Behind The Scenes: Recap of Quarter One 2021


Behind The Scenes: Recap of Quarter One 2021

Theresa Forever

It’s 2021 and we are wrapping up the FIRST QUARTER of the year! Woooouuu hoooouuu! What have you been up to over the last 90-days? Did you complete the things you said you would do? Or have you been distracted busy doing everything but fulfilling your commitments?

Today, I’m taking in behind the scenes to see what worked and what didn’t work in my life and business over the last 3 months and a few things I’m working on in this new quarter! So grab some wine and cheese (don’t forget your notebook) and let’s grow together!

Let’s Talk Business:

What Was Your Goal For This Quarter?

My goal over the last 90-days for my business was to help more people. I created a new bundle called the Trailblazer bundle which was for people who wanted to carve their own path in 2021, stop being victims to life or their situation and step into purpose, live a truly authentic life that is aligned with what God made them to do, so they can finally get off the sidelines and start being who God made them to be instead of just knowing what’s possible!

So the bundle included my signature program 90-Days: One Goal which is designed to walk you step-by-step through how to create a game plan for your quarter and how to effectively execute it so that you are continually seeing progress throughout your year, which results in massive transformation over time. Shout out to all of the goal-getters in the program! You guys are fire and I love that I get to work with you and support you in your journey to freedom!

And it also includes Alignment which is my foundational program designed to help goal-getters identify their purpose and create a life that is in line with the specific calling, assignment, reason God made you and sent you here. Shout out to all of my Alignment students and coaching clients! You guys are unstoppable! And it’s an honor to coach and support you!

So with these 2 programs, anyone who grabbed the Trailblazer Bundle was pretty much set to create goals that are deeply meaningful, insanely motivating (because it’s aligned with your purpose), and that required a lot of growth. These two programs together would normally be around $1,100, but all the trailblazers who grabbed the bundle got it for $997 PLUS they got a bunch of bonus goodies like

  • Master Your 5% Activities: A time management workshop for people with busy schedules trying to figure out how to create time to work on their goals.
  • The Fast-Track Method: This is a quick guide to quarterly goal-setting and tips to increase performance.
  • And more!

Did You Achieve Your Goal?

Now you may not believe me when I tell you this and that’s okay, I barely believed it myself (that’s why I included a screenshot), but this quarter ALONE, we helped AT LEAST 272 people through our online programs! This number does not include my business coaching clients or anything else, it’s only the self-study course enrollments!

And so for that, we gotta stop and CELEBRATE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! For trusting me to guide and coach YOU through these only programs. Thank you for sharing it with your friends and family, and people you think will benefit from the information, training, exercises, and so on. YOU are the reason this dream of helping more people came true and I have to say THANK YOU!

What Did You Do Differently To Create This?

One thing I was really intentional about doing this quarter that I wasn’t committed to before was investing in ads. I knew that if this was my last year on earth, I wanted to help as many people as I could, so I decided that it was time to extend my reach! It was time to get the message out to more people and really help them create sustainable transformation in their life. So that’s exactly what I did!

If you want to join these fellow trailblazers or learn more about bundle, you can head over here!

The Podcast

Now this quarter, we saw a HUGE spike in downloads per week. At the end of last year, there was a decrease in engagement and it could be because of the time of year. Christmas is fairly busy, work slows down which means traveling slows down, and can result in less people listening to podcasts.

Regardless of the reason, it’s okay! At the beginning of this year, we started seeing an increase in downloads. Maybe because more people were ready to work on their goals, get their life in order, start their dream business, etc. Now we’re in March and we have hundreds of downloads per WEEK.

This is something that I am SUPER grateful for! I know that you have plenty of podcast options to choose from, so THANK YOU for tuning in every week and to celebrate this, I would LOVE if you would head over to iTunes and leave a review about what you like about the show, what we can improve, and your favorite episode (if you have one).

This information helps me to create episodes that are helpful for you and it also lets iTunes know that this podcast has valuable information that may benefit other listeners on the platform, which they will then begin to share organically!

Let’s Talk Lifestyle:

What Was Your Goal For This Quarter?

One of my biggest lifestyle goals for this quarter was to HAVE MORE FUN! Lol, I know it sounds simple and although I can be pretty silly and wild running around the house doing the freeze dance with my children, I found that last year I spent a lot of time being distracted working on things that were completely out of alignment and had no relevance to my goals…like at all!

I was busy, but I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. So this year, I decided that instead of being busy with a little productivity on the side, I wanted to be productive with a lot of fun on the side!

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How Did I Do This?

I committed to spending WAY less time on my phone. This means ALL of my notifications every single day were automatically dismissed so I don’t see any of them! NOT ONE! Well okay, I get slack messages from my team and I can see calls coming through when my phone is not on DND (do not disturb – which it’s set to during work hours. We’ll talk about that in a second) but other than that, I have to literally open up my apps to see notifications. This includes my text messages, WhatsApp, emails, social, and everything else.

Work Hours

In order for me to live the lifestyle I want, I decided it was time to incorporate official WORK HOURS! Man, before this, it was easy for me to spend as much time as I could trying to get everything done in one day every day. It was my default way of working. I had boundaries with how much time I was willing to give others, but when it came to having boundaries with myself and work, I knew they were important but because I wasn’t tired, stressed out, or sick, and I actually enjoy the work I do, it was easy to do it nonstop.

But this year, I had about 2 or 3 weeks that were REALLY busy and I started stressing and pushing myself too hard. Now here’s the thing. Naturally, I am not a stress outer. I don’t stress. I am able to perform under pressure, I have strong mental discipline, and so on. But at this point, I was overthinking, overworking, and trying to do too much at once.

So I noticed these small little bumps almost like blisters growing on my right hand on the bottom corner of my palm and to me, that was a sign that it was time to slow my little butt down.

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Why Did I Do This?

So why did I create office hours and boundaries for myself? Why did I set a goal to have more fun, be more adventurous, and enjoy the simple things this quarter? Because I value my health over my wealth. I aspire to grow and learn from my miss takes (mistakes) and maximize opportunities without sacrificing the things I value most like time with my family, so I gave myself strong boundaries to maintain my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Anything that attempts to interrupt my well-being or the flow I’ve created for myself is not something I will participate in this year. Period. No matter how cool the opportunity is, no matter how much money I can create with it, nothing is worth being out of personal integrity and alignment.

Now It’s Your Turn!

I wanna hear what you’ve been up to over the last 90-days so shoot me a dm on IG, my handle is @Teeforever_ or if you’re not on the gram, send me an email (Hello@TheresaForever.com). As your accountability partner and friend, I wanna make sure you’re not just listening to these episodes every week, but that you’re actually GROWING! Alright? Chat soon! I love you and I mean it! *Mwah!*



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