Hey There! I'm Theresa, 

Founder & CEO of 6 Weeks 1 Goal

After becoming an orphan at the age of 15 I had to quickly learn how to take care of myself. During this time I had limited access to resources and an extremely small circle of "wise men". So being the resourceful chick that I am, I turned to books like the bible to teach me the principles of life. After years of trial and error, I finally found a rhythm that helped me to overcome common obstacles like self-doubt, not knowing where to start and procrastination to just start applying what I was learning, find solutions for every problem and trust myself. 

When I saw that what I discovered was working I shared it with my friends and family. When these strategies and principles produced clear, measurable results in their lives I started to experiment and look for ways to improve the "formula".  Years later, I've been blessed to have served over 5,000 people!

Align With Your Ultimate Purpose In Life
I help dreamers and goal chasers to stop doubting themselves, stop allow distractions and the noise around them to steal their time and start living life on purpose. We start by crushing your most challenging life goal(s). Let's take your unpublished book, unproduced album, and almost complete business plan to the next level. Let's align with your ultimate purpose and start getting miraculous results!

Yes, I run an online coaching program, yes I'm grateful for the opportunities that I have to connect and work with big dreamers and goal-getters like you, HOWEVER, most of our life-changing content is available to you for free. So enjoy it! Spend some time snooping around and dig into some of the most popular post including: 
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Grab a cup of your favorite coffee, sit in your snuggly, warm bed and enjoy! 
Talk to you soon! Xoxo,

Theresa Forever

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