The Struggle Is Real!


The Struggle Is Real!

How many times are you going to tell yourself “I will start next year, maybe next time, I’m not ready, this is bad timing…” and the list goes on. How many times are you going to create a plan and not follow through, not get the exact results you want, and not push yourself to go beyond what you’re used to doing? Aren’t you tired? Don’t try to lie to me and say you’re not because I can hear your frustration screaming “girl, I need help!”

Listen to me, you are not alone. Many people have been where you are and have worked through the hardships. Many people are exactly where you are and are trying to figure out their next step. Many people will be where you are and they’ll need someone like you (with experience) to help them work through their challenges. Now I understand this isn’t easy and this is probably the last thing you want to hear, but STICK WITH IT. Don’t allow procrastination, fear, overthinking, lack of knowledge, lack of resources, or anything else to steal your mission in life/goals.

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I get it, getting results is not easy and that’s why most people give up on their goals and settle for what they can get, but you my friend are not average. In your heart, you know that giving up on your goals is not an option. You know that every sacrifice you make to get one step closer to your goals is what you need to do to become the person you know you’re meant to be. You know that you can’t allow the everyday pressures of being a “grown up” and having major responsibilities deter you from your goals.

Believe it or not, every opportunity, blessing, and open door is meant to work together to bring you closer to your goals not distract you from it. Let me make this plain, your kids, your job, your side business, your goal of launching a blog or book, your goal to lose 10 lbs, your goal to have time freedom while earning more money is all meant to work together to develop your character. You don’t have to sacrifice one to pursue another. Every challenge you face is meant to produce discipline and character in you.

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Don’t allow the struggle of attaining your goal and creating the “perfect balance” to discourage you from pursuing it. If someone was able to crush this goal before then you now have a model that you can follow to replicate the same results. trust me, I know, this is one of those things where it sounds easy in theory, but it’s hard to apply and the reason is that we are lazy, comfortable, and deceived.

We resist doing what we know would improve our lives because although we know change is good, it makes us uncomfortable. We have to learn a new normal. We have to stop doing what we’re familiar with, discipline ourselves, and practice something that doesn’t come naturally to us like eating more fruits and vegetables, reading one book a month, living on less than we make, and so on. We KNOW logically that these principles work and if applied to our lives we will be healthier, wiser, and richer but for some reason, we don’t apply it. It’s because we’ve confused knowing with doing.

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You can know all the principles in the world related to crushing your goal and still be stuck in procrastination. You can have all the knowledge in the world about how to build wealth and manage your money responsibly and still be broke. You can have the best nutritionist in your city work with you for FREE and still struggle to hit your weight loss goals. Why? Because knowing how to do something is not the problem. The problem is that you aren’t applying what you know. The knowledge that you have is stored up in your subconscious and conscious mind waiting for you to put it to use. It’s begging to be put into action!

You have to, for the sake of your potential future and everyone that will be impacted by you and your work, give up your excuses, distractions, fears, and complaints. No one is going to push you to be great in the same way that you will push yourself. The struggle is real, but your ability to overcome them is even stronger. Invest in yourself, make time to think clearly, and be resourceful. Until next time, it’s your girl. Xo!

Theresa Forever
Founder, 6 Weeks 1 Goal

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