Dream Bigger Than You Ever Thought Was Possible

June 29, 2020

What is the measuring stick you use to define what is realistic and what is unrealistic? Doesn’t it usually boil down to what has been done before, people’s opinions, and what has been realistic for them? Yea, I’m not bout that life. Hit play to hear why.

If you saw my vision board you would probably think my goals were unrealistic but here’s why I put them there. If I truly believe and live in a world where anything is possible for me then why should I restrict or limit myself to my current situation?

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I am not limited by my situation, I create it. I am not limited by my finances, I create it. I am not limited by my network, I create it. I am not limited by my resources or anything else because (say it with me) I CREATE IT.

I create what is possible for me and so do you.

So when setting your goals don’t think about what you’ve done before, what you’ve seen others do, and what you know is "realistic". Dream and set goals for things that you’ve never experienced, never heard of, and that you wish existed! Hit play for more!

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Who knows, what if you’re the one who is meant to take the big scary ideas that are burning in your mind and turn them into something incredible just like Tyler Perry did with his movie production studio Tyler Perry Studios and Oprah did with her dream of having her OWN network.

Dream big, aim high, and act boldly. Oh, and did you notice, I purposefully listed black people so what is your excuse? Stop dreaming, start doing. Xo!

Theresa Forever

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