I Have a good story...

A big city blogger, podcaster, and educator with crazy big dreams! One of my biggest dreams is to help orphans around the world become self-sufficient starting in Africa. I'm also obsessed with anything that has to do with lasagna or fish tacos and of course, ripped jeans!
I didn’t always have this life: the clients, the community, the influence...
Matter of fact, my first year of business SUCKED! I was busting my butt, producing a TON of content online, offering free services, and trying to create a steady stream of income so that I wouldn't have to return to my 9-5 office job but like you probably guessed, nothing worked!

After a year, of course, I was frustrated, confused, and ready to try something new! Lol took me long enough to pivot, right? I stopped doing business and life as usual and made the decision to commit. I told myself...
If this business is going to work I have to commit to doing the work.
So I did. I invested in myself, started actually showing up for my audience challenging them to commit to their dreams and in less than 14 days I went from $0 in sales to almost $4,000! CRAZY right?! And that was just the beginning!

I know I said I have 3 kids, this one is missing our latest addition...Michael!
Today you can find me taking peaceful walks along the lake with my 3 (yes, I said 3) little suga's! You can say 4 if you include the big guy - my husband!

Currently? I’m probably sitting in my living room thinking of different hairstyle I should try and dreaming of ways I can help other big dreamers find their purpose, live authentically, and turn their passion into something profitable while building their life the smart way (without all of the hustle and bustle and using more brain power).

Wondering what really gets me going? What excites me about life every day? Building people. Helping them to see their greatness and live up to their highest calling. Showing them that living with purpose is possible and creating a beautiful life on their terms, impacting the world, and generating an income is available to them if they truly want it!
Sometimes this journey gets lonely...and scary...and the only voice you can hear is the one in your head telling you that you can't do it. Am I right?
So if I can be someone who validates, encourages, and affirms your dreams and ideas while the world tempts you to compare your life with the jones' (does anyone know where they live? I can't find them.) then MISSION COMPLETE BABY! I can check that one right off the list!

Your accountability partner...