3 Things You Would Be Surprised To Know About Me


3 Things You Would Be Surprised To Know About Me

It can be so easy for me to pump out episodes about goal-setting, improving your focus, mindset management, and everything else but what fun is that if you don’t know (and I mean really know) the person behind the mic, right? So let’s switch it up! In this episode I’m sharing 3 surprising things you probably don’t know about me and then once I’m down….it’s your turn! That’s right! You gotta hit me up on the gram and let me know your 3 things so we can keep the party going. You ready? Hit play!

1. I’m an orphan!

Sounds crazy right? Well, I promise it’s true! My mom passed away when I was 15 years old and I grew up fatherless, but don’t start feeling sorry for me. My story doesn’t end there, it gets better! When I was about 18 years old I experience something that totally rocked my world, shifted my perspective on life, and reconnected me with my Father in heaven!

And I know, this probably sounds a little woo-woo but my friend, I am not the woo-woo type! So this ain’t that kind of party! This experience left me wanting more out of life, helped me realize my purpose, and ultimately turned me into the trailblazing machine that you see today.

I can tell you honestly that growing up without parents as challenging as it was sometimes helped me to become the inspiring, brilliant woman that I am today! Knowing what I know now I understand that everything (good or bad) in life works for your good!

2. I Won The Procrastinator Of The Year Award

Okay before you laugh I have to tell you this story! I use to spend so much time working on plans and create strategies that I thought would help me crush my goals, but no matter how much time I put into it I never achieved my goals! They were nowhere near the size of my goals now and they didn’t really require any extra resources or money so there was nothing holding me back from achieving me. I just didn’t want to.

I wanted the result without the work and after years of failing, reading self-help books, and trying to dig myself out of a ditch I realized…”I didn’t actually have to live this way anymore!” I didn’t have to struggle my way to “success” and I didn’t have to settle for the life I had. I could grow, learn, and change! So I did and that’s when everything changed. Hit play for the deets!

3. I Still Don’t Crush All Of My Goals

Now, this might surprise you but I don’t achieve every goal set. Whaaaaaat! I can hear you gasping through the screen! “But you’re the goal achievement expert! That’s all you talk about!” I know, I know, bring it in! Let me explain. The way that I like to look at goals is the attainment of them is simply a result of how much I choose to grow.

So when I set goals they are not simply things I write down on paper or throw on a vision board and hope it happens someday. No, they become my commitments for the quarter. When I make a commitment I follow through and get the result no matter what (and I don’t burn myself out trying to achieve it either). So what causes me to fail?

I don’t crush all of my goals when I don’t commit to the outcome I am creating. Every day we have plenty of opportunities to waste time, focus on things that are not relevant to our goals, overwork, or fall behind. Whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed or stressed I remove the non-essentials and sometimes that includes unnecessary, time-consuming goals.

And That’s A Wrap

So there you have it! 3 Things you probably didn’t know and wouldn’t guess about me! Thanks for tuning in! I hope you got some good laughs and as I said at the beginning of this episode now it’s your turn! I’ll be waiting over on the gram for you to hit me up and share your 3 things! I can’t wait! Until next time, stop dreaming, start doing!



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