Live A Bold Life: Turn Your Goals Into Reality


Live A Bold Life: Turn Your Goals Into Reality

Do you want to know one thing that I know about you? You’re ambitious! You have the heart of a lion and the mind of a warrior. You’re determined to succeed and although the path to your success may not always be crystal clear, you are willing to try to figure it out! Am I right? Haha, I thought so!

Do you want to know how I know this is true about you? Well, it’s because you’re just like me. You are the person that I was just a few years ago. Full of vision and passion for the future. Hoping to one day be able to make a difference in the world, but having no clear roadmap for how to do it.

Yep! I had big dreams! My ultimate goal was always to eventually become my own boss and travel the world with my family (I achieved the first half of that 10 years faster than I imagined. Now I’m working on the second half! 😉 ). At that time (about 4 years ago), I didn’t know where to start or what on earth I was doing. I just knew what I wanted and believed that it was possible.

Choose To Be Different
My dream for you is that you would not only be inspired to think big and experience things you’ve never seen, heard, or tasted before but that you would start creating your ideal life today. I mean think about this, what would your life look like today if you spent the last 3 years paying off your debt? You would probably be debt free by now, right? Or what about if you spent the last year not just preparing for what you want by studying and planning, but if you actually took the time to work with the right coaches and mentors who can show you how to turn your goals into reality? What if you spent the last 6 month surrounded by like-minded, passionate, goal-getters? Don’t you think you would be way closer to achieving your goals by now? I’ll tell you, you would closer than you currently are and you possibly would have achieved it already!
Believe me, time waits for no one. Life will not stop and wait for you to get things together to ensure a smooth transition so that you can start pursuing your goals. Lol, no way! You have to decide what you want and commit to the process. You have to prioritize and make sacrifices. You have to say “no” to short term gratification so that you can experience long term success and true fulfillment. I know the choice isn’t always easy, but think about where you are now. Is it easy living pay cheque to pay cheque? Is it easy walking around every day with your purpose nudging you and reminding you that there is more to life than what you’re currently experiencing? Is it easy watching others crush the goals that you have and telling yourself “don’t worry, one day I will get there.”?

Bet On Yourself
Well, I’m excited to tell you, no matter what excuses you had in the past you can now start making better decisions. It’s not too late. By this time next year, you can be in a better position, closer to your goal (or even done with your current goal and working on a bigger one), and feeling more confident about your future. You can move from being stressed out and overworked to being content and having incredible opportunities knocking on your door without you having to fight and hustle to make it happen (trust me, I am a walking testimony). You can turn your goals into reality starting today by enrolling in my brand new online course.
How to Turn Your Goals Into Reality
In this practical step-by-step online course, you will be challenged to develop yourself in ways that propel you into your destiny. This is specifically designed to help you see tangible results with your business and personal goals. I have conveniently placed everything you need to know in this online course to help you overcome common obstacles like fear, self-sabotage, lack of money and resources, and procrastination. I’m giving you the exact formula that I used to go from being a struggling student to a responsible wife, mother, mentor, and businesswoman. In this course, I literally give you all of the tools to build your own empire so that you can create your ideal life of freedom and stability.

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you could finally quit your job and live completely off the income from your business? What about if you finally dropped the extra baby weight you picked up and regained your confidence to wear your favorite two-piece swimsuit? Woouu! How would that feel!? Incredible right?! This course is about more than crushing your goals, it’s about completely upgrading your entire life! Here’s what a few people have said about it!

T. Golden, University Student, Wife & Mother, Goal: Start a business to have more control over my time.
After talking to Theresa I understood that “money doesn’t hold you back, you hold yourself back.” Sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve built up a bunch of excuses that we use as a crutch and it limits our progress in life.

A. Thompson, Youtuber, Blogger, Wife & Mother, Goal: Start a business to reduce financial stress in my household
After working with Theresa I feel more optimistic, inspired and motivated. I’m excited for what the future holds as I keep crushing my goals and creating new ones. I enjoyed the emails as they always included motivational quotes and input from Theresa as well as the direct and personal sessions which were a great chance to discuss weekly progress thoroughly. Theresa’s enthusiasm to mentor was most enjoyable, life-changing and extremely contagious as I felt it gave me an extra push to set and achieve my goals.

What Happens When I Enroll?

With this course, you get to connect with like-minded goal-getters who will challenge you to not only crush your goals but to dream bigger! You will be surrounded by greatness from all walks of life. You’ll be forced to stop talking about your goals and to begin to get things done. It’s all about action baby! You’ll find unlimited support from people that you can actually relate to and build a genuine relationship with.

You will also be included in our daily office hours which is one of my favorite parts of the course! I host live Q & A sessions which are conveniently scheduled twice a day, morning and evening to accommodate different time zones and schedules. During these sessions, you get to receive direct feedback to help you apply what you’re learning to your specific goals and situation. You also have the opportunity to ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

At these sessions, I am dedicated to mentoring, coaching, and teaching you how to turn your big goals into reality. It’s also a very motivating and encouraging environment to be in because you get to connect with real people who start off just like you, struggling to achieve their goals and within a few weeks they start seeing tangible changes in their life so it gives you a clear picture of what your life could look like if you apply the principles and strategies that we cover.

J. Brown, Online Business Owner, Aspiring Writer
Theresa pointed out things in my belief system that were holding me back from becoming the skillful play writer that I am. She challenged me to stop trying to perfect my craft and to simply get started. Connecting with Theresa really shifted my perspective on how I can turn my goals into something concrete.

You will get full lifetime access to the course which means when I update the material, videos, or anything else you will enjoy these upgrade for FREE! Once you’re in, you’re in baby! I don’t leave you to figure anything out along the way. I am giving you access to everything you need to become a goal crushing machine. This course is the action plan that helped me to stop procrastinating and living in la la land to being the ambitious woman that you see today. Trust me, if I could do it, so can you!

Crushing your goals is the easy part.
Getting started & being consistent is where most people fail.
– Tee Forever

You will also get direct accountability. The focal point of this course is for you to take action and get the ball rolling. I don’t want you to enroll in this course if you believe that achieving your goals is not something you can do and you prefer to continue dreaming about it without taking any steps towards it. No, this course is all about action and to ensure that you’re actually following through with your goals you not only have the communal support and accountability system in place, but I will also be holding you accountable to every goal that you tell me you want to achieve (and trust me, baby, I won’t let you off the hook easily).

Joining this course is you drawing a line in the sand and saying, I’m done with being mediocre, I’m done with living a life below my potential, I’m done compromising to blend in with what is considered “normal”, and I’m done settling for less than I deserve.

Some bonuses that are included in the course are practical tools that will help you to crush your goals faster, resources that will get your mind in shape and ready for achieving your goals, and worksheets that will help you to simplify, understand and work through your goals.

This Is Easier Than You Think

This course is laid out in an easy to follow, step by step guide. I’ve only included the principles and strategies that you need to succeed so there is no information overload! I know that you are busy so everything is conveniently packaged in one place for you to work through it at your own pace. All of the Q & A sessions are recorded and stored in the member’s section so even if you aren’t able to join a live office hour you can still reap the benefits! I do my best to support you to get maximum results so you have access to help tickets, email support, live support, and one-on-one sessions! If you are serious about crushing your goals, this is definitely the course for you.

Crushing your goal is easier than you think and you’re literally one choice away from making the biggest, most rewarding step in your life. The first 5 people to enroll will receive $100 off the enrollment fee and one complimentary session with me!

Want to learn more about how you can achieve your goals? Watch this FREE Masterclass!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal


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