hit play to hear more!

Biggest Struggle:
Juggling a lot of responsibilities

How to Navigate:
Change business expectations, set realistic goals

Nugget of Wisdom:
Let go of the old expectations of getting a lot done and identify your bare minimum tasks

Stay Connected:
Learn more!
Hit her up on the gram!


The queen of decluttering. Hit play to hear more!

Biggest Struggle:
Trying to maintain a positive attitude while being sensitive about how her community is feeling

How to Navigate:
finding new ways to serve her community

Nugget of Wisdom:
Find one way to improve your customer experience

Stay Connected:
Learn more!
Hit her up on the gram!


Become your most powerful self. Hit play to hear more!

Biggest Struggle:
Losing sight of her true message.

How to Navigate:
Keep sharing your message.

Nugget of Wisdom:
People need to hear what YOU have to say

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Theresa Forever

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My BIGGEST Struggle Right Now

May 4, 2020

For the last couple of weeks, I've been feeling out of place. I feel a lot of pressure to conform to what people expect me to do, who they expect me to be, even right down to the religious customs and traditions people expect me to follow even if it doesn't line up with the bible.

Lol, it's crazy because this is not who I am. I don't spend time focusing on how I can live my life to please others and the truth is as much as this is a challenge right now, I know that I will continue to follow my purpose and remain diligent about living for the audience of one (God). I know that I am only experiencing growing pains! Hit play and let's chat.

Growing Pains

Here's what I call growing pains. When you get to a point in your life when your primary beliefs are no longer aligned with the primary beliefs of the people around you. This includes your friends, family, co-workers, associates, and so on. You are no longer focused on the same problems as everyone else. You're no longer pursuing the same dream like everyone else, you no longer have the same desires as everyone else. You have a different perspective.

Growing pain includes following your individual path, creating a new normal lifestyle, and having people not fully understand or agree with what you chose to do with your life. Examples include, following the path of purpose instead of doing what is convenient. Choosing to stay in your lane instead of following the crowd. Being focused on your mission instead of allowing other people's priorities to steal your time.

Growing pains are uncomfortable for you and the people around you. You are learning more about yourself and this is causing you to act differently which makes your friends uncomfortable because they like the "old you" and everything feels weird.  It doesn't feel good to be misunderstood or judged, but I'm understanding that this is all a necessary part of the process.

The Process

I know you hear me challenge you all of the time (especially on Instagram) to follow your dreams, crush your goals, and create your best life. But what if doing that causes people who are not doing that misjudge you? What if your closest friends begin to think you are selfish? What if your family begins to tell you that what you are doing is wrong because it goes against anything they've ever done and the expectations they had for you? What then?

You see, this is a road every goal-getter has to cross. You either believe in your purpose enough to actually make some sacrifices to go for it or you live your whole life as a dreamer, die with regret, and spend every waking hour trying to blend in with everyone else. Hit play and you can really hear my heart about this.

It's Your Choice

You can continue to play small, be mediocre, and settle for where you are in life or you can step out of fear, make decisions that will help you to manifest your purpose, and become the complete (greatest) version of yourself. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of being out of place, misunderstood, and even judged know that you're not alone. Every goal-getter goes through this. The way to make it out is to remain committed to the outcome. Keep your eyes on the prize. Focus on the life you are creating not the one you're leaving behind. 


Robin Sharma said "You can fit in or you can change the world. You don't get to do both." You are powerful but your power is only revealed when you actually have the courage to step up and become the greatest version of yourself. I know this episode was deep and I shared my heart with you in a way I haven't done before. I hope that it helps, I hope that if you haven't experienced this already that when your time comes you will return to this episode and find a place of belonging and safety. Love you and can't wait to see you shine! Your accountability partner!

Theresa Forever

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