My BIGGEST Struggle Right Now

May 4, 2020

For the last couple of weeks, I've been feeling out of place. I feel a lot of pressure to conform to what people expect me to do, who they expect me to be, even right down to the religious customs and traditions people expect me to follow even if it doesn't line up with the bible.

Lol, it's crazy because this is not who I am. I don't spend time focusing on how I can live my life to please others and the truth is as much as this is a challenge right now, I know that I will continue to follow my purpose and remain diligent about living for the audience of one (God). I know that I am only experiencing growing pains! Hit play and let's chat.

Growing Pains

Here's what I call growing pains. When you get to a point in your life when your primary beliefs are no longer aligned with the primary beliefs of the people around you. This includes your friends, family, co-workers, associates, and so on. You are no longer focused on the same problems as everyone else. You're no longer pursuing the same dream like everyone else, you no longer have the same desires as everyone else. You have a different perspective.

Growing pain includes following your individual path, creating a new normal lifestyle, and having people not fully understand or agree with what you chose to do with your life. Examples include, following the path of purpose instead of doing what is convenient. Choosing to stay in your lane instead of following the crowd. Being focused on your mission instead of allowing other people's priorities to steal your time.

Growing pains are uncomfortable for you and the people around you. You are learning more about yourself and this is causing you to act differently which makes your friends uncomfortable because they like the "old you" and everything feels weird.  It doesn't feel good to be misunderstood or judged, but I'm understanding that this is all a necessary part of the process.

The Process

I know you hear me challenge you all of the time (especially on Instagram) to follow your dreams, crush your goals, and create your best life. But what if doing that causes people who are not doing that misjudge you? What if your closest friends begin to think you are selfish? What if your family begins to tell you that what you are doing is wrong because it goes against anything they've ever done and the expectations they had for you? What then?

You see, this is a road every goal-getter has to cross. You either believe in your purpose enough to actually make some sacrifices to go for it or you live your whole life as a dreamer, die with regret, and spend every waking hour trying to blend in with everyone else. Hit play and you can really hear my heart about this.

It's Your Choice

You can continue to play small, be mediocre, and settle for where you are in life or you can step out of fear, make decisions that will help you to manifest your purpose, and become the complete (greatest) version of yourself. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of being out of place, misunderstood, and even judged know that you're not alone. Every goal-getter goes through this. The way to make it out is to remain committed to the outcome. Keep your eyes on the prize. Focus on the life you are creating not the one you're leaving behind. 


Robin Sharma said "You can fit in or you can change the world. You don't get to do both." You are powerful but your power is only revealed when you actually have the courage to step up and become the greatest version of yourself. I know this episode was deep and I shared my heart with you in a way I haven't done before. I hope that it helps, I hope that if you haven't experienced this already that when your time comes you will return to this episode and find a place of belonging and safety. Love you and can't wait to see you shine! Your accountability partner!

Theresa Forever

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