90-day Goals: What They Are, Where to Start, & How to Create One


90-day Goals: What They Are, Where to Start, & How to Create One

As the year is coming to an end you’ve probably already started planning for next year. You have dreams and big ideas of all of the crazy cool things you want to achieve and although it’s been a crazy year you are excited to start fresh! But here’s a question for you. What are some lessons you learned this year that have put you in a better position to hit your goals next year? And What are you going to let go of to get to the next level in your life?

Because here’s the thing. The strategy you used this year will not get you the results you want next year because what got you HERE will not get you there. What’s needed for your next level is personal growth and a solid structure or framework for your goals. If you’ve been around here for a while

So might want to 

letting You have inspiring books ideas you want to get out into the world, cool projects, businesses, and initiatives you want to start to help make the world a better place and honestly, I can’t wait to see what you create!

Why You Need This?

Big dreamers who fail to hit their lifestyle and business goals fail not because their lazy, have unrealistic goals, or their goals are too hard. No. They fail because they don’t have any structure.  They fail because they think that writing the goal down on paper is a plan and it’s not! When you write your goals down all you have is simply a wishlist of everything you WANT to accomplish. This is not a plan my friend.

When you go to execute the goal you will realize how unprepared and disorganized you really are and after a few weeks of trying to figure it out and putting all of your efforts into the wrong tasks and activities trying to produce results you will burn out and end up giving up.

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Maybe you’ve experienced this before? I won’t lie, I know I have. For many years I struggled to try to understand why hitting my goals was so hard and why nothing seemed to work so if this sounds like you don’t worry! By the end of this episode, you will go from struggling goal-getter to high achiever!

The 90-day Framework

The most efficient way to crush your goals in 2021 is by taking your big crazy goal and breaking it down into 90-day chunks. These chunks are what makeup what I call the 90-day framework. They help you to set attainable goals, measure your progress, and build momentum. Without this framework, you are totally wasting your time, and creating results in your life will be HARD! You’ll continue to set goals and struggle to hit them every year. You’ll wonder why nothing seems to work for you or things never go as planned and eventually you will get tired of trying.

How To Create One?

Ready to create one? Here’s what you do. Take your goal whether it’s a project-based goal (growing your impact, writing a book, starting a business, and so on) or a revenue-based goal (increasing or generating sales in your business, becoming debt-free, and so on) and instead of spreading it across a 12 month period (giving yourself 12-months to hit the goal) break it into 4 quarters (give yourself 3 months to hit it).

Here is an example:

Goal: I want to grow my impact by increasing my IG (Instagram) following by 1,000 people. This means by Dec.31st 2020 I will have an additional 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Great! Now, what do I do?

Instead of leaving this goal up in the air and trying to figure it out along the way you can actually have a secure plan that supports you in creating this outcome in real life. So, this is where goal planning gets fun! Let’s roll out the STRUCTURE!

Chunk it:

When you break this goal down into chunks here is what happens. The goal of attracting 1,000 followers is divided by 4 and becomes easier to attain. To stay on track with your goal you would need to attract 250 followers every 3 months. This can further be broken down to help you realistically plan monthly goals which would give you a monthly goal of attracting 84 followers/month. Do you see how EASY this is?! If that just went over your head scroll back up to the top of this page and hit play so I can example this to you again.

Here is a summary: Take your 12-month goal, divide it by 4 (chunk it into 4 quarters) then you have a clear 90-day outcome. Once you have this outcome you can then break it down further into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

If we did this with this goal your journey would boil down to you connecting with 3 new followers a day or 21 new followers a week! Go ahead! Give it a try. Easy peasy! You would have no problem surpassing this goal if you really wanted to.

Oh, and by the way as a special New Year gift to help you maximize all of your time and effort in 2021 (next year), I am hosting a LIVE workshop to help you learn how to manage your time so that you can actually hit your goals next year. By the end, you will walk away knowing exactly how to take control of your time to produce transformation in your life and business that will create clear progress and momentum you’ve been looking for!

Where To Start?

To start implementing a 90-day framework all you need to do is go back to your goals and break them down! Don’t leave them on a 12-month timeline because my friend you know, IT WON’T GET DONE! Lol! I’ve been there so many times! Year after year struggling with the same goal and feeling like it’s totally impossible to achieve it! Little did I know back then that a 90-day framework would change how I plan my entire life and business!

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Start with your biggest most challenging goal. The one you’ve had for years or felt stuck with and can’t seem to make any progress with! Take this lofty goal and divide it by 4. This will give you 90-days to create magnificent results, make massive progress, and start feeling like a rock star!

You Might Be Wondering:

What if my goal takes longer than 90-day to achieve?

Well, what if it does? So what!? This system is not about getting instant results. It’s about making progress, taking action, and creating momentum. If you don’t get the ball rolling you won’t clear the path for what’s possible. It’s the same thing with your goals. If you don’t start walking (taking action to create what you want) then you won’t get any feedback to know if you’re walking in the right direction, need to try something else, or need to keep pressing into breakthrough and create some traction. The 90-day framework is all about getting results!

What about if I fall off the bandwagon and lose my way?

Well, if you and stop along the way you can just as easily start up again! Look, the only thing that can and will ever stop you from turning your goals into reality is you. Not your circumstances. Not your environment. Not your financial situation. NOthing. Only Y.O.U! So decided to be done with excuses, complaining, and everything else that keeps you from your dream life and business and get busy creating it.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to pursue the goal anymore?

Well, that’s okay and it happens! We are continually evolving and changing and that’s why our goals need to be based on 1. Our purpose. What exactly we are here on earth to create and 2. Our 5 to 10-year plan to live that purpose. The goals we set for the year need to be connected to our 5 to 10-year plan or else there is no point in having a goal.

We are not taking each year as it comes and trying to figure out what we want that year to look like. No. That’s what struggling goal-getters do and that is why they struggle. They don’t have a long-term vision. There is nothing keeping them in the trenches. No passion (which is what I call fy-ah (fire) compelling them to create the impossible!

But not you! You are purpose-driven, on fy-ah, and ready to turn this world upside down! So meet at the LIVE workshop to learn how to apply this system to your biggest business and lifestyle goals!


Oh, I love you! Thank you for rocking with me in 2019 and I’m super pumped (if you can’t tell) to help you create your best life, crush your biggest goals, and experience real abundance and freedom in every possible way this year! You are the reason why I post every week and I’m blessed to be able to serve you in this way. If this helped you don’t be selfish and share it with someone you want to see succeed in 2020! As always, it’s all love. Stop dreaming and start doing! Until next time.

PS: If you’re ready to maximize your time and effort with your goals SIGN UP to join me LIVE in this LIVE workshop!

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