Life Update: I’m Closing My Business & Getting Off Social Media In 2022


Life Update: I’m Closing My Business & Getting Off Social Media In 2022

I spent time this week checking my heart, examining my motives, and prayerfully considering if I am still on “my right path” or if it is time to change. Everything was up for chops including whether I should continue in business, stay on the gram, invest in more or less people and things, and so much more! This was sobering to say the least.

It was exactly what I needed and now I feel confident that the effort I put into the things that I commit to in 2022 will bring results that are more valuable because it’s bigger than me, my family, my goals, and my purpose. It’s about YOU!

How It Got Started

I’ve always been someone who dreams big! When I was a child my dream was to be a singer. I forgot about it, went to school, and decided becoming a teacher was a pretty dope thing to do with my life so I went around telling everyone (including strangers) that I wanted to make the world better by becoming an instrument (the kind of person) that would teach others how to do the things they enjoyed.

Real Life Hits:

After my mom died when I was 15 everything was up in the air. I felt lost. I didn’t know who I was and I didn’t know where to find out. After all, the person with all the answers was gone. I started telling myself that I was an orphan (because I grew up without knowing my biological father) and this led me on a hunt for answers.

I started praying more, asking God to reveal Himself (whoever God was), and I started seeking real understanding about life and the purpose of mine. That’s when I randomly got invited to a bible study that led me to reconnect with old acquaintances and I also got to meet Jesus, like, The Christ! (Lol, I know I’m a total fan girl) – you have to hit play for more about this.

It’s One Thing To Hear About God, It’s Another To Actually Meet Him

After weeks of diving into the bible, reading with childlike curiosity, and continually asking questions about who God was and why he made the world I started to change from the inside out. Over the years of getting to know Him, reading the bible, learning from great teachers I started prayerfully seeking to understand my unique purpose and it was during that time that I received guidance and confirmation that it was time to develop my musical gifts. So trying to be a good steward of that information I enrolled in music school.

The Dream Comes Full Circle

Finally, the dream was being realized! I was becoming a professional musican which would lead to the beginning of my booming music career as a singer! I was nervous, excited, and anxious just thinking about what was to come! At the time I didn’t know what the full picture of my life as a traveling entertainer would look like but I knew that I would be working myself.

After years of training, working with the best coaches (many of them I still love and chat with today!) I got married, had kids, and after a few years started blogging!

I Know What You’re Thinking,”What…Blogging!?”

That’s exactly what most of my close friends and family wondered. “What is this girl doing? When is she going to release some music?” And to be completely honest, I was asking myself the same questions! I had no idea what I was doing. I had no plan for how this would turn out or what would happen next I just knew I felt inspired to blog

Connecting The Dots

I couldn’t see how it related to self-publishing an album, impacting the world (specifcally through music), or ultimately working for myself. Truthfully this whole blogging thing was going to be something I did for fun to help moms stay connected with their dreams (before having kids) so they could continue to live a completely fulfilling life that included raising incredible babies, taking care of themselves, and excelling in their purpose! And to my surprise…it was working!

Calling All Visionary Moms

The blog was so much of a hit that it turned into a 3 week mentorship program! After weeks of putting out new blogs twice a week I wanted to offer more support to my ambitous women so I started a free mentorship program where we got to work through their top goals TOGETHER in real time! It was amazing! It turned out better than I thought and the women blew my socks off every step of the way. They were driven!

Hello Business World

I decided I wanted to do more of this kind of work so the mentorhsip turned into a business and just like that you’re girl was in business! I had people applying to work with me and at first it felt like a dream because I was actually working for myself, in full control of my income, and able to help others do the same! It was insane!!!

And now 4 years later the platform has grown, we have a podcast! We get invited to speak on goal-setting topics that help trailblazers like you build businesses that make a difference in the world and YES, we are still blogging!…And to think…this all started because I felt inspired!

Imagine What You Can Create With A Little Inspiration

We take ourselves too seriously! You probably hit play to hear this episode because you thought “why the heck is Theresa quitting her business and social media?” because maybe somewhere deep down you think if you’re successful at something you should keep doing it, but I hope that now after hearing a bit of my story that you are inspired to be flexible about how you achieve your goals and how you navigate through life!

This whole thing is meant to be FUN! The thing I thought would lead to my success (music) was just the platform God used to develop my character, skills, confidence, and ability to do what I now with grace and ease (after much practice)! Season by season. Quarter by quarter. Year after year. Your purpose is being cultivated, realized, developed, and inviting you to try new things (take inspired action) so you can see different results.

My Biggest Lesson: Trust Your Process

So to answer your question, will I be quitting my business or jumping off social media next year. The answer is no. Not for now anyway. The biggest lesson I got from my sober time alone examining my life is what do I want to be true this time next year and how can I accept, embrace, and trust the path that opens up to me as I continue my journey of growth and freedom and play a bigger game.

I hope this inspired you to examine your life, goals, and vision. If you need help in any of these areas you know I’m always here to lend a hand so slide in my dm’s and let’s see if we’re a good fit! Until next time future trailblazers. I love you and my dream for you is that you go out and blaze trails where ever God calls you! Mwah!



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